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Sean Stewart

Adrienne Maloof Is NOT Too Old for Me


1/24/2013 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

32-year-old Sean Stewart is over the moon about his new relationship with 51-year-old Adrienne Maloof -- telling TMZ, "I'm very happy ... She's a very very very good lady" ... and anyone who criticizes their age difference is just SEXIST.

Stewart was out in L.A . today when he addressed rumors he'd already moved into Adrienne's pad -- just weeks after they started dating -- and he said, it's just not true ... "I actually have my own place."

But things got heated when the topic turned to the couple's age difference -- Stewart said, "If men can date younger women, why can't an older woman date a younger man? It's sexist."

He added, "It's about the person she is inside. Age is just a number. If there's a connection and someone cares about a person, that's what matters really."


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Like father NOT like son. Your definetly going in the opposite way your dad went. He went for the young blonds, you are going for the old(er) brunettes.

635 days ago


Amazing how many posters on this site have no comprehension skills. I won't even begin to explain what the guy meant, because so many already have. No wonder there's so many squabbles on here - very few take the time to actually read and COMPREHEND what they're reading!

635 days ago


I hope he is completely clean, because it doesn't seem an intelligent decision to have young children, and to be dating an addict.

635 days ago


And I have no problem with her dating a guy his age. Do I think it will last forever? Nope. But that's only because I think the age difference will begin to matter to them some day.

635 days ago


Had to sign up because of the comment "what would a 33 year old want with a 51 year old woman?" Just wondering if anything like that was said when Alec Baldwin got engaged to his thirty something year old girlfriend. Any outrage there? Aren't you in your fifties? Would you turn down going out with someone in her thirties? I'm 42, guess I'd be too old for you too! It was so sexist.

635 days ago


Well, Good luck! He needs a good hair cut and maybe cap those front teeth..She aught to able to hook him up..(Since it is Hollywood and all..)
Say, what do you guess he does all day???

635 days ago


Why does he try and speak, he just shows the world that he is utterly ignorant. No job, no prospects, lives with Daddy, utterly pathetic

635 days ago


Someone needs to learn the definition of sexist.

635 days ago


I hope he has money because the Maloofs are BROKE!

635 days ago


this dirt bomb looks like the bastard love child of Ethan Hawke and that dude pissing in a bush from the other post

635 days ago


What concern is it of yours to tolerate, or society's for that matter? Who says it's not appropriate? Are you paying their bills? Are they living under your roof. Mind your buisness out of people's sex lives and lives.

635 days ago


Adrianne deserves this lazy, useless, alcoholic gigolo. If she was broke he wouldn't give her the time of day. I hope she realizes he will cheat on her while stealing her money.

635 days ago


He needs money and public attention. She needs attention. Match made in Hollywood "look at me, look at me!" heaven! He is such a loser. He is always crying that his dad does not accept him, that is because he is a loser trying to ride his coattails and he does not have the voice or talent to do it. He just wants his 15 minutes.

635 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

That's AGEIST dear. If you shaved that prepubescent looking facial hair you might not look so much like a 14 year old.

635 days ago


As someone who has been extremely happily married for 24 years to a man 15 years older than myself, I can say the age differences don't freak me out. Now a Crystal and Hef difference makes me shake my head, but hey...whatever floats your boat.

I think the think about older women and younger men is this: if the relationship gets serious and long term, maybe even turns to marriage, the guy might want kids. An older woman might not be able to do that (no surrogate talk; I don't want to be sued.). And of course there is adoption, etc. but that's not for everyone. As a mother of two, I don't think I could be a new mom in my late 40s or early 50s. I wouldn't have the energy. So that's my .02, and something I think might have strained Ashton and Demi and could strain other guys in their 20s and 30s who are with women in their 50s.
Also, the fact that he is/was an alcoholic and a junkie and he's not employed would deter me but that's just me.

635 days ago
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