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Manti Te'o

Notre Dame's Story

Sinks Manti

1/17/2013 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Manti Te'o continued to tell people his girlfriend died of cancer even after he learned it was all a big hoax ... and this is according to Notre Dame's public version of the facts.

During a news conference Wednesday night, ND Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick said ... Manti told ND officials that he first learned the whole thing was a hoax when he received a call from his GF's phone number during an ESPN award show in December ... months after she was presumed dead.

The ESPN college football awards ceremony took place in Orlando on Dec. 6 -- but just two days later, on Dec. 8, Te'o gave a statement to reporters in anticipation of the Heisman Trophy ceremony, in which he continued to perpetuate the belief that his girlfriend had died from cancer.

Te'o told reporters ... “I don’t like cancer at all. I lost both my grandparents and my girlfriend to cancer,” this according to WSBT-TV. 

We now know Manti's statement wasn't true -- and by Notre Dame's own account, Manti lied.

It begs the question -- what else did he lie about?

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SC Girl    

Davis, You are ridiculous...just because this dude went and told Notre Dame officials about this supposed haox doesn't mean sh!t, or make him innocent...he told those officials because he caught wind that this was coming down the pipeline and he needed to TRY to do damage control. People have been investigating this idiot for quite sometime now and dude has been sh!ttin his pants since early december...so you're saying because you thnk he is the best linebacker in college ball he is immune of being a liar...boy that makes a lot of sense....

Let me break it down for ya Davis... dude has a couple of probems, he's a closet nutso LIAR

You must be the pesident of his fan club......

607 days ago

Oscar Meyer    

Various stories were printed that said he met 'her' in person. But he's not challenging those as inaccurate, he's just switching gears and saying it was online and on the phone. If he really was getting texts from her, for example, then he could get the phone company to show her account info? Either way, he's screwed. He should have just said he was celibate. Instead, now gay rumors will haunt him.

607 days ago


Dear TMZ,

I would hope you would get your facts straight first...but then again it wouldnt be the media. He got the call on December 26th not before his award shows. Good job

607 days ago

real life    

Who cares?????????

607 days ago

WhatsUrDefinition of crazy    

I saw something like this on an episode of the Brady bunch... Jan Best ...and her imaginary boy friend Andy Glass ...

607 days ago

white russian    

Do any of you realize that a girl actually DID die because of a Notre Dame football player that same day? Probably not, because NOBODY is reporting on it. They're too busy with this BS story that nobody should care about.

607 days ago


C l o s e t

607 days ago


The guy is an idiot! Who "dates" a woman for 3 yrs withour ever meeting in person? He is a sick minded individual..maybe hit in the head a few times too many?

607 days ago


Character. Needs to become more important to the powers that be.

606 days ago
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