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Photog's Last Call

He Absolutely Believed

Justin Was Smoking [AUDIO]

1/2/2013 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The last person to speak with the photog who was killed Tuesday following Justin Bieber's car tells TMZ ... Chris Guerra was quite sure Justin had been smoking pot while driving earlier in the day.

The person who spoke with Chris at 5:16 PM -- less than an hour before he was killed -- did not want us to use his name.  He's also a photog who took Chris under his wing, and says Chris was one of his closest friends.

He also says he believes Justin is partly to blame for Chris' death because of the singer's reckless driving history and alleged pot smoking which made it a big story to follow.

As for Miley Cyrus' comments, he says, "Good Christians that I know ... don't throw stones at people who get killed."


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Bob Ginsky    

IMHO, this is by definition a "stalking" event, and as such, the friend of the deceased photographer would be admittedly guilty of conspiracy. The stalkers engaging in these activities are the ones that are causing the accidents on highways as they resort to any means to "trail" their victims. Wasn't Princess Diana the victim of a stalker as her driver tried to lose "someone" on her trail. Also, if you were being trailed in your car, and chased despite your best efforts to shake off the party in question, how would you differentiate between a photog and an assassin? Photogs engaging in stalker activity giving chase in vehicles are an endangerment to the public, the celebrities they stalk and themselves. It is time that legislators, (city, state or otherwise) with an eye focused on public safety and the right to privacy, give serious and immediate attention to this matter.

629 days ago


I watched an interview with a police officer that responded to the call. Justin wasn't even driving the car. A friend of his was. These photographers needs to respect the privacy of others. They wou'dnt' enjoy being follwed around if the shoe was on the other foot.

629 days ago


This was his job that is how he makes money. If it wasnt like people like him what would all u be doing now thats what some of u people live for gossip entertainment. Rip

629 days ago


You blame someone who was not even their?
I think chasing smokers is really not worth the fame you seek as a photographer. A death happened because he was not safe at his own actions ..

629 days ago


Of course he doesn't want to use his name, just more BS to fuel unfounded sensationalized media drama.
What part of JB wasn't even there don't you morons get?

629 days ago


This guy is out of line. The person who died, has no one to blame but himself for his death. He chose to follow, and get out of his car in a dangerous area. Had he had a REAL JOB or any common sense then he would still be alive. Blaming someone who wasn't even in the car is total BS, and obviously these idiots haven't learned their lesson!

629 days ago


Just wait till you catch Justin sucking a big ole ****! Now that picture will be worth a million dollars!

629 days ago


Paparazzi are a useless breed. Now one tries to get attention by claiming the star was smokin a reefer. I would better believe the paparizzo was smokin the reefer than the star. Oh well, one down, a couple thousand to go.

629 days ago


Anyone who would believe a Paparazzo, I have a bridge to sell them.

629 days ago


One down, a couple thousand to go.

629 days ago

David Sahadi    

While i certainly feel sorry for the photographer who lost his life, the accusations that his friend said about Justins pot smoking, and dangerous driving, I would suggest you consult your attorney before making comments that can land you in hot water. In know way is Mr. Bieber to blame for his death. When you place yourself in a situation that you are endangering the person you are trying to photograph, and other people around you, just to get a shot off, this is one of the turnouts that can happen.

629 days ago

Spicy mag    

If you know what their cars look like , you're a stalker.

629 days ago


That is a load of crap...only person to blame here is the photographer who broke the first rule of crossing the street " Look both ways, and makes sure you have a clear path before crossing" In his attempt to get the royal paycheck for the top photo of the week, he got death instead..... Let's hold people responsible for their actions.....

629 days ago


I don' about this. But This guys a moron, Beiber wasnt even in the car,the person driving it got pulled over so some A-hole with a Camera decided to get out of his car on the side of the road, and go get a picture. Cops told him to leave twice and when he finally did he got plowed into by a car. Thats what you get for being societys leech piece of human garbage.

629 days ago


Please, lets stop making these stupid kids famous by reporting anything they do. The media is responsible for making these morons famous, please stop it.

629 days ago
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