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Lindsay Lohan


'Do Your F**king Job'

1/11/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audio recording from the set of "The Canyons" ... in which a pissed off Lindsay Lohan tears into her co-star during a rehearsal ... saying, "Do your f**king job!!!"

Sources tell us ... the audio was recorded on the 3rd day of production, while Lohan was working on a scene with the male lead in the movie, porn star-turned-actor James Deen.

During the rehearsal, the director can be heard instructing Lohan and Deen to walk through a scene and "take it all the way to the kiss ... 'cause that's certainly going to be important."

But when the director yells "action" ... something goes wrong ... and a frustrated Lindsay explodes:

"No, can you do it ... Please James, say your line as you're walking over ... cause we're doing rehearsal ... do your f*cking job."

James tries to respond to Lindsay, but she cuts him off ... saying, "I didn't say anything, I said just walk over ... and do your f**king job."

At that point, the director says, "Alright, I've had it ... I'm tired."

Lindsay responds, "So have I."

As we previously reported, Lohan was reportedly a nightmare on the set ... who was constantly late to set ... fought with co-stars and producers ... and drank on the set.

Lohan denies she ever boozed during production ... but says everything else is pretty accurate ... and the audio definitely proves it.


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Lohan top billing Straight to Youtube

617 days ago


She's rude, unprofessional and anyone that hires her is just asking for trouble. Her time is up!

617 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

"Do the math... it's all on audio tape!"

617 days ago


Are you kidding? She's telling her costar to do his job? She barely makes it to the set, if she makes it at all! I don't know why anyone in the world would hire someone so irresponsible. I wouldn't hire her to dogsit!

617 days ago


that's it? i was expecting a christian bale like trantrum. that was a tearing. this is nothing.

617 days ago

Spicy mag    

Why does anyone hire her? She's Z list at this point.

617 days ago


A day without Lohan is a day without sunshine. She's going to get herself blacklisted real soon if she keeps this **** up. She'll be lucky to get a job being a prop girl on a below B movie.

617 days ago


Just keep me on the set cursing , being late, drinking, throwing tanatrums, hiding in closets, being hungover, insulting everyoneand so on that is Bitcho needs

617 days ago


So, she won't kiss Charlie Sheen, but she'll kiss a porn star?

617 days ago


"I never turned down anything and never argued with any producer or director," said the late actor Charles Durning Durning had a 50 year acting career and survived WW II and Lindsay thinks she is above Scary movie and Charlie Sheen and doing sex scenes with [porn stars . I am posting this every time there is a Bitcho story.

617 days ago


TMZ continues to drive the hate bus over Lindsay! What happened on the set of "The Canyons" happens all the time.

Funny how TMZ doesn't say anything about how the article in the NY Times written by Stephen Rodrick goes on to say how amazingly talented Lindsay is.....I wonder why?

Oh, that's right. TMZ won't go there because they don't like Lindsay!

617 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Ok I'm going with Team Lindsay on this one all the way! She may not be a A-list movie actress by a long shot, or have much right to be pulling the diva routine at this point, but when she does finally shows up on set and is ready to work, she knows the drill, she knows her marks, she knows her lines, she's a real actor and it's got to be frustrating as hell rehearsing the scene over and over with a freakin' porn star wanna-turn-actor who can't eve hit his marks...lols

617 days ago


Well you know if she blows this opportunity while filming in the buff
you won’t see Jimmy Deen hiring her down the line for any fluff

617 days ago


ROFLMAO! Best comment nomination from the NY Times; "Sad tale. Chasing the dream with ankle weights on."

617 days ago


Lohan even has the balls to say she's on good terms with everyone. No she's not.

They hate her guts. If she was on such good terms why was this leaked.

Lohan do you get in now? You're not liked and no one want's to work with you. You're a no talent unprofessional nightmare.

Spin that around. You can't.

617 days ago
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