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Suge Knight/Katt Williams Brawl

Witness Says Katt Started It

12/30/2012 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1230_suge_knight_victim_videoKatt Williams started the brawl outside a club in Hollywood on Friday ... so says a witness to the whole thing, who claims he got punched by Suge Knight for trying to record the fight on his phone.

As TMZ first reported, Knight and Williams were involved in a huge fracas outside Eden nightclub ... and Suge nearly ran a few people over in his SUV as he sped out away.

We caught up with a guy named Joe last night ... who told us he was the guy Suge punched (you can watch it below in slow-mo). He claims Suge didn't like that he was recording the fight ... which didn't even matter, because Joe said his video was terrible anyway.

As for how it all began, Joe says that Katt called some guy "a Mexican" and when the guy confronted him on it, Katt decked him. Joe says Katt then tried to back away and apologize to defuse the situation ... but clearly that didn't work.

Joe also says he was the reason Suge sped off ... because Joe says he was punching Suge's window right before he peeled out.

Joe ended our conversation by calling Suge "a bitch" ... so it was nice knowing you, Joe.



No Avatar


Again I say:
"Hey Katt
You gonna be startin fights and expecting Suge Knight to protect yo ass while you cower behind dumpsters and cars
You better start actin like a proper Mini-Me and shave yo head and grow a full beard"

One thing though, Mini-Me fought his own battle against Austin Powers

So I guess I need to think of another big mouthed trouble starting coward that doesn't finish what he starts
One that sucker punches and runs and hides while others deal with the situation

477 days ago


I'm officially not going to comment on Anya more Katt stories. Since when did TMZ become the "has-been and never-was" channel?

477 days ago


So it comes down to Katt starting a fight, then hiding like a lil b!tch, Suge knowing he is about to get his a$$ whooped and running away in his car like a lil b!tch. Anyone else see a trend here . .

477 days ago


Katt can use racial terms but is going to criticize others who do as well? Of course the idiot started it. He's had story after story for quite awhile now showing what a train wreck he is.

477 days ago

Kinkee Pinkee    

Somebody please bitch slap this twit and hopefully snap him out of his delirium.

477 days ago


Suge wasnt really punching him. **** was harmless.
All the guys involved just need to calm down and keep living their lives. Thats what Real people do.
There was just some tension in the air but nobody got hurt. **** happens every day and everywhere. No need to make such a big deal out of it.

477 days ago

Philo Beddoe    

When will Suge Knight be put of his misery? Stories like this is just one more confirmation I'm glad I live nowhere near that godforsaken state known as California and my hope is one day Bill HIcks's dream come true and the big one hits and it becomes lovely Arizona Bay. Happy New Year!

477 days ago

andre herring king    


477 days ago


Oh, so Katt just walked up to this man & called him a "Mexican," right? I see that they're still sore from the recent incident that had occurred during his stand-up act in Arizona.

Oh please, sit down. I'm sure those "essays" were just as triffling, thugged out and ruthless as Katt & Suge on the night that this crap had taken place.

476 days ago

Kinkee Pinkee    

Wish I could like/hate comments...sigh. I think something if broken on TMZ cause I'm not having the problem on other websites. FIXIT TMZ...please.

476 days ago


Wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of boh of these

476 days ago

Fat Matt    

It's stupid how TMZ always plays up Suge like he's really this big tough guy. He's not. Remember that video of him getting knocked the F out?! He's irrelevant, that's why he's latched on to Katt Williams.

476 days ago


This guy is loving the media attention tooooo much!

476 days ago


Every day this Katt person is in trouble. I never quite know if it is a new story or just an old one. What is wrong with him? Why is he not in jail after the pile of escapades recently?

476 days ago


Katts a little punk ass bitch

476 days ago
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