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Photog's Last Call

He Absolutely Believed

Justin Was Smoking [AUDIO]

1/2/2013 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The last person to speak with the photog who was killed Tuesday following Justin Bieber's car tells TMZ ... Chris Guerra was quite sure Justin had been smoking pot while driving earlier in the day.

The person who spoke with Chris at 5:16 PM -- less than an hour before he was killed -- did not want us to use his name.  He's also a photog who took Chris under his wing, and says Chris was one of his closest friends.

He also says he believes Justin is partly to blame for Chris' death because of the singer's reckless driving history and alleged pot smoking which made it a big story to follow.

As for Miley Cyrus' comments, he says, "Good Christians that I know ... don't throw stones at people who get killed."


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Ummmm....Paparazzi's stalk people, under any other cir***stances they would be viewed as criminals or a threat to society. It's NOT Justin's fault this guy got killed. It's this guys fault for being an idiot, ignoring police warnings/advice and being in the middle of the road. Sorry, but I got ZERO sympathy for this guy. I feel bad for the driver that now has to live with this for the rest of his life and the family of the guy who died. They are the victims here. And maybe more Paparazzi need to die in order for things to REALLY change regarding how they behave. Let the celebs live and the stalkers get killed. It should have been a stalkerazzi who died instead of Princess Diana years ago, maybe that's why nothing changed. The aggressors didn't suffer.

625 days ago


Bieber is not to blame in any way. What if this guy was a stalker who wished to harm him as those 3 guys recently arrested? Furthermore, how do we know he told the truth or was accurate about his being with a pipe? If he smokes occasionally, welcome to the world of the majority of youth today especially in hollywood

625 days ago


So he believe that and risked his life who gives a **** if he do smoke weed I would never risk my life to take a picture if he do smoke it will come out sooner or later anyways I hope that poor man can rip

625 days ago


This is ridiculous now they going to drag Justin in court to pay money, for something that this motherfckr do on the first place, this people should start getting persecuted for endangerment the public. I thing the pap agency you pay for the consuling of the person who run over that fckr. No sympathy for the phog that got kill, he ask for!

625 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

the person that's to blame is the dude that died as Justin didn't make him not look left and right before crossing a street. I've seen this type of accident happen before while on a commuter bus. People would dart across a very wide street to go from the parking lot to where the bus can pick you up. One decided to do it on a dark morning with a black jacket on etc. and she got hit by 2 different vehicles and killed.

You can't blame Justin for this guys obviously deadly behavior. He was nowhere near the car. Had this dude really been on with his tips he would have known it was a friend driving etc. and not been so wreckless in trying to "get a story".

625 days ago


One pap down, a million to go.

625 days ago


Now they are trying to photogragh the dead photographer

625 days ago


You have to pay to play for sensational journalism. Wonder what the last few frames were. Sky, car grill, flailing feet.....

625 days ago


Surprised it took this long for this to happen. These paparoazzi are always driving reckless cutting people off. I almost got hit by one racing thru a parking lot in studio city last year. Maybe this will change some laws. GOOD RIDDANCE to a low life who made hi living off other peoples misery. No compassion or symapthy.

625 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Who cares! Good for him!
Weed is harmless.

625 days ago


speeding or not speeding, smoking or not smoking, the Papparzzi DOES NOT have an obligation to chase and catch that photo. So to say Justin's driving record or smoking is just BS.

At some point if its not safe to get the shot, the photogs need to back off. Not only are they making it unsafe for the celebrity, themselves but for the PUBLIC AT LARGE.

I am not a celebrity. i don't believe in blaming the dead, but its certainly not right to point th finger at an 18 year old kid who wasn't there.

625 days ago


i feel bad for the guy but it was nobody else's fault that he ran in traffic

625 days ago


Oh he smokes weed alright... My buddy was working at the Old Charlie Chaplin/Jim Henson Studio when Bieber arrived in his van... And he said when they opened the doors you would of thought that it was Snoop Dogg getting out because there was sooo much marijuana smoke but was shocked that it was Bieber. Doesn't really matter for this story though since he wasnt driving the car.

625 days ago


You cant blame Justin Bieber for the death of this photog.. crazy

625 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

The photographer Caused his own death. In his aggressive decision to get a shot, he decided to run across a freeway. It has nothing to do with JB. Sad climax to an ongoing problem between celebs and photogs.

625 days ago
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