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Chris Brown Fight

Witness Says CB

Swung First

1/28/2013 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown threw the first punch in his brawl with Frank Ocean ... after Frank disrespected the singer in front of his boys ... an eyewitness tells TMZ. 

According to someone who was on scene, Chris lost his cool in the parking lot of the famous Westlake Recording Studios in L.A. Sunday when Frank refused to shake his hand.

We're told Frank simply laughed at the gesture ... and Chris was so pissed he coldcocked Ocean and started an all-out war.  As we first reported, Chris denies being the aggressor. 

The fight quickly moved to the lobby of the studio ... and sources say the brawling posses demolished the place --"They managed to break almost everything in the room and scare all of the staff members working" says the witness.

We're told the receptionist called 911 ... and Chris booked it. As TMZ first reported, Frank stuck around for the cops ... and griped about how he felt "blindsided" by Chris.

One last thing -- we're told the parking situation at the recording studio is a serious hierarchy -- with the bigger artists taking the better spots ... and it's been that way for years. We're told Chris clearly felt he deserved the top spot ... and Frank disrespected him by taking it for himself.


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reapingjesus 1    

If cb will clock a guy cause he took his parking space, I would hate to see what he would do if someone took his toothpick.

598 days ago


Frank ocean needs to stop picking with this guy hes been proving him since day 1maybe frank ocean has a crush on breez

598 days ago


Rhi Rhi is awfully quiet now. Nobody business is making this everybody business

598 days ago


Chipmunk Brown should be cold ****ing every one. No one respects him. Had he been by him self, he wouldn't have hit any one, unless it was a girl. I know some women that would knock him out.

598 days ago


Ladies. Can't we all just not get along in a civilized fashion?

598 days ago


Both of them, and their "crews" are a bunch of children - snot-nosed, over-indulged children. It's only a matter of time before Chris Brown kills someone because he feels disrespected. Chris is just a disgusting model of behavior. Someone should commit him and find out what the hell is wrong with him and do it for his own good. Otherwise he'll be just another thug on a cellblock before he's 30.

598 days ago


Chris brown is such a loser...its funny how before he became a woman bearer he did fun dance songs and now that he has been branded a woman beating pos he tries to act like he is hard. he is nothing but a ***** and I wish someone would hit him so hard his jaw was permanently wired shut so we would never have to be subjected to his "music" ever again.

598 days ago


Frank ocean actually slapped Chris Brown first. @power105.1 fm which is NYC radio station have the audio of the whole fight go check it out

598 days ago

Anthony Wa    

Maybe they need to hire a PARKING ATTENDANT there at that studio to keep s***bags like this in order and to assign parking places to the "elite".

How sad that low-life creeps like this are considered "stars" now.

598 days ago


It's sad that this is what the younger generation looks up to as role models. Heartbreaking actually.

598 days ago


No wonder why Chris Ran he is afraid of Prison.

598 days ago


I hope he goes jail or a hate crime

598 days ago

Menace to society     

Look this loser up with Cat Williams

598 days ago


So NOW WHAT ? Brown didn't kill this man or the woman before him maybe the next one's that come along and he "BEATS UP" will DIE how long will that be ??

598 days ago


Well, well, so Chris Brown got in another cat fight I see. Or started one probably. Not surprising.
It's easy to sucker punch some gay guy or beat on a woman, but someday he is going to run across the wrong person and he is going to get seriously injured or killed.
It's easy to cold **** a gay guy ( Ocean) a woman ( Rihanna) and a wuss ( Drake). None of them are seriously going to fight you back. Brown's a coward. he hits and runs. He knows if he stays around then he is going to get thrown in jail with the REAL hard core criminals and either get shanked or become someone's bitch. I've seen his kind a thousand times in my lifetime. Most abusers are cowards. They punch on people who won't fight back.

598 days ago
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