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Bethenny Frankel

I Want Child Support ...

From My Ex!

1/7/2013 9:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bethenny Frankel
means business, even in divorce.  She wants Jason to pay child support and a lot more ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Bethenny filed for divorce last week against Jason Hoppy.  Now we've learned ... Bethenny -- who is reportedly worth between $25 million and $55 million -- has filed legal docs asking for the following from Jason:

--- Child support ... retroactive from the date she filed for divorce
--  Medical, dental, optical, therapeutic, and orthodontic expenses for HER and her child
--  Life insurance that makes both her and the kid beneficiaries

She also wants Jason -- who made lots of money in real estate --  out of their marital residence for good.  Bethenny is asking for exclusive occupancy.

And there's more ... Bethenny wants primary physical custody of 2-year-old Bryn.

Bethenny also wants the judge to enforce their prenup dated March 23, 2010 ... signed 5 days before they got hitched.

A source connected with Bethenny tells TMZ ... "This is a preliminary step to move the process forward.   She wants to work this out privately and amicably.  All Bethenny cares about is that it works out the best way possible for Bryn."



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Good Luck with your new show...I won't be tuning in. How greedy can a girl be. Skinny Girl new name: Greedy Girl.

620 days ago


I used to actually like her on RHONY, but once she got the man, her own show and the kid, and tons of money for her Skinny Girl crap, you could watch her change before your eyes. She was mean, nasty, and demeaning to her husband. I am shocked he stuck with her as long as he did. I hope this time she does not get everything she wants! I hope some judge sees clearly she makes more than enough money to support her and her daughter and she gets zilch! She wants a life ins. policy for HER and her daughter! Please!!! She should get nothing! Her daughter on the other hand, I don't see her father leaving her high and dry. If he is anything like the guy we have all seen in the media he loves his child and will take care of his daughter. He will have life ins. and pay for his child's needs, he's not going to be a deadbeat dad. Bethany Frankel deserves and needs no financial support. she is doing that just to throw more salt on the wound. A child should have both parents in their life. I hope the judge gives them equal parental guardianship 50/50. I hope Bethany cools her jets here and does what is best for her daughter and stop being the selfish, mean, spiteful, and I am sorry, but straight up bitch she has turned into.

620 days ago


I can't say I expected anything less from the moment I saw her whiz on a pregnancy test for the Bravo cameras.

620 days ago


Hey Bethenny I think you have finally done it, revealed too much. Have you read the previous comments? Is this how you want to be portrayed? Does your therapist speak to you regarding delusional behavior? You have left a trail of bodies tossed when you are able to step on them and step above them in your quest for fame. Well here it is, how do you like it now? Seems no one likes you.

620 days ago


No wonder she didn't let him have his man cave, and turned it into a huge closet, instead. She had visions of kicking him to the curb, already. I can understand having life insurance on him, with Bryn as the beneficiary, but I don't think she should benefit, too. I don't understand why he should have to cover any health, dental, or mental insurance for her, but I would get that he should go 50/50 for Bryn. I don't understand why she would not want him to share 50/50 custody, for Bryn's sake. This sounds like anger and retribution. Plus, I think she's been warned that her prenup was signed two days too late, and can be contested, and she's gearing up for a fight and wants to ask for everything she can, in case he gets more of the marital pie. I can't wait to hear his response to this.

620 days ago



620 days ago


She would always say how her mother was this oh so horrible person, looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

620 days ago


She is pissed at him & this is his punishment! Regardless of the "rules" this woman has plenty of money to provide for Bryn! This is her way to get back at Jason! She used him to get a child & bld her brand....done! Just like she does everyone else she uses. I hope Jason ends up with one of her BFF's!

620 days ago


Why would she ask for medical coverage for herself? Maybe it's one of those things lawyers do knowing it won't go through but setting the stage for something else they're after. ??

620 days ago


If I were the judge I would split it 50/50 of her net worth, joint custody, child support for the child and Bethenny pulled the trigger so she can buy her own damn medical insurance and life insurance, any life insurance pay out can go straight to Bryn! This makes me not want to drink her skinny girl! Smh

620 days ago


She is an evil bitch unhappy and unhappy with herself. She wants to make his life unhappy like hers. Phatetic and greedy. Selfish person

620 days ago


I feel so sorry for Jason's parents. They worship Brynn and will not get to see her as often because of the divorce. So sorry for them.

I'm surprised that they had a pre-nup in the first place. That should have made Jason feel that they were not entering into a "death do us part" relationship.

Bethenny got a chance to have a real marriage and a real family but she blew it. She will never have an opportunity to have a loving marriage and a real family again. She's too old to start another family. I hope she thinks it's worth it to throw away a marriage just so she can have a talk show. She's no Oprah. She'll be back on the shrink's couch again bitching about how her life is not perfect. Jason can start a better life with a younger woman who will love him for himself.

620 days ago


what a greedy UNT she is with that much $ of her OWN?? she is one of those that make women look like greedy bitter vengeful UNTS...which is what she IS..
shame on you Attn Hore

620 days ago

j00009 David    

how greedy can you possibly be, whole lot of love there - there are words for people like her. Screws her friends, now her X and child.

620 days ago


This woman is NOT likable, at all... I can only imagine what it was like being married to her.. She's a neurotic psycho..She'll likely never find another man like Jason to marry her.. Good luck on that.. She's a nutjob.

620 days ago
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