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Oksana Grigorieva Sues

My Lawyers Screwed Me

in Mel Gibson Settlement

1/17/2013 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-tmz-oksana-grigorievaOksana Grigorieva says she was sabotaged by her own lawyers in her settlement with Mel Gibson -- and wound up with a TERRIBLE custody agreement ... and now she's suing.

TMZ has obtained legal docs, filed by Oksana herself (without a lawyer) ... in which she accuses Ron Litz and Daniel Horowitz of negligently advising her to sign off on a bad deal back in 2011.

According to Oksana's lawsuit, the crappy deal she signed forbids her from pursuing any future legal action against Mel regarding their child without jeopardizing the monetary settlement she made from the actor. And as we all know about Oksana ... she LOOOVES to take legal action against people.

As part of Oksana's deal with Mel ... the actor had agreed to pay Oksana $750k in cash ... PLUS provide a house for Oksana and their daughter Lucia until Lucia turns 18.

Oksana says was also advised to sign a legal document that divested her of all ownership rights to her house ... a document she claims she never would have signed if not for the lawyers.

Oksana is demanding unspecified damages.

We spoke with Horowitz who tells us, "Why can't she just live her life normally and have a good life, raise the kid, live in the house, make music, be happy?"

He adds, "Why does she always have to be in a struggle -- especially with people who care the most about her?"



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Go out and get a job like the rest of us. Stop trying to live off someone elses hard work.

641 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

HAHAHAHAHAHA... I said this ages ago that OxSanity would sue HorrorDitz when she got money hungry, good luck with this one OxSanity cause your stuck with no being able to cash out on this one!

641 days ago


Oh, god. She's baaaa-aaack! How does she get any lawyer to represent her anymore?? I would go screaming from the room if she were to show up at my practice/firm. Bar the doors.

641 days ago


Hello, Frieda! Thought I'd give you a shout here, so that you would see it. Thanks for your post back a few pages. This is just like OG. She keeps trying to win the big bucks in court. And obviously she must not have been able to find someone to represent her in this round. I think it's funny too that she claims that she didn't understand the settlement Eric George got for her (you know the story -- I'm from Russia, I don't speak/read English well -- blah, blah, blah), but yet she sure can figure out how to sue someone. No language barriers there. Let's see, she has sued one of her music mangers (can't remember the name), sued someone over the photos in her pink panties, met with Mel's attorneys when she was looking at legal action against TD, EG went after her for his money and Horowitz ended up helping her get a settlement on that, now she is suing Horowitz, she filed charges of domestic violence against Mel and then DROPPED the charges (remember, that was the one where the judge and Mel's attorneys were visibly shocked), oh brother -- and who knows what else.

641 days ago

The Jones    

She has eyes to read she should get nothing but a pat on the back and told to move on

641 days ago


Well, it sounds to me like it was a great agreement, the child will be well provided for until she's 18! It's not about the Mother coming out the agreement with a bunch of assets! I think allot of these "Hollywood Wives" should learn the same lesson. It seams like they spread they're legs to have a kid and become a millionaire in the process.

641 days ago


Dumb immigrant €unt...

641 days ago


The only issue I would have insisted on, would be that the home was included in the settlement. The settlement money and child support are really all this woman could have hoped for considering she was 'the girlfriend'.

641 days ago


Deport this b i t c h. She is another piece of slim that made its way out into the light. She is not relevant.

641 days ago


She never had any ownership rights in the house. He bought it and they weren't ever married.

641 days ago


Shes a professional grifter and THANK THE HEAVENS that Super D o u c he Mel is the sucker!!

641 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

I am so sick of this greedy, sue-happy woman. Doesn't she understand that she was paid that money IN EXCHANGE for losing any rights to future lawsuits against Mel? She can't sue him so she goes for her lawyers instead. Either she burned through her settlement already or a friend of hers convinced her she should've held out for more.
She's already raking in tons of money for child support but that wasn't enough. She had to complain that there was "nothing in it for me" even though she isn't legally entitled to spousal suppport since they were never married. Mel's just the (and I despise using this term but it's appropriate here) "baby daddy". Any funds she receieves for child support should go into a trust to be dispensed by a mutally-approved or court-appointed agent to prevent "misappopriation".

641 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Someone already made mention of this, but they are right. OxSanity had to file her own legal docs cause she doesn't have Mel's to pony up cash for legal fees anymore....LOL.. I doubt any lawyer in their right mind would take on her case after her many firings and chewing through lawyers last time. I think old OxSanitys Botox, lip injections and Oxy habit are burning thru the money she gets each month, and I am sure the rest of the grifting clan is helping out with that. OxSanity cant go and do the grift game as much now, cause she went and couldn't keep her dumb ass out of the media and we all saw how that turned out for her, so I am sure any rich suckers - er- I mean suitors she thought she might be able to strike it rich - er- strike up a relationship with more than likely ducked out the door with wallet in one hand and shoes in the other. No more being able to grift now, unless she finds some sucker who doesnt know who she is or how

641 days ago


Lady please u should of made sure that house was in your name I bet Mel was paying her lawyers to they knew not to rock the boat

641 days ago

LA me    

Oh My Gawd! Not this "Glum Cnut" rearing her ugly head again! Guess Oxy's album isn't doing so well. Karma

641 days ago
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