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Alleged Sandy Hook Copycat

Threatens to Target L.A.

Kindergarteners for Death

1/8/2013 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 24-year-old man who threatened to commit Sandy Hook type crimes in L.A. claimed he was hell-bent on leaving "dead kindergartners" in his wake ... yet he will not be prosecuted.

Kyle Bangayan posted threats on Facebook the same day as the Newtown shooting ... and claimed he was targeting L.A. schools ... this according to a search warrant obtained by TMZ.

Kyle allegedly wrote, "No really America, if you post one more Facebook post about the shooting at that elementary school, I swear to whatever f**king god you believe in that I will do the same goddamn thing."

The rant continues, "I have the guns, I have the incentive, and I won't commit suicide at the end, I'll just go to the next f**king school and the next and the next ..."

And he goes on ... "So I woke up this morning and said to myself ... Dang you know [what] would be really awesome right now ... some dead kindergarteners ... and Christmas early."

Kyle was arrested in L.A. after a tipster told the LAPD about the online threats -- and when cops searched his bedroom (at his parents house) they found six semi-auto handguns, two rifles and one shotgun.

Now for the kicker.  Kyle was released and the L.A. County D.A. said no charges would be filed, because the threats were not specific. 

A little unsettling .... don't you think?


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Tutti Frooooty     

what the F*ck is wrong with America!?!?! KILL yourself you piece of dog sh*t!!! To threaten and joke about killing kindergartners is absolutely sociopathic!!!!!!

597 days ago

Good riddance!    

For once I actually don't think death threats and encouragement to commit solitary suicide are all that bad... I don't mind if he takes himself out, just as long as it's only him. So until then, lock his ass up and keep him away from being able to hurt other people.

597 days ago

Spicy mag    

LAPD fail of the year.

597 days ago


He is one sick F--K.

597 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Like i believe any sensationalist manipulative bullsh*t TMZ has to say about this case. lols, they did press any charges for good reasons i'm sure and TMZ is just baiting you all with old news about something that happened Dec. 17th! Suckers...must be a slow "news" gossip day again.

597 days ago


This guy wants to attack LA kindergartners? The offspring of some of the craziest gang members of the country, if not the world?! When he's put in jail, he's going to be the sole reason enemies in jail unify under a sole purpose...

597 days ago


WTF Lock him up and throw way the key.... I swear I am taking my kids out of school.

597 days ago


I've never bothered to read let alone post in the comments here but this is out of control, to not arrest and prosecute this man. threats should be taken seriously. if this happened dec 17 why such a delay to hear of it? does anyone have updated information? is this person actively attending classes amongst other students? he needs to be expelled and sent into a secured mental health facility or a prison. unbelievable. it's not a funny joke... what a ****ing creep.

597 days ago


your web site needs help. u can't click like or hate! so I will say it again, stop contributing to the problem and take this post down. these morons want attention and some morons in your office are giving it to him. the punk kid needs locked up and beat down, period.

597 days ago


who in the hell set up this site, a five year old? I am not coming back. you hit next for the next page of comments and it doesnt take you there. when you want to comment you have to click through a bunch of stuff, and you cant click the like or hate buttons. sorry i do this for a living and with all the money you have this forum is unacceptable. I wont be back for that reason and because you give attention to these idiots.

597 days ago


CALL YOUR IT PEOPLE. THIS FORUM IS NOT WORKING. YOU CLICK NEXT 15 COMMENTS AND GET TAKEN BACK TO THE MAIN PAGE. IN FACT NO MATTER WHAT YOU CLICK THAT HAPPENS. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A MORE ANNOYING PAGE IN MY LIFE TBH. I am a web developer and am shocked at how dysfunctional our forum is. I wont be back for that reason and because you give attention to these idiots which is what they want.

597 days ago

Miley is a whore    

I blame facebook.

597 days ago


You guys are kidding, right? Have you never seen Twelve Angry Men? People say they're going to kill people all the time. That doesn't mean they mean it, or have any intention to at all.

Haven't you ever, in an unbearably frustrating argument with someone else, said, "I'm gonna kill you....!" Should the LAPD have arrested you then, for making threats? Don't be absurd.

This man's statuses, while in poor taste, were clearly meant to show his frustration at the incessant media coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting. His "dead kindergarteners would be awesome right now" status was likely meant as sarcastic -- a comment on how news stations have been exploiting and profiting off of the tragic deaths of children.

He's just an idiot who said something stupid, not a psychopath who almost went on a killing rampage.

597 days ago


I think someone needs to make sure the LA DA is taking their meds cuz clearly they are outta their mind!!

597 days ago

BB not bb    

I wonder if seeing pictures of adolescent boys makes people thirsty for blood now. You have Treyvon Martin, Adam Lanza, and now this kid all shown with outdated pitures and twisted story lines. It is like Pavlov's dogs now where people just see the picture and pant for blood.

Maybe the pictures throw them off so much that they don't even know what they are screaming about any more. This kid looks like he is into martial arts anyway. This is getting out of control with the population demanding such draconian measures.

Does anyone think that armed police in the schools is a good idea? Then what, if you want to get your kid for some reason, you need a security clearance? They could easily kidnap your kids that way, take them off somewhere, and say it is for a quarantine.

People are so quick to hate anyone who doesn't match their storylines any more. They take every word they hear in the press as the gospel truth.

597 days ago
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