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Lindsay Lohan

Lawyerless and Screwed

1/15/2013 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan should kiss Shawn Holley's butt ... because Shawn just saved hers by claiming to rep her even though Lindsay unceremoniously fired Shawn.

As we told you ... Lindsay signed a termination letter Monday which her new lawyer Mark Heller sent to Shawn. But Heller -- a New York lawyer -- is not licensed to practice in California and did not appear in court today for Lindsay's arraignment. If Shawn told the judge she was fired and formally asked to be relieved, the judge could have and probably would have issued a bench warrant for Lindsay's arrest.

Shawn dodged the issue in open court by saying she still reps LiLo for now, which is technically true until she is formally dismissed by the judge. A confused judge then clearly called Shawn and the prosecutor up to the bench and asked WTF.

Here's where it gets totally ridiculous. Sources tell us Lindsay told Shawn yesterday that she was going to have Heller send Shawn another letter cancelling the first, but we're told that never happened. And sources connected with Heller tell TMZ ... Mr. Heller was busy Monday placing calls to Shawn, the prosecutor and the court to make it clear he's the lawyer.

Since it's not clear who is representing Lindsay anymore, the judge ordered her to personally appear on January 30, even though ordinarily the matter could be handled without her being present.

In the meantime ... if Lindsay asked Shawn to come back (and this would be the second time because Lindsay pulled this stunt on her before), Holley should run for the hills.


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The Ghost of John Lennon    

Only in America do Crooks and Celebrities Rule the Streets! If only i had stayed in England instead following behind Yoko, i might still be alive today! Their SO serious over there, they Shoot you first, then realize later on it was'nt that important!

616 days ago


TIME TO CELEBRATE, H8TURDS!!! It doesn't matter who Borderline Crackie's lawyer is at the next hearing. The only deal on the table was "LOCKDOWN REHAB" or go to trial. Holley has ALWAYS entered "not guilty" pleas on borderline Crackie's behalf only to take the plea deal because it's futile to defend her when she's obviously guilty. So it's either "LOCKDOWN REHAB"-which will be a no frills facility that the court chooses-or JAIL after she's found guilty. This latest drama , simply put, is that Borderline Crackie is upset that she doesn't get to CHOOSE another a.s.s kissing celeb rehab-it's the Court's choice now. And to remind any enablers that her "I was confused", "I was in shock", or "I had a concussion" EXCUSES WILL NOT WORK as her defense. Upon admission to any emergency room after being in an MVA, doctors and nurses assess you from head to toe-including a thorough neurological assessment-and DO***ENT the results. That is their job. Do***entation must exist that her mental state was not altered in any way shape or form or the DA would not have charged her. And while you may be confused as to what speed you were driving and if you made the proper merging signal at the time of an accident, it is far fetched that you would "forget" if you were driving or not. Also, Gavin, who sustained the most injuries, was able to tell the police that Borderline Crackie was the driver. So she has no defense when she LIED-that's why Holley wanted to take the plea deal. Its laughable for anyone to think otherwise. So if she wants to risk going to trial-so be it. If you add up her VOP and the three misdemeanor charges it amounts to approx. 28 months maximum time if served consecutively. And taking into account early release for overcrowding that still comes out to approx. 6 months in jail. Either way, Borderline Crackie will be incarcerated. Those are her 2 choices. She has 2 weeks to decide. And in the mean time, her so called nonexistent comeback is stalled, as no one can hire her(even if it just stunt casting) until this is all cleared up. Which will now be, due to her stall tactics, some time in the FALL. The only way she will make any money this year will be a after jail/rehab interview(which she will LIE her way through) and on her "BACK". So I'm celebrating EARLY!!! CRACKITINIS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

616 days ago


I truly think Lindsay is going to committ suicide......I give it one more year.

616 days ago


If she truely doesnt want Mark ******* to represent her and she wished to have superfly Shawn back why doesnt she just fire Marky and beg Shawn (also paying off some of that 300k bill would help Shawn ease the pain)

616 days ago


Forget the Teflon Don, it's Teflon Lilo...NOTHING sticks to her!!

616 days ago


The only way Shawn would still work for Lindsay is A. because she feels sorry for her, and B. she probably gets frequent personal drunk calls from her crying hysterically and she results beck to A. feeling sorry for her.

616 days ago


Dumb b!tch deserves to go to jail just for being so stupid.

616 days ago


She's gonna drag this **** out as long as she can hopefully the Judge will be pissed and make her spend the 2013 Holidays behind bars since she dodged last year!

616 days ago



616 days ago


If Holley had any common sense and she would snap to the fact that Lindsey is a user, of people and other things. Holley will continue to get treated like dirt by Lindsey if she continues to represent her and Holley will wind up suing her one day for her fees.

One of the things wrong in Lindsey's life is people continuing to prop her up and keep her going when she should be allowed to hit bottom and find her own way out, or not.

Holley is like Lindsey's mother, she is an enabler and she is making a fool of herself for someone who will not appreciate it, as Lindsey has already shown by firing Holley again.

Holley needs to woman up, drop this client who is a deadbeat, and has publicly shown she has no confidence in the lawyer who has kept her out of jail all these years.

616 days ago

Hot Farts    


616 days ago

BB not bb    

I think it is alot of great publicity for Shawn to keep representing Lilo because she comes off looking classy and competent. You can't pay for so much exposure to make yourself look good and attract new clients.

She probably cares about Lindsay and has some lawyer ethics, so she did what she had to do to protect her client. Lindsay should probably just fire this Heller character and send a notorized letter to Shawn stating that she does want her as her lawyer.

I don't know why she would dump a good lawyer for the worst lawyer in NYC. I think those gypsies are working magic on her. If she is worried about paying for a different lawyer in NYC, maybe she should just represent herself even. If she goes in and just tells what really happened, the judge might see her side.

I think she refused a reading and then called the lady a gypsy, then the reader's friend got mad and confronted her, and then Lyndsay threw a punch in self defense. Maybe she will just get more community service. I don't think she hurt anyone with her little hands.

616 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

No way is LIndsay going to accept a hardcore lockdown rehab. It's basically jail without time off the sentence.

She needs a better plea deal or just to get sentenced to the 245 days for the vop and then even if she loses at trial on the car crash charges she can appeal.

616 days ago


At some point Shawn becomes a joke herself. She is contributing to this woman's bad behavior, by continually getting her off the hook. Lindsay is no longer a "kid" who has made few mistakes. She is an adult who with all of this "HELP" from her lawyer and anyone else she plays (charlie sheen etc) to prolong her train wreck of a life, is bound for certain death. Make her grow up and accept full responsibility for her actions and debts!! STOP bailing her out of trouble!!!!
Make her get a real job (as her acting skills are dubious, at best) and the rest of leaches she calls family, should climb off her back and get to work as well. Her mother should live within her means (the poor house) she is killing her daughter.

616 days ago

Mike L    

Mark Heller is a piece of garbage. Everybody in NY knows that. Anybody who would choose to have this crook represent them deserve to be in prison, along with him.

616 days ago
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