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Lance Armstrong

How Much Did

Sheryl Crow Know?

1/18/2013 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems everybody in Lance Armstrong's world knew the truth about the cyclist -- that he was cheating his face off -- which begs the question ... how much did Sheryl Crow know?

Armstrong dated Crow from 2003 'til 2006 -- when they broke off their engagement. During the relationship, Armstrong rode in the Tour de France twice -- and won both times.

During Armstrong's interview with Oprah, he admitted to using every single PED under the sun and blood doping ... and acknowledged that everyone who came after him for cheating was right.

Which brings us to Sheryl ... who reportedly was interviewed by the feds in 2011 and allegedly provided info in the doping investigation. The Wall Street Journal reported ... two sources claimed she knew a lot about the doping situation. Crow has never spoken publicly about the matter.

We reached out to Crow's agent, who didn't have a comment ... and we tried to find a publicist for Sheryl, but were unsuccessful.  

So, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


Dear TMZ writer:

PLEASE go to a grammar book and learn the meaning of "beg the question"!

643 days ago


What TMZ you want Sheryl to go on Oprah? She cooperated with the Feds and fulfilled her civic duty. She probably wants to rid her life of the self-admitted bully and jerk. Leave her out of it!

643 days ago


I'm not sure how people can defend Lance. I don't hate him. He made the mistake that a lot of other people did. He was weak. I don't care that he lied to people that were inspired by him. Only good came of that. The real problem is him threatenin peoples lives and suing people that he knew were telling the truth. I hope he is truly trying to change because somebody that immoral is quite dangerous. I wish him the best of luck in moving on, but he should never compete in competitive sport again, nor should anyone else who was doping. He beat the tests hundreds if not thousands of times, whose to say he won't do it again? His punishment should be that he is banned for life. I understand that a lot of people were doing it, but not everyone. The people that were not deserve his titles and winnings. Too bad he couldn't have channeled his competitiveness in a healthy way.

643 days ago


well, duh, of course she knew. She was his beard to hide his, er, "friendship" with Matthew McConaughey so ...

643 days ago


Who cares..its just sports i think the world has a lot more important things to worry about than some bike rider and his use of drugs

643 days ago


How long until the guy releases a statement that he's sick again? I can't believe that after years and years of lying his butt off that he woke up one morning and decided to tell the truth. Not that I would ever wish illness or death on anyone...but I think there's more to his story he hasn't released yet. Either way...he's admitted it, can we move on and not broadcast it over and over on every news channel?

643 days ago


Who really cares if she knew or not....They need to stop dragging people into this...he lied...he cheated...
Quote by the shamed cyclist...“This is my body, and I can do whatever I want to it. I can push it; Study it; Tweak it; Listen to it. Everybody wants to know what I am on. What am I on? I am on my bike busting my ass six hours a day; What are YOU on?”
Well Mr. Armstrong...I can tell you what we're not on....We're not on National News...defending our character and lies and we're not being called a cheater and disgrace to the world of cycling ....

643 days ago


Don't throw her in his mess!

643 days ago


Wasn't she also involved in the tragic death of a singer/songwriter from whom she supposedly plagiarized songs, driving him to suicide. I recall the late singer was in a band called "Toy Matinee." She must be a real prize.

643 days ago


Honestly? I doubt Sheryl knew anything unless she needled him herself. Armstrong kept this from others outside the inner circle. Armstrong was as good at who he kept a confidant...as he was at doping.

643 days ago


All she wants to do, is have some fun.

643 days ago


I thought that he was the one who broke up with her and she was devastated by it? Also, i'm pretty sure she came out said she DOES NOT have brain "cancer' but a mengeanoma (spelling?), a non-cancerous brain tumour, that she is monitoring but choosing not be have removed. My mother had one the size of a tennis ball removed.

643 days ago


Of course she did

643 days ago


Loved the photos...proof, all brain dead OBAMA democrat haters who follow what ever trend is “cool” I hated Lance Armstrong Waaayyy back when I learned he dumped his beautiful wife and three small children, those silly yellow bracelets never impressed me - and I disliked who they represented.

643 days ago

BB not bb    

She knew about it. There is no way you can be around someone doped up on steroids and not know. Their whole personality changes. They get very snippy, self centered and arrogant. They are a total pain to be around plus they have bad tempers and fly into a rage over nothing.

It just looked crazy that he just kept winning every race. I also don't think the whole team was doing it or why didn't someone else win once in a while. He didn't even look that fit, he looked all gaunt and drawn tight. A real athlete looks sort of bursting with health or at least determination.

I think he is a big fraud and when she dated him, she dated the whole package. I used to like watching cycling until he kept winning. There was just something pointless about it.

643 days ago
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