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Kathy Griffin

Blasted for Oral Sex

Antics On CNN

1/2/2013 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy Griffin
was obscene and unhinged with Anderson Cooper on CNN's New Year's Eve Live ... so claims an angry Parents Television Council.

The Prez of the PTC tells TMZ ... Griffin "has shown increasing contempt for the audience ..." referring to her multiple attempts to offer Anderson a BJ just after the ball dropped in Times Square.

Tim Winter goes on ... "The onus is now on CNN.  Either the network has a policy that allows its on-air talent to fondle a co-anchor's genitals, or it has a policy that forbids such conduct."

Winter also says he's not buyin' the whole, "The-kids-in-bed" argument, because New Year's Eve is the night kids stay up.


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the woman is a digusting unfunny pig. If a straight guy started grabbing at and putting his mouth on a lesbian's crotch everyone would be calling for his dismissal and public flogging. Just a horrible insult to Mr Cooper. the last thing he wants is for some woman playing with his johnson. He is too classy even to be comfortable if it was another gay guy.

625 days ago


This is exactly the problem!

It is OK for our kids to watch films & play video games where people are blown apart with all sorts of weapons and that is OK.

But god help us all if little Johnny hears about a BJ!!!!

My thoughts... I hope & pray the my 3 sons never are involved in any catastrophic violence in their lifetime.

I also hope & pray that they meet, fall in love with & live happily ever after with a sweet young lady who can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch.

625 days ago


It seems like a lot of you just don't get it. Kathy isn't famous for sitting around quietly and looking pretty. She does outrageous things and people love it. Anderson loves it which is why they are such good friends. This is getting CNN free publicity so they love it and that is exactly why this was her 6th year on the show.

625 days ago


What ever happened to class and acting like a lady? She is not the least bit funny and I hope deep down she knows this fact. Sad.

625 days ago


She's got my vote for the ugliest woman on earth. As ugly inside as outside.

625 days ago


Why would you watch Kathy, you should know what to expect. The tween friendly station was Ryan Seacrest, Hello Taylor Swift, etc.

625 days ago


She is way too desperate!!!

625 days ago


Come on people, what has happened to this world? I am not a prude but come on. You got a ugly d list wanna be celebrity. Is this what you want your daughters to do when they grow up?

625 days ago


Finally! someone calls this piece of crap out. American's should not tolerate such trash on our news channels while our children are celebrating new Years Eve with their family's. how do you explain this? You can't. You allow a child a chance to celebrate & then you get KATHY doing such. This is a crime to boot

625 days ago


and anderson cooper giggled and squealled like a school girl.....what happened to Anderson Cooper?

625 days ago


Lol that was funny I did not think she could top last year I was wrong lol

625 days ago


I love Kathy & Anderson together. They definitely need to incorporate a "safe" word that Anderson can use to let her know to cool it, or just shut up for a second.

625 days ago


I'm going to have Kathy co-host my new year eve party next year!!

625 days ago


Kathy Griffin has always made me sick. I couldn't stand her when she came out on Seinfeld and the time she critizied christianity. She is a low class comedian.

625 days ago


It was inappropriate but it's after 12, kids should be sleep. Regardless, get a life!!!! Kathy was wrong but not enough to get that upset about. Unless your kid is watching straight PBS kids Tv in general is inappropriate. I won't watch any Tv with my kids in the room unless I can preview it first. The way of the world. No TV shows is safe anymore, that guy didn't get the memo. Kathy's okay she just needs to bring it down a notch.

625 days ago
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