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'Catfish' Star Sunny Cross


for DWI

1/27/2013 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Sunny tells TMZ she plans to fight the charges because she only blew a .08 ... the legal limit, by the way. As for her failed field sobriety test -- Sunny says she was wearing Christian Louboutins and "nobody could walk a straight line in those shoes."

Sunny Cross
, who was on the very first episode of the MTV show "Catfish," was arrested this morning for suspicion of driving while intoxicated ... TMZ has learned.

Cross was popped at 8:20 AM in Fayetteville, AR. According to the website for the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Cross was popped for driving too close to another vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road, and lastly ... DWI.

Cross posted $1,055 bond and was released at 9:39 AM. Oddly enough ... at 8:39 AM she tweeted, "Last night was hilarious."

We called Cross for comment and got her voicemail. A few minutes after we called, she tweeted, "Well I guess it's safe to say last night was an epic fail."

Cross appeared on the very first episode of "Catfish" -- where she was "introduced" to her Internet boyfriend, who turned out to be a girl named Chelsea.


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633 days ago


See the smile? This is a career move. Next will be "I'm sorry for this? I will be going to rehab for 5 seconds to handle this problem..."

633 days ago


Dang that was a hell of a night to last til eight in the morning. Stay out from behind the wheel of a car people when you have been drinking!!! Never saw this show but thanks to dimwit Manti I get the idea. Lol

633 days ago


How is this beer goggles blitch a star? She did one episode, and is the type of chick you bang at the end of the night when all the other skanks have already left with someone!

633 days ago


Here is another great side of her also....

633 days ago


Who the f**k r you?

633 days ago

BB not bb    

She was pretty crazy on the show. She told her sister to support her meeting her mystery boyfried, whom she stole from her sister, because it made her happy. That was screwy and then when she wanted to be friends with the girl who made a fool of her in cold blood just because of the time she put in, that was out there.

Then the way she was yelling at the girl who scammed her, telling her she wanted to beat her up, that was a little hysterical.

I find that show to be very depressing. I think a normal person would just dump immediately any imposter and that be the end of it. I don't see how they try to understand. That is a dirty deceitful thing to do and why would they trust someone like that ever again?

That girl Chelsea admitted that she did it becasue she was bullied and wanted to make a fool out of girls for revenge. Now Chelsea is acting like she wants to counsel kids and be friends with this Sunny, but I think that is to save face after she outed herself on TV.

With so many people in the world to be friends with or not, why choose someone who totally led you on and scammed you for so long? No friends are better than bad friends.

633 days ago


Why was this even a topic. Stupid

633 days ago

Truth is    

Nice mug shot!!

633 days ago

BB not bb    

The thing that bothers me most about Catfish is that people lose all their money to these romance scams every day. Maybe they are more prevalent on dating web sites instead of just facebook, but people's lives are completely ruined because some money grubbing criminal didn't care how they hurt an innocent victim.

I think anyone who does this is a sociopath. I wouldn't trust them or listen to their stupid excuses and explanations. This isn't like a one time prank for a joke, it goes on and on and breaks people's hearts.

Right away, if someone won't skype you or talk to you on the phone or meet you, they are not your lover. If you want just a computer friend, that is one thing, but these people act like something more.

I watched a few episodes of this and the victimes were all very good looking and seemed like they could get a real date. It is not like this only happens to desperate people. It happens to people who are caught off guard by a charming new aquaintance that stands out from the rest.

If it seems too goo to be true, RUN.

633 days ago

Sir Boo    

I've had it with TMZ. They post lame stories like this about nobodies the no one cares about, you can't click "like" or "hate," and they continually post crap about Kartrashians. So long.

633 days ago


Good bye sir boo, take care! See ya tomorrow.

633 days ago

BB not bb    

You have to shuck a few clams before you find an oyster. You don't hold onto empty shells in remembrance of what you thought it might have inside. This show is the epitome of bad relationships.

You used to just have to worry about liars when you dated. Now you worry about even knowing who you are talking to. People are very trusting and there are those who know how to take advantage of those who are.

People don't do this out of love and admiration, but out of spite. They are going to try to make it look good for the cameras after they get caught. I wouldn't give two cents for any of these people.

If you find out that they are posting fake pictures, etc., what if you just message them back about it? They will probalby just disappear. They will hunt for another victim. Then this guy comes and offers them a chance to be on MTV instead. I wonder if they get paid also.

633 days ago


Sunny appeared on the MTV show "Catfish." Where she had a online romance with what she thought was a male model....Who turned out to really be a gay woman.

633 days ago



633 days ago
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