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Chris Brown


Cops Swarm L.A. Home

1/21/2013 5:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops raced to Chris Brown's Hollywood Hills home Monday afternoon ... after someone called 911 and reported a domestic incident involving a gun, but we're told it was all a prank.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the caller claimed a mother and father were in a fight and the father went to another room in the house to get a gun.  At that point the caller hung up, never mentioning it was Chris Brown's house.

When cops arrived there was no evidence of a gunman or for that matter any dispute.

Chris was NOT home at the time.

This is the latest in a string of swatting incidents involving celebs, the most recent being last Friday when someone falsely reported a man with a gun in the home of Kris and Bruce Jenner.

LAPD law enforcement sources tell us ... they are determined to catch the culprits ... and STAT.


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The Ghost of John Lennon    

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643 days ago


This swatting sh*t is absurd. It's a waste of resources and tax dollars.

643 days ago


That moment when you think that it could happen in the future, Chris Brown abusing his wife.

643 days ago


This is getting beyond now! Surely your top class law authority can trace these calls and charge these dumb-arses with wasting police time. Get on with it already!

643 days ago


I can't believe they haven't caught the person(s) doing this yet.

643 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Couldn't have happened to a better douchebag.

643 days ago


What no helicopters and swat like they did for kardashian, they must have know it wasn't a white occupied house

643 days ago


Right, for us KNOWING PUBLIC, he's got a mother, a sister but no father in the picture. HOW THE FCUK does L.A.P.D. not know this. Why the hell does this law enforcement not know who is home and who isn't?
Sorry, they fcuked up with the Karstoogians, went to an address that wasn't given to them, tried to make it look like it was a DIRE situation, never wore flack jackets or had the "SWAT" team on the premises. They now need to cover there asses so now they are pulling another big name out of the list and making it realistic. I want to see the SWAT TEAM, the COPS surrounding this place and what they are wearing. NICE TRY, none of us are believing you are taking this shyte seriously. You are working the MEDIA outlets and getting your faces out there, have fun.

643 days ago


Smoking the weed smoking the fire take another hit to get higher put the blunt to my head now I'm feeling kind

643 days ago


This is the first one of these were I don't feel at all sorry for the victim.

643 days ago


It seems whomever is doing this knows they can't be caught because they keep doing it and not getting caught. I don't see the police saying, "Well, we went to where the phone call came from...and no one was there." It's coming from a "burner". They know the police "have" to respond in kind to the call. They're not gonna send out Barney Fife to ring the doorbell and see what's what.
This is going to eventually get into a "cried wolf" thing where the police decide it's a swatting call...and not respond...and it's gonna be REAL!
And they're going to cover it up.

643 days ago


HaHa the thug was "swatted". Too bad it wasn't in the literal sense that's what one would call " karma."

643 days ago


I wont be the first time

643 days ago


Darn. It's a sign for Rhianna!

643 days ago


That may seem cool, but those responses are coming out of our pockets. If tmz stop publishing and others stop publishing them maybe they will not get as much attention and eventually stop.

643 days ago
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