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'Catfish' Star Sunny Cross


for DWI

1/27/2013 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Sunny tells TMZ she plans to fight the charges because she only blew a .08 ... the legal limit, by the way. As for her failed field sobriety test -- Sunny says she was wearing Christian Louboutins and "nobody could walk a straight line in those shoes."

Sunny Cross
, who was on the very first episode of the MTV show "Catfish," was arrested this morning for suspicion of driving while intoxicated ... TMZ has learned.

Cross was popped at 8:20 AM in Fayetteville, AR. According to the website for the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Cross was popped for driving too close to another vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road, and lastly ... DWI.

Cross posted $1,055 bond and was released at 9:39 AM. Oddly enough ... at 8:39 AM she tweeted, "Last night was hilarious."

We called Cross for comment and got her voicemail. A few minutes after we called, she tweeted, "Well I guess it's safe to say last night was an epic fail."

Cross appeared on the very first episode of "Catfish" -- where she was "introduced" to her Internet boyfriend, who turned out to be a girl named Chelsea.


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Again, TMZ... Don't give a crap!

633 days ago


She was probably like me, when I got my OWI they didn't really book me they were all hanging out chatting with me so that's probably why her pic looks so nonchalant. P.s. her pupils aren't that huge and Ger eyes only look like that cuz she was crying cuz she was scared. As for the creepers talking about her should be ashaof yer nasty selves!!!

633 days ago


PLEASE TMZ. This woman is far from a ‘star’.

633 days ago


She is such a snobby, stuck up beeyotch. Check out her twitter, she thinks her $h1t dont stank. And the fact that she thinks getting arrested is "hilarious" just shows her ignorance. Really tho, shes stupid and lame for falling "in love" on the Internet and her 2 seconds of fame are long gone. Why do people who appear on MTV always become druggies, alcoholics and/or criminals?! She needs to grow up

633 days ago


"star"???? Come on TMZ...

633 days ago


Star ? More like pig

633 days ago


Get it together Sunny. Just because you was on the show "Catfish" doesnt give you the green light to act a damn fool. Don't drink and drive. Be glad you didn't hurt anyone and stop embarrassing yourself. #GetItTogether

633 days ago


Reality Show Participants are NOT "Stars" or "Actors" they are "Contestants' "Personalities" or "Participants". Additionally they are 'losers'

633 days ago


I know reality TV is staged blah blah blah, but serously how dumb can you be? The voice would have told me from the start that it was NOT the guy in the pictures. Wow

633 days ago


Girl's got a big ass and some phat titties! Too bad her brain is the size of a fruit fly. Y'all!

633 days ago


That bitch does not own Louboutins. The fact that she would even say that is absolutely hilarious. She has been arrested on several occasions.
And she was arrested at 8am? lmao - drive of shame. I wonder who's boyfriend's house she was leaving this time...

630 days ago


How do you know what shoes she owns? And I doubt TMZ even called her at all. They probably just made it up again. Who cares the girl is rich and just landed a new mtv reality show. Can't wait to see that ****. Give the girl props for being gorgeous and always smiling.

621 days ago


Another not famous person. I don't know what's worse, the show or the d.u.I. Jesus.

618 days ago

Miller Cerasuolo    

With the fascination of the internet phenomenon of “catfishing”, MTV has launched a reality show called “Catfish.” Sunny Cross appeared on this show’s very first episode, and she was recently arrested for a DWI. The day of her release, TMZ reports that she tweeted “Last night was hilarious.” It’s important to note, that in the world of social media, one needs to be mindful of what is said after getting into legal trouble. Prosecutors and judges may not be as lenient in sentencing if they think you have been flippant and have little regard for the law. Hopefully this tweet doesn't get her into further trouble.

605 days ago
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