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Britney Spears

Vegas Hotels

In Bidding War!

1/17/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0116-britney-spears-las-vegas-gettyThere is a raging war among 3 Las Vegas properties to snag Britney Spears as their headliner ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story last week ... Britney was in serious negotiations with one of the Caesars properties to perform several nights a week on a regular basis, as well as make regular appearances at several clubs and pool events.  Well, we just found out ... since we posted our story two other properties -- at least one not associated with Caesars -- have thrown their hat in the ring.

There's a story out that Britney has already inked a $200 million, 2-year deal with Caesars.  WRONG.  No deal has been signed.

But as we reported .... sources connected with the negotiations tell us ... Britney could get $100 mil a year and maybe more.  That's what Celine Dion made and Britney could be an even bigger draw.



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Norma Desomd    

Doomsday is going to be here if any Hotel signs her on. Who on earth would pay to see her?

623 days ago


I wouldn't go for free.

623 days ago


I wish somebody would pay me 100 million dollars to lip sync for two hours.

623 days ago


I rather piss on myself than watch some jacked up overweight stripper....who cares and I hope she takes a "dump" on herself...

623 days ago

Wow ...    

Good for Brittany and her family. It is refreshing to see a woman who has/had issues deal with them and keep moving forward. May she stay well and choose her health first. Best wishes! (Lindsay could learn a few things from her).

623 days ago


Can't imagine people being that stupid to pay anything to see someone like her lipsync, and do it very badly. I guess if you are drunk enough, you might! Vegas, very sad place!!!

623 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Milli Vanilli in a mini skirt. ****ing dip-****s who pays big bucks for karaoke, unreal.

623 days ago


Who is gonna go see her in vegas. Most of her audience is below the age of 21. Wow how stupid are these casinos. At least Celine appealed to an older gambling audience. Unless you can gamble in vegas at 15, I think this is a stupid investment. No one is going to a britney(lip synch) spears show. Entertainment is one thing singing is another. I'll go see Penn and Teller.

623 days ago


why do people put there money on losers. if she does get this show lip syncing fool better get her money up front because it won't be long before her next meltdown.

623 days ago


As a Britney fan, this worries me. Would I pay to watch one of her shows? Of course, but an early show, probably within the first month. It was reported that Xfactor left her stressed and overworked and that show probably had 5 day work weeks during the live shows and less during the audition rounds... So I don't really see how a year (or longer) contract for her to preform is going to be a good idea?
Also, what happened to her wanting to have more kids? If she signs a two year deal, that obviously won't be happening... I just don't get it.

623 days ago


Isn't the age group that goes to Vegas shows a lot older then the teenyboppers that Britney attracts? They might want someone who can actually entertain and can sing or dance not some terrible karaoke show complete with someone who looks like a washed-up stripper and moves like she's 80

623 days ago


Honestly, I don't understand this "bidding war". The people in casinos are typically older. I cannot see any 40/50/60 year old paying to see Britney Spears perform. It doesn't make any sense. Let's see how much of that $200M they actually make back. I really don't think that her turn out will be good. She simply would not appeal to this age group. I also don't think she is mentally stable for this. She couldn't even handle X-Factor; a job that requires you to sit on your butt and judge people. How is she possibly going to be able to handle performing in front of an audience nightly for 2 years? Her camp is going to drive her to true insanity and it's sad.

623 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Do people really want to see her? I didn't think she's that "hot" anymore

623 days ago


The demographics in Vegas have changed so much, that the average Vegas visitor has gotten younger. Thus, making Brittany a bigger draw than Celine.

623 days ago


I do not see how Brittney is going to be a big draw. She is popular with kids who probably won't have the money to go see her. I know I would never spend the high price dollar. I would much rather go see the Beatles Love show.

623 days ago
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