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Oksana Grigorieva Sues

My Lawyers Screwed Me

in Mel Gibson Settlement

1/17/2013 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-tmz-oksana-grigorievaOksana Grigorieva says she was sabotaged by her own lawyers in her settlement with Mel Gibson -- and wound up with a TERRIBLE custody agreement ... and now she's suing.

TMZ has obtained legal docs, filed by Oksana herself (without a lawyer) ... in which she accuses Ron Litz and Daniel Horowitz of negligently advising her to sign off on a bad deal back in 2011.

According to Oksana's lawsuit, the crappy deal she signed forbids her from pursuing any future legal action against Mel regarding their child without jeopardizing the monetary settlement she made from the actor. And as we all know about Oksana ... she LOOOVES to take legal action against people.

As part of Oksana's deal with Mel ... the actor had agreed to pay Oksana $750k in cash ... PLUS provide a house for Oksana and their daughter Lucia until Lucia turns 18.

Oksana says was also advised to sign a legal document that divested her of all ownership rights to her house ... a document she claims she never would have signed if not for the lawyers.

Oksana is demanding unspecified damages.

We spoke with Horowitz who tells us, "Why can't she just live her life normally and have a good life, raise the kid, live in the house, make music, be happy?"

He adds, "Why does she always have to be in a struggle -- especially with people who care the most about her?"



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All Mel wanted was a little head

609 days ago


Oksana (whoever)...You're gross. How much money did you score with that othe actor you were with? Why don't you just fade out and appreciate all that you have. It's more than some people in their lifetime. Mel...too bad you didn't see this gold diggn' hood rat before you got involved. *CONDOMS* next time, K?? K!!!

609 days ago


Guys, if you are careful who you put your c.o.c.k. in......they are all friggin crazy, but you must have standards....

609 days ago


This is so funny, I am just laughing at this! Let's see -- who was the lawyer she blamed for the FIRST settlement that she refused to sign off on. This is same song, different verse.

609 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Bitch is getting a little long in the tooth

609 days ago


This may be the one and only time that I would approve of hitting a woman. She deserves it. As does most of the lohan women, the kartrashions and all reality tv stars. In fact can't we light them all on fire?

609 days ago


We're talking about a woman who decided to throw away a $15 million settlement (which would have kept her as well as Lucia very well beyond the age of 18) in pursuit of punitive damages claiming domestic abuse; she even went through 42 different lawyers knowing that Mel would have to pick up the tab. At the end of it she's settled for child support totaling less than a third of the original settlement, payments of which will stop coming in her name the day Lucia turns 18. Now, she's suing her lawyers over the settlement? After this she may need to put herself through law school, 'cause there won't be a lawyer left in the city who'll take her on as a client.

609 days ago


Whoa!!!! just when I was forgetting who she is she comes back..... I see stupid people and they don't know that they are that me O_o

609 days ago


This is just the best laugh of the day!!! Remember when Horowitz was telling TMZ how great of a settlement OG got, while all of us her were saying, 'heck no' she didn't get a good settlement! Wonder if she was reading over old posts over New Year's! And if remember, everything she settled on is ironclad and video taped!

609 days ago


She really did get screwed over, her legal representation was awful. That being said...yeah she should go away already.

I don't know if it's PR or what but there are a disproportionate amount of Mel supporters on this website, even now more than a year later that guy still leaves a bad taste in my mouth after all of his mishaps.

It's Hollywood, USA though--he'll make a big comeback eventually.

609 days ago



Some one shoot this vile piece of human ****,

Here we go Lets see If we can drag Mel throu the courts again!!
She signed the papers she was happy with what she got
She's after more $$$$ No wonder the Sheriffs department are pissed of They wanted her charged for extortion and blackmail but she got out of it 'caus her lawyer was in bed with the DA,

What happened to her professional other career, beside being a slapper her singing!
Sue She should go the **** back to Russia and leave her daughter With Mel

609 days ago


Why is this bubble lipped beyotch on tmz? Her only claim to fame was that she was dating Mel Gibson. Shes not anymore so stop reporting on her.

609 days ago


So clearly she is out of money now. No sympathy.

609 days ago


Here's a TMZ article and in it, OG thanks the judge for help in resolving the matter (the settlement). And now, she has decided she got a raw deal? I guess when you think back to the original settlement that she turned down, this is considerably less. Like TMZ stated, she should have settled back when.

609 days ago

Big Boy Pants    

Thanks for the laugh, Oksana. I've had a stressful day and I really needed it.... Amazing that this person appears to be ungrateful for what she has -- it's more than most of us.

609 days ago
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