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Ben Affleck

Snubbed By the Academy!

(But Maybe Not)

1/10/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The people who select the Oscar nominees clearly HATE Ben Affleck, 'cause he didn't get a Best Director nod for "Argo" this morning ... but it WAS nominated for "Best Film."

So, did Ben really get snubbed??? Depends who you ask -- here's how the argument is breaking down in the TMZ newsroom:

Matt -- Yes, Ben was snubbed ... "Argo" was as good as the other movies that were nominated. As a director, "Argo" was very well done. I think he was snubbed because of who he is. 

Kelly -- No, Ben did NOT get snubbed ... sometimes you're nominated, sometime's you're not ... Ben has a long career ahead of him. He'll be fine.

-- No, Ben's not that great.

Max -- I don't think he was snubbed because I know nothing about directing.

Harvey -- Yes, Affleck's being snubbed because people are fawning over him too much ... I think there's a lot of jealously in the Academy.

Van -- HUGE snub ... it was a well-directed film and it was enjoyable, one of his best. Incredibly well paced.

Affleck -- Snubbed?

  • Yes
  • No
Brian McDaniel -- He did NOT get snubbed, because do you like apples? "Argo" made $110 million, so how do you like those apples and stuff?

Chad -- I don't give a s**t either way, but are the 49ers gonna win this weekend?


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I'm surprised you didn't ask Shevonne about Anne Hathaway getting nominated.

Of course Affleck got snubbed, on the directing side, but not acting -- but at least the film's being nominated for Best Picture which is a credit to him...but after the UNIVERSAL FAILURE of The Dark Knight not getting nominated several years ago, are you really surprised by how far behind the Academy is.

The REAL STORY is how Joaquin SH*T all over the ACADEMY and STILL got nominated. Now that deserves an Oscar.

465 days ago


His career never been the same after jlo

465 days ago

Blue Lake    

This shows how juvenile and uninformed your crew is!

465 days ago

Church Lady    

The Academy doesn't like him because he's young and handsome. They are going to make him work long and hard for an Oscar.

465 days ago


Please! , He's not that good!!! He has road the coattails of others for years - You know he didn't write any screenplay Matt Damon threw him a bone ... just another mediocre thespian... you give him too much credit..

465 days ago


If Argo was completely "SHUT OUT" nomination wise, then Ben Affleck would have been clearly snubbed. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN!!! The Academy like any other organization is very "political" and "cliquish" behind the scenes. The Academy attempts to walk a "FINE LINE" between "ARTISTIC MERIT" and "CULTURAL RELEVANCE". It's not easy to do especially when these nominations help increase the revenues a picture grosses. The financial incentive to help out a well connected Academy member with a vested interested in a picture struggling at the box office is just too great. Overall, it's "BOX OFFICE" RECEIPTS that keep people "WORKING" -- NOT AWARDS!!!

465 days ago


I think he was snubbed.

465 days ago


Used to love him. Kinda wish he'd maybe slighly go away at times now. He acts like he's a political figure at times and when you combine acting into politics you look like a fat joke.

465 days ago


ive been in the film biz for over 25 years and feel that none of you fools on the TMZ are qualified to speak on this!!to be frank with the stupid comments and opinions you give you're barely above the "citizen reporters" out there on the web spewing about things they have no clue about! sure you go see the films in theaters like everyday people but
have any of you ever even worked on a real film set or even understand the basics of film making? only Max is honest enough to admit he has no clue!.

465 days ago


And now we know it won't win Best Picture, because it's Director always gets the Oscar.

465 days ago


They're still making him pay for j-Lo and gigli

465 days ago

I am Spartacus    

ArGo F**k Yourself Affleck

465 days ago


Of course Shevonne would say something negative. That girl rarely has anything nice to say. She is a cute girl so it's a shame she is such a Negative Nelly.

465 days ago

dancer girl    

I think Ben was snubbed but, thankfully, he has a long career ahead. Steven Spielberg was initially snubbed at the beginning of his career but is obviously done well so I hope the same for Ben in the future.

465 days ago

moe l.    

ben -

you're a doofus and always will be. we appreciate your trying, but it was a stupid movie and we nominated the film because we fely sorry for you. maybe matt will kiss it and make it better? gigli had a better story.

the academy

465 days ago
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