Justin Bieber Bad-Luck Ferrari Sells at Auction

Justin Bieber showed up at a huge car auction to help fetch a fortune for a car he's probably more than happy to unload.

Justin arrived at the Velocity Barrett-Jackson auction Saturday in Arizona to help put his Ferrari 458 on the block. You heard him (below) talk about the car before the bidding starts.

Justin and the auctioneer reference the car's history ... among other things, it was nailed by paparazzi on an L.A. freeway. It was also the car Bieber's pal Lil Twist was driving January 1, 2013, when a photog, who was following him, was struck and killed by another car.

The Ferrari went for $434,500.


Dead Photog's Mom I Think Bieber's SUV May Have Killed My Son, and Fled

The woman whose son was killed while photographing Justin Bieber's Ferrari January 1 claims not one but TWO cars struck the photog. The second driver is wanted for felony hit-and-run and TMZ has learned the hit-and-run vehicle fits the basic description of an SUV in Bieber's entourage.

Bieber was NOT in the Ferrari. Lil Twist was behind the wheel when he was allegedly speeding on the 405, and a CHP officer pulled him off the Freeway. The deputy spoke to Twist and let him go, and then told photog Chris Guerra -- who was standing on the side of the road -- to get out of the area. As Guerra walked across the road, he was struck by a car, and shortly thereafter hit by a second vehicle.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ -- based on surveillance video and forensic evidence -- the second vehicle that struck Guerra was a black, high-profile SUV that was either a Range Rover or a Hummer.

Guerra's mom believes it's possible the SUV could have been someone from Bieber's camp either trailing the Fererari or coming to assist Twist. Cops are not embracing or discounting the mom's theory ... and the investigation is ongoing.

Guerra's mom wants the LAPD to show her the surveillance footage so she can see for herself, but they've told her it's an ongoing investigation so no dice.

We've contacted Bieber's camp for comment, but haven't heard back yet.

Bieber Paparazzo Death Photog's Mom Sues CHP Cops Killed My Son

The mother of the paparazzo who was struck and killed by a car back in January -- after chasing Justin Bieber's Ferrari -- is suing the California Highway Patrol, claiming it's the cops' fault her son is dead.

Vickie Guerra -- mother of 29-year-old photog Chris Guerra -- claims in her suit a CHP officer abused his authority by ordering Chris to unsafely cross a busy street.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris had been photographing Bieber's white Ferrari while CHP deputies were writing the driver -- Lil Twist -- a ticket for speeding on the 405 Freeway.

In her lawsuit, Vickie claims the CHP officer noticed her son snapping photos and in a threatening manner, gesturing with his gun, the cop ordered Chris to keep his distance by crossing the street.

Vickie says her son obliged and was struck by a car traveling in excess of 40-50mph. Vickie says her son flew over the first car and was immediately run-over by a second car.

Vickie is suing the CHP and the State of California for unspecified damages. She's also suing the driver of the car that hit Chris.

Reps for the CHP had no comment.

Justin Bieber Four Seasons Foots HUGE Ferrari Repair Bill

File Under: "Lil Twist is nothing but trouble" department ...

Justin Bieber's Ferrari is currently in repair shop ICU, after his good buddy, Lil Twist, bottomed out as he peeled out of the Four Seasons driveway in Beverly Hills ... and we've learned the hotel is shockingly footing the bill.

As we first reported ... Justin and Twist were staying at the Four Seasons on New Year's Day, when Twist took the car for a spin on the 405 Freeway and got stopped by the CHP. As the officer dealt with Twist, a paparazzo who was taking pics of the scene was struck and killed by a motorist.

Turns out ... when Twist left the Four Seasons driveway, he caused $8,000 to $10,000 worth of damage to the whip. It's pretty amazing, because that driveway doesn't really have any hidden dangers.

Nonetheless ... sources tell TMZ ... the hotel has agreed to pay the bill to maintain its lucrative relationship with Justin.

Like he doesn't have enough money ... and by the way, why isn't Twist paying?

A rep for the Four Seasons had no comment.

Charlie Sheen Cuts $12k Check for Paparazzo's Funeral

Charlie Sheen is covering a huge chunk of the funeral costs for the paparazzo who died while covering Justin Bieber ... cutting a $12,000 check to the photog's family ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... 29-year-old Chris Guerra died after being struck by a car in Los Angeles on New Year's Day while taking pictures of Bieber's car. We're told Guerra will be laid to rest in a private service set for tomorrow

Turns out, Charlie is tight with a former photog who was friends with Guerra ... and got word that the family was trying to raise money to cover the costs. So Charlie, being Charlie, sprung into action and grabbed his checkbook.

We contacted Sheen about the situation, and the actor gave us the following statement: "A tragic incident like this erases the line between the photographer and the subject. It's an unforgiving moment that begs us all to be human and work as one to prevent this in the future."

He continues, "As parents, we are all not supposed to bury our children. My deepest condolences to the families involved."

Selena Gomez Mum On Breakup With Biebs

Selena Gomez had nothing to say at LAX about her breakup with Justin Bieber or allegations that the Biebs had been smoking pot.

TMZ broke the story ... Selena and Justin broke up in Mexico on December 30th after a blowout argument. She flew back to L.A. that day and Justin returned on New Year's Eve. As for the nature of the argument, a source tells us, "It's just high school stuff."

The photogs were trying to grill Gomez -- who dressed like a chic Unabomber -- about Justin's alleged marijuana use. A close friend of Chris Guerra -- the photog who was killed on New Year's Day -- told TMZ Guerra had told him he saw J.B. driving his Ferrari earlier in the day, smoking pot from a pipe. Sources connected with Bieber insist it's not the case.

Ah, young love.

Justin Bieber 'Harassed and Stalked' By Dead Photog

Justin Bieber was stalked and harassed by the photographer who was killed while taking pictures of the singer's car on New Year's Day, and he lied about J.B. smoking pot ... sources connected with Bieber tell TMZ.

Our well-connected Bieber sources tell TMZ ... photog Chris Guerra made Justin's life hell ... following and chasing him at every opportunity.

The sources claim Chris flat-out lied when he called a friend shortly before he was killed, claiming he saw Justin smoking pot in a pipe while driving his Ferrari earlier that day. The sources say multiple witnesses will say the only time Justin left the Four Seasons on New Year's Day was to go to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood for lunch, and there was never a pipe in sight.

Sources connected to Justin and Selena say the photog was lying when he told the friend he saw a car belonging to Selena Gomez on the Four Seasons property. The sources tell us ... the two of them flew to Mexico for New Year's Eve, but had a blow-out argument on December 30 and broke up. Selena left Mexico that same day and Justin left for L.A. on the 31st. They haven't seen each other since and she was never at the Four Seasons on New Year's Day.

The sources say Justin had "very little respect" for Chris Guerra but was trying not to say anything out of respect for the family, but Chris made it "very difficult by telling this guy (his friend) lies about Justin."

Photog's Last Call He Absolutely Believed Justin Was Smoking [AUDIO]

The last person to speak with the photog who was killed Tuesday following Justin Bieber's car tells TMZ ... Chris Guerra was quite sure Justin had been smoking pot while driving earlier in the day.

The person who spoke with Chris at 5:16 PM -- less than an hour before he was killed -- did not want us to use his name. He's also a photog who took Chris under his wing, and says Chris was one of his closest friends.

He also says he believes Justin is partly to blame for Chris' death because of the singer's reckless driving history and alleged pot smoking which made it a big story to follow.

As for Miley Cyrus' comments, he says, "Good Christians that I know ... don't throw stones at people who get killed."

Miley Cyrus on Photog Death Don't Blame Justin ... 'This Was Bound to Happen'

Miley Cyrus says the photographer who was hit and killed by a car should've known better because ... "Your mom teaches you when you're a child not to play in the street."

Miley unleashed a series of angry tweets over the death of the photog -- who was taking pics of Justin Bieber's car at the time.

Miley says, "It is unfair for anyone to put this on to Justin's conscious as well! This was bound to happen!"

She goes on to say, "The chaos that comes with the paparazzi acting like fools makes it impossible for anyone to make safe choices."

Miley also seemed to call for new paparazzi laws and added, "Wasn't Princess Di enough of a wake up call?! "

Justin Bieber Photog Killed After Chasing Bieber's Ferrari

7:30AM PST: Justin released a statement, saying ... "Hopefully this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders, and the photographers themselves."

8:40PM PST
: Justin Bieber was not in the Ferrari ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ. We're told one of Justin's friends was driving and another friend was in the passenger seat.

A paparazzo attempting to shoot photos of Justin Bieber's Ferrari was hit by another car and killed this evening -- although Bieber was NOT behind the wheel of the Ferrari ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Bieber's white Ferrari was pulled over by California Highway Patrol for speeding on the 405 ... near the Getty Center in LA. The CHP directed the driver to pull off the freeway, onto Sepulveda Blvd.

According to our sources, Bieber was DEFINITELY not driving at the time.

We're told a paparazzo -- who was following the Ferrari at the time of the pull over -- attempted to snap pics while officers conducted the traffic stop.

The photog then crossed Sepulveda to snap pics and was told twice by the CHP to go back to his car on the other side of the road. When the photog tried crossing back, he was struck by an oncoming vehicle as he crossed back and was killed.

Our sources say drugs and alcohol were not a factor for the driver of the vehicle that hit the photog.

LAPD is now on scene investigating the incident.

Justin Bieber Photog Claimed Singer Had Been Smoking Weed

The photog who was killed taking pics of Justin Bieber's car made a call less than an hour before he died, telling someone he was on a big story -- because he claimed he saw Justin smoking marijuana while driving.

A source connected with the photo agency for whom Chris Guerra did freelance work tells TMZ ... Chris called him at 5:16 Tuesday afternoon. Chris said, "Man, you won't believe my luck. It's pretty dead in L.A.. Everybody thinks Justin and Selena are in Mexico, but they're not."

Chris -- who worked exclusively on the Bieber detail -- said he had spotted Justin's car earlier in the day at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and also saw Selena Gomez's car there.

Chris went on ... claiming he saw Justin earlier in the day smoking what he believed was marijuana from a pipe while driving the Ferrari.

Our source says Chris told him he was following Justin back to the Four Seasons and was continuing to pursue what he believed was a big story.

The source says after 20 minutes, Chris abruptly said the Ferrari was pulling out of the hotel parking lot and he needed to hang up and follow it. Apparently he had no idea Justin was NOT in the car.

Our source -- who as we said is connected to the photo agency -- believes Chris was probably "overzealous" at the traffic stop because he believed he was on the cusp of an enormous scoop.

Justin's rep tells TMZ, "It's really sad that people are trying to push a story without the facts so soon after this tragic accident. Justin was not present or involved in this incident and the focus should remain on honoring the memory of the victim."

The rep did not directly respond to the marijuana allegation.

Justin Bieber's Ferrari Lil Twist Was Driving When Photog Died

Rapper Lil Twist was driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari when it was pulled over Tuesday night ... moments before a paparazzo was hit by another car and killed -- TMZ has learned.

According to sources, 19-year-old Lil Twist was hanging with Bieber at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon ... when, for some reason, he left in the white Ferrari without Justin.

Multiple sources tell us Twist -- who is a Lil Wayne protege -- and Biebs have been hanging out and partying together for several weeks now.

They even celebrated New Year's Eve together in Mexico ... where they're both of legal drinking age.

A rep for Lil Twist tells us the rapper did not see the accident happen ... and sends his thoughts and prayers to the family of the photographer.

Justin Bieber Photog Followed the Singer All Day

TMZ has learned the identity of the photog who was killed while shooting Justin Bieber's car -- he's freelance paparazzo Chris Guerra.

Sources tell us -- Guerra, who was in his late 20s -- was following Bieber all day Tuesday. Guerra called someone connected with a paparazzi agency at around 5:30 PM to say he was waiting for Justin, who had pulled into the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills a short time earlier. Guerra abruptly said the Ferrari was pulling out of the hotel and he had to leave.

Guerra apparently assumed Justin was in the car. As we first reported ... he was not.

Guerra had been working in a Las Vegas casino for several years, when he moved out to L.A. in March to become a photog.

In recent months, he worked the Bieber detail exclusively.

Guerra was not married and had no kids.

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