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Lindsay Lohan

Lawyerless and Screwed

1/15/2013 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan should kiss Shawn Holley's butt ... because Shawn just saved hers by claiming to rep her even though Lindsay unceremoniously fired Shawn.

As we told you ... Lindsay signed a termination letter Monday which her new lawyer Mark Heller sent to Shawn. But Heller -- a New York lawyer -- is not licensed to practice in California and did not appear in court today for Lindsay's arraignment. If Shawn told the judge she was fired and formally asked to be relieved, the judge could have and probably would have issued a bench warrant for Lindsay's arrest.

Shawn dodged the issue in open court by saying she still reps LiLo for now, which is technically true until she is formally dismissed by the judge. A confused judge then clearly called Shawn and the prosecutor up to the bench and asked WTF.

Here's where it gets totally ridiculous. Sources tell us Lindsay told Shawn yesterday that she was going to have Heller send Shawn another letter cancelling the first, but we're told that never happened. And sources connected with Heller tell TMZ ... Mr. Heller was busy Monday placing calls to Shawn, the prosecutor and the court to make it clear he's the lawyer.

Since it's not clear who is representing Lindsay anymore, the judge ordered her to personally appear on January 30, even though ordinarily the matter could be handled without her being present.

In the meantime ... if Lindsay asked Shawn to come back (and this would be the second time because Lindsay pulled this stunt on her before), Holley should run for the hills.


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Joan Rivers ‏@Joan_Rivers
Today marks Lindsay Lohan's 20th appearance in court, which officially makes her eligible to sit in for Judy Judy.

582 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Where is Lindsay, Harvey said Europe, Did he mean UK or continental Europe? Where is the rest of the Lohan.clan?

582 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Does $50,000 of Damage to NYC Hotel
As if Lindsay Lohan wasn't in enough of a mess already! Staffers at the W hotel in NYC's Union Square "are still cleaning up" after the 26-year-old courtroom fixture's visit last fall, a source tells Us Weekly.
"Her suite had so many cigarette burns, they had to change all the carpets," the source says of the hot spot where the drama-prone Liz and Dick actress bunked for several weeks. "She did at least $50,000 worth of damage while partying."

And Lohan shouldn't dare check in again. Says the insider: "She is not allowed back at any W hotel in NYC, ever!
Again. Sigh.

582 days ago


WHY does this bitch feel the need to continue licking Lindsay's ******* and protecting her from getting thrown in the pokey?? If what you guys are saying is true and she was let go by Lindsay, then WHY is she protecting Lindsay?? If what the gossip mongers are saying is true, then Shawn has yet to be paid by Lindsay for her services. IF that is also true, then I don't understand why Shawn is protecting her... Either you guys are dead wrong with your reports and Shawn was never let go in the first place, then it makes sense. But you guys SWEAR that isn't the case, so... What gives?

582 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So is Lindsay and her freak show Mama still in London?

I just got here, except for a stop or two @ mental health

582 days ago


Lindsay Lohan won't show up in Calfornia on the 30th either.

582 days ago


I would like to know what the hell you do to do 50,000 damage to a hotel room......Hell 50,000 would buy the dam hotel ..
Had to replace the carpeting ? was is spin silk and moonbeams.....and who goes around dropping light cigerettes on carpets....unless it's done deliberately.....
That is a sign of complete lack of respect for anybody, or anything.......but then we are talking about Lindsay Dee Lohan......
Wonder where it's hiding out at...Funny how the Papz can't find hide nor hair of her when she don't want to be found...almost like they are paid to look the other way......LOL
Well the Lohan Inc Circle of the Whores is over for the Day.....time to wrap this one up ...and start on the next **** Spinn ....
Lohan inc usual that 48 to 72 hours between starting the new have some patience....

582 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Alisha, my sister in law's POS boyfriend trashed a hotel room that she had rented, and she had to pay for the damages. She was not even in the room when he destroyed it.

582 days ago


Lohan and LaBella met at 1Oak, a Chelsea nightclub, and she invited the tall, dark and handsome politico to join her entourage back at the W.
The W is the hotel where Blo pulled the fire alarm last fall.

582 days ago

Hot Farts    

OK another trashed hotel room...

Thus my decision re her consequences in the latest cases, She has Narcissitic Personality Disorder which cannot be treated. No jail or institution will change her this is why she must go to Impact for 6 months. Sje will not be segregated and her BS will be met with torture. She will be treated exactly like she has treated the world and its possessions...reap what you sew

582 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Owes $40,000 To Ex Assistant
“Lindsay owes one of her former assistant’s, Jessica, over $40k in unpaid wages. Lindsay actually also borrowed money from the assistant for her own living expenses. Jessica no longer works for Lindsay, and she recognizes that she is probably never going to see the money. Lindsay has a very long history of not paying people for services/work done for her.”
FFS...I am just scanning Twitter and these are all stories being reported today. It is getting numbing.

582 days ago


I think she's holed up in some hotel doing mountains of coke with her HOOKER money.

582 days ago

Hot Farts    

And hey...why should she show up in court on the 30th. She knows she is getting time so why not turn it into a worldwide tater hunt.

She wont get any extra time at this point for nonappearance

582 days ago


Why should Holley run for the hills? The more that Lohan falters legally - the more Holley stands to gain. It's not as though they are bff's where Holley will end up heartbroken and lonely should Lohan end up jailed. It has reached a point where the woman is considered a miracle worker who has done everything in her power to keep Lohan out of jail, which has given her the image of a highly competent attorney. She would be a fool to run from the Lohan meal ticket.

582 days ago


Regina or and of my Aussie subject....but my grandson and I just discovered a new movie we both went crazy over.... John Marsden ..Tomorrow When the War Begins......made last year.....Not only was the movie reviting in its story line but the young actors and actress in it was fantastic.....Better then the "Hunger Games" which was filmed down the road from here in my mountains......
He's 12 and he now wants to get the whole series of Johan Marsden books which I am trying to get for him and really for Me......
But the reason I'm meaning this here is because of the wonderful group of young actors they used.....everyone of them made you believe and root for their charactor....what a wonderful expressive actress was the girl playing Ellie...and then I think on Lindsay Lohan and think what a freaking waste...What a waste......
If they every make a 2nd in that series of movies I will be the first in line with my grandson.....LOL

582 days ago
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