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Chris Brown

I Want to Talk to Cops

About Frank Ocean Fight

1/29/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown swears he didn't start Sunday night's violent brawl with Frank Ocean ... and he's champing at the bit to tell cops what went down in the recording studio parking lot ...TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, has already contacted detectives and said the singer is ready, willing and able to give them the blow-by-blow, because he knows he did nothing wrong.

What's more ... sources say Geragos' team has surveillance video of the last part of the fight, and Chris is as clean as a whistle -- not throwing a single punch. 

But here's the thing.  We're told the video also clears Frank Ocean -- he never takes a swing at anyone.  The fighting is between the two posses.

The video, however, is not the be-all and end-all, because it only captured the back end of the fight.  The altercation began in the parking lot and no cameras were trained on the action.  So it doesn't show who started it.  The fight moved into the lobby, and that's where the camera captured the brawl.

Chris' account is radically different from a witness who claims Chris threw the first punch.

As for why Chris booked it before cops arrived, we're told Geragos gave him the strictest of instructions ... if he ever got in a situation where trouble was brewing, he MUST leave immediately.


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What kind of an idiot says "we've got tape of the END of the fight and our guy comes out as clean as a whistle because he doesn't throw a single punch!"?!

596 days ago


Damn I bet chris brown is happy to know all you dick lovers love to hate on him ... I mean really why the hell does everybidy hate him why for smacking the bitck rere yall dont know what that demon bitch said to him. I thinj she needed to be smacked look at her now it did sum goood .... Maybe chric brown should smack all you wack haters hidding behind your ****in computer he might rub off sum star dust and turn you lames into sumone with a ****in life so u dont have to spend your ****in days playin witg you ass thinkin about sumtging bad to say abiut cb get a life ***s

596 days ago

The American Public    


596 days ago


So, Chris and Frank had a disagreement, but the fighting was between the two posses?? One of the two had to have been physical for the possees to jump in.

Since this was a 911 call, the police need to speak with Brown to finish their incident report. If none of the 'brawlers' want to press charges, there's not much they can do.

However, they may be able to get Brown on a probation violation charge - for failing to keep the peace and to be of good behavior (or whatever the standard conditions are in CA).

596 days ago


I think that the Boondocks explained what happen best.

596 days ago


Geragos is the man. Great guy huuuuge bush.

596 days ago


Chris Brown only attacks women and Caribbean Queens.

596 days ago


only a matter of time before he meets up with a true thug who will end him.(Chris B is who I speak of) Until then, nothing to see here

596 days ago


Chris Brown is a Down Low bisexual and Frank is just an out homosexual. In the "alternative lifestyle" those two don't click well.

596 days ago


Jim crow is Chris Brown's personal fluffer

596 days ago


Yeah. Go head Chris. Dooooo daaaaat. There are a lot of conflicting stories here. 1 said the fight went down in the studio. 1 said the parking lot. 1 said he started it. The others say he started it. Get ya name back bay bey!

596 days ago


Frank started all this up for media hype Chris Brown gets way more buzz I.know he had his flaws in 09 but let's put that behind us Chris will have haters if he didn't had the Rihanna case in 09 he is rich gifted and talented haters will always come in his.path with the BS and none of us.know what happen in 09 breezy didn't tell the whole story Rihanna did something to make him snapped and he was already post trauma from his father beating the crap out his mom.he is slowly changing into a better person.let

596 days ago



596 days ago

Maureen bruno    

people hate him because he is very rich and u can never been like him. fake ass people and stop hating and get a life.

596 days ago

Not impressed    

Frankly, does anyone know more than 1 song of Frank Ocean? I thought so. he was going to be a 1 shot wonder until right before he released his debut album he announced he was gay. however, there are many YouTube videos of weddings featuring Chris Brown song forever and many other songs. in addition, to people who say he has not been punished regarding the Rihanna incident, He is still on probation 4YEARS later. As you can see if he allegedly gives one person a paper cut, he gets all this negative attention and could go to jail. I remember when he first came out and how clean cut he was, as a fan I'm really sad how this situation has devolved after he is being confronted with someone who needs media attention and not raw talent to sell records. Frank Ocean can't dance, can't sing, and can maybe write. So he decided to get in a fight with Chris Brown so he wouldn't be performing against him at the Grammys. Chris, I thought you were smarter than this. Here's free unsolicited advice. I am an amateur but this if how I think. travel with not more than three people at your side at any given time. two should be body guards. one to protect you and another to hold you back and a cool tempered assistant that can video tape anything that seems to start going down.

596 days ago
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