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Kim Kardashian


Kanye Announces On Stage

12/31/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: We just got the full version of Kanye's baby announcement (below) ... and it's awesome. Check it out -- when was the last time you heard Kanye so happy? The answer is never.


Kim Kardashian
's got a little Kanye in her -- as in she's pregnant with Kanye West's baby ... according to the rapper himself.

Yeezy dropped the baby bombshell on stage Sunday night in Atlantic City by singing, "God brought us a whole new plan, baby. 'Cause now you're having my baby."

As Kanye went into the next song ... he asked the crowd, "Can we make some noise for my baby mama right quick?"

Our Kardashian sources confirm Kim is 12 weeks pregnant, and apparently several members of the K clan have been sitting on the secret.

Shortly after Kanye's announcement ... Khloe Kardashian tweeted, "Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!"

Kourtney also tweeted, "Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can."



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To all Kim's "defender's"...Do you think she really gives a crap that you care? She lives for any kind of publicity good and bad...comments included. And she is laughing all the way to the bank! Feel sorry for her??? Bitch please.

627 days ago


She knows she's on a fast track to becoming irrelevant, so could not wait until after the divorce was finalized from her sham marriage to get knocked up. She is so effing stupid...

627 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Methinks these two are ALSO competing with their respective exes (Reggie Bush, Amber Rose) who are both having kids!
It always looks like "Ye is WAY more into Kim than vice versa, so this may not end well.

627 days ago

Jay W.     

I'm guessing the child will have that nice olive Armenian complexion.

627 days ago


maybe she will be lucky to have weight watchers pay her 4 million for being prgnant too... man her azz and hips will stretch so wide and big for this baaby and her azz is already hard for her to maintain .. ha ha i cant weight to see her azz 8 months after she pops out that zombie personality child she will have. i think she did this so she has famous friends who have babies her new babay can play with. no doubt she will try to befriend beyonce or other people that laugh at her.

627 days ago


Funny how Kanye wasn't in the FAMILY Christmas photo.

627 days ago


And the first horseman of the apocalypse just reared his ugly head. That child cannot possibly survive Kim's polluted womb.

627 days ago


Umm..Can she get divorced now? Geez louise!

627 days ago


Poor kid is gunna b so ****ed up ...look who its gunna hav for parents n who its gunna have to look up to your mom is a whore n ur daddy is a HUGE ******* smh its gunna b the start of another ****ed up generation

627 days ago


I love ANY news that's sure to make whites mad.

627 days ago


She is just trying to keep up with the Will and Kate......Kanye has made her change the way she dresses,and the way she wears her make- up and recent pictures of her "new" hair cut he probably had a hand in that also....Kim is not and never will be as classy or as pretty as Kate Middleton and I wish the 2 of them would stop trying to be.... I like Khloe and Kourtney,as I find they are fairly down to earth but Kim comes across as being very self centred and has proven that many times on the show. He is just an idiot..didn't like him before and when he pulled that druken stunt with Taylor Swift at that awards show...made me like him even less.

627 days ago


How trashy to still be married to one man while pregnant by another. That poor child! It's one thing to mess up her own life but another to drag an innocent child through. The term baby mama isn't a compliment.

627 days ago


I feel sorry for the baby who will have such s*** for parents. Daddy Kardashian was rich not good looking, nor is Kim without having a lot of plastic she's so shiny. Hair remova works but for her she looks like an ad for vasoline. Kim isn't pretty, Kayne is fugly and both combined have the chance of causing this poor baby to be made fun of a lifetime. It's not about color or anything for while I am white, I used to as a young child wish everyone would marry and color wouldn't impact the world for even then in single digit age I was, I saw how people discriminated and that was something I wished would never happen. It's who these horrible two are that is a challenge for this baby no matter how much money they have. Mama Kris is worthless as a human and very frankly I like Scott Disick for I think he's the best one of all and even Kourtney might consider being more affectionate with him for she rebels against her s***my mama but she should marry the guy who loves her and he loves his kids .. just left out of a family that proves money isn't everything. They are the worst. Kim won't carry this baby, it will be like another recent celeb who lied but her baby was carried by a surrogate too. If Kim carries the baby she needs lights for she'll look like a Christmas tree front and back with that big ass.... no no not Kayne, him too, but hers! If you see the see through skirt with the crack in her ass she wore without panties, well look it up, scary. And that's as a mommmy to be. POOR BABY

627 days ago


18 years... 18 years... She's got one of your kids, she's got you for 18 years... I ain't sayin she's a gold digga'...

627 days ago


They seem genuinely happy together. She was so desperate that it's a relief she found someone who gives a crap about her. It seems like Kanye has been laying off the booze, is working and making his own $, and becoming a father might keep him on the right track. Dumbo Kris will try to rain on their parade by not letting go so they can get married.

I doubt her body will bounce back like Koutney's. She will do the same thing as Jessica Simpson and have another right after. Lets hope she doesn't expose her belly like JS keeps exposing her gross, fat, fleshy belly.

627 days ago
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