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Bethenny Frankel

Hubby Declares


1/24/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bethenny Frankel
's estranged husband has made it clear ... he's not going down without a fight in divorce court, because he's gunning for exactly the same spoils Bethenny wants from him.

TMZ has learned Jason Hoppy has filed his response to Bethenny's divorce petition, in which he's requesting PRIMARY CUSTODY of the couple's 2-year-old daughter. We broke the story, Bethenny also wants primary custody.

Jason also wants child support from Bethenny -- she wants the same from him.

Jason is asking for Bethenny to foot the bill for medical and dental insurance as well as related expenses for himself and daughter Bryn. In Bethenny's legal docs she asks that Jason pay for her medical and dental bills, as well as Bryn's.

Jason wants Bethenny to maintain life insurance on herself, making both Bryn and him beneficiaries. She wants him to maintain a life insurance policy for her benefit as well as Bryn's.

And last but not least ... Jason wants "exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence."  Surprise -- Bethenny wants that too.

Ah, one last thing. He wants her to pay for his lawyer, accountant, etc. 

This one's not gonna end nicely.



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Bethenny is a nut job and they have plenty of footage to use against her. She is greedy and needs to pay for her own health insurance. He is a good father and seems to have his head on right. Team JASON!!

635 days ago

Retail Queen    

Anyone remember the episode the finale where she is signing the 100 mil deal and she says to him Im not going to screw you over? I wonder if it can be used against her in court

635 days ago


I walked into a room where her wedding episode was on and she was demanding her reluctant friends to put a pot under her dress so she could pee! I thought she was a disgusting deranged narcissistic bully. I would never give her a second look.

635 days ago


She is an idiot for letting it play out this way. Horrible PR move, among the obvious issues here. Clearly there is plenty of money and she should never have asked for all that stuff. I don't blame him for asking for exactly the same. But still one of them needs to be a bigger person and back the eff off. Poor baby Bryn. Now, possibly destined to be a whacko.

635 days ago


She is a cold fish..I felt she faked all of her feeling for the camera..I am glad he left, and I hope he gets his kid part of the time..He was a marketing ploy in her "BRAND" and I hope he gets some of the vast amount of money it earned!!

635 days ago


Sure hope that Jason can get full custody so that baby can know some kind of "normal".

635 days ago


Hey, you marry a stupid slut, you get a stupid slut. Why would anyone ever marry that fugly woman?

635 days ago


Of course he's asking for all that, he's a poor loser who plays victim and blames her for everything and takes no responsibility for his ugly behavior!

635 days ago



635 days ago


That is one nasty bitch.... She has greed written all over that skank face... Hope he wins BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

635 days ago


Thank goodness! Stand up to her bullying, I am usually very pro woman but her behavior is outrageous.

635 days ago


After seeing how Bethenny treated him, and how he was the one taking care of Bryn while he supported her in her endeavors of Skinny Girl, I believe he should have the support and custody of she was just a bitch and belittled the guy every time she opened her mouth.

635 days ago


Why in the HELL should either one have to pay for each others medical and dental bills? I don't get it. I have full custody of my daughter and her dad pays child support and that's it. It's not his job to take care of me too!

635 days ago


Good for him. If we want true equality between men and women, we need to stop it with this attitude that it is always the man that has to pay for child support, etc., even if the woman actually has more money! Team Jason!

635 days ago


I gotta go with team Jason on this one. He's put up with so much of her insanity. He is a saint..and frankly, I think A LOT MORE MENTALLY STABLE than she is. I think he's better equipped on ALL fronts to raise little Bryn. She is not stable, mentally or emotionally, and he really tried (successfully got her into therapy, which is wonderful!) to be patient and respected/supported her every whim. She's just nuts and needs to be medicated.

635 days ago
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