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Lil Twist

Bad Influence

On Bieber

1/6/2013 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_Lil-Twist_instagram2Justin Bieber is under the influence ... of a rapper named Lil Twist -- and the rapper may be leading JB down a dangerous path.

Twist was with Bieber in a Newport Beach hotel room last week, where, we're told, the rapper was happily rolling blunts for J.B. and others.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... JB and Twist have become tight ... and have been smoking together on a number of other occasions.

0106-lil-twist-justin-bieber-instagram-article-2-nye-3You'll recall ... Twist was speeding on the 405 Freeway New Year's Day in Justin's Ferrari when he was pulled over by cops.  A photog was killed trying to snap pics of the traffic stop.  Prior to the accident, Twist and Justin had spent much of the day in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills -- where Justin frequently gets a room.

Twist's Twitter profile pic makes it  clear ... he's a fan.

Sources involved in Justin's life who care about him are deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life and feel very strongly Justin needs a clean break from the rapper or else bad things are going to happen.

FYI ... Lil Twist is signed by Lil Wayne and close knit with the Cash Money and Young Money crews.


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@donna. Reefer Madness had an effect on you, huh?
Weed does not f.uck up your brain! Your brain is f.ucked for writing such nonsense. Take a hit, relax, and stop spreading filth and fear.

466 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Oh GTFO TMZ if there's any real story here it's that "sport" jacket or whatever it is JB is wearing. I'm about 1000x more concerned about that then him underage drinking and smoking pot. WTH is wrong with him wearing that!?!?

466 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

I mean com'on if you tardos are worried about JB settin' a bad example WTF about that jacket he's wearing!?!?!? I guess it's OK to come across as a flamin' homosexual if you don't smoke pot. Nothin' wrong with setting that example for kids, right Harvey??? Sheesh...

466 days ago


Justin has way too many people depending on him. He needs to make a break from any bad influences. Usher, Scooter and his mom need to step in.

466 days ago


As a young person Justin shouldn't be having any fun.
He should dress like a stuffed-shirt, walk like he has a stick up his bum, keep a permanent serious look on his face, take himself too seriously, and be as miserable as possible.
I mean, really, the nerve of these young people...actually having fun!
They should listen to the uptight old farts who stand on the sidelines and call them names and tell them to stop having fun; that way they can grow up to be just like the miserable f-cks.
Totally joking of course, if you're young and having fun...more power to ya...don't stop, and never ever ever let bored controlling judgmental morons dictate your happiness or lack ;)

466 days ago


Marc Jacobs tortures a young girl for 5 years and steals her fashion designs, meanwhile ignores her person from the fashion world, read the details here

466 days ago





466 days ago


.I wouldnt say he is influenced by anyone .
The cars and other toys he has are his choices and so is this.
Shouldnt be blaming someone else

466 days ago

all about the money    

Who the Frack cares about Weed? Maybe our parents who were sold a whole bill of false goods by Nixion back in the 60's that weed leads to white women having sex with black men. The attitude has switched. Many polls now show more in favor of legalized Marijuana than not. Also why does it seem some are still looking for a reason to blame someone else for some pap's death. Oh its Bieber's fault because he smokes weed with someone who he allowed to drive his car that a pap saw thinking it was Bieber and spent the day stalking him in hopes of getting a picture of Bieber who actually wasn't Bieber in an exclusive that drove the pap to risk anything for a pay day even though he was taking pictures of the wrong person because he was blinded by the the assumption of a large pay check for pictures of Bieber smoking weed that turned out not to be Bieber and not worth anything? was all about the white Ferrari. Maybe you can blame/sue Ferrari for the Paps death?

466 days ago


The blame game that people so often play is the reason why so many celebrities are dead today. Blaming other people for their actions. Take Whitney for example. Instead of making her own up to her actions, everyone blamed Bobby. Guess what? She's dead now. She rarely ever received backlash because everyone decided to blame someone else and view her as this innocent vulnerable victim, when she wasn't. Fast forward and everyone finds out, she was doing drugs long before she even met Bobby. This is exactly what these people are doing. Blaming Lil Twist for JB's actions, when for all we know, he could have been smoking weed long before he even met Twist, or before he found out Twist smoked weed too. If they want to see some "change", hold him responsible for the things that HE does.

466 days ago


I guess the photog getting killed is the Black kids fault as well? lol get a grip Harvey

466 days ago


Damn he gets you a little weed and you let him drive your Ferrari??? Hey beiber don't you have your own weed guy??? Lmao

466 days ago


Drugs have always been part of the music world. He'll be exposed to everything, and weed will be the least of his problems if he indulges in booze & whatever else his buddies do.

466 days ago


Interesting. Most hotels have policies that don't allow people under 21 years of age to rent a room without someone at least 21 accompanying them. I guess exceptions are made for people like JB.

466 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

We must always remember to thank the CIA and the army for LSD, by the way. Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn’t it? They brought out LSD to control people, and what they did was give us freedom.

466 days ago
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