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CNN Boss Jeff Zucker

Sorry Ann ...

You're NOT Ready for Prime Time

1/29/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Curry ain't gonna be the next Anderson Cooper ... or Erin Burnett ... or even Piers Morgan ... 'cause TMZ has learned Jeff Zucker has NO INTEREST in offering her a prime time anchor job at CNN.

Well-connected network sources tell us ... reports that Zucker is courting Curry to be the next CNN star couldn't be further from the truth. Fact is, Zucker doesn't believe Curry is the answer to CNN's problems and is continuing the search elsewhere.  

As one source tells TMZ, "Ann has been sainted because of what happened to her [on "Today"].  The fact is ... she definitely can't carry a prime time show."

We're told it's possible Curry could come over to CNN to be something like a foreign correspondent, but it's "highly unlikely," because she's making around $10 mil at NBC and no way no how will Zucker pay anywhere near that.

Hey Ann ... things could be worse.


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who dat    

Nobody watches CNN anyway. They couldn't get out of their own way.

635 days ago


Ann curry you ain't good for shiit girl, you are a stupid stinking bitcch. Piers Morgan is even worse.

635 days ago


Good to see someone -- an unnamed source -- speak the truth about Ann Curry.

She is a good newsreader, and an excellent "victim" (as a result of being fired), but has zero gravitas.

That's why NBC fired her in the first place. CNN or anyone else would be foolish to give her her own show.

635 days ago


On the one hand there is some truth to the idea that a lot of the feeling about her has to do with how she was treated instead of how likeable and watchable she really is. On the other hand Jeff Zucker led the way in taking NBC from the #1 broadcast network to the #4 one.

635 days ago


In a way they're right. The CNN female newscasters report news as if it was gossip. Ann Curry has a great voice and I personally see nothing wrong with her reporting or journalistic skills.

635 days ago


Fill in for Barbara on The View.

635 days ago


Ann sucks big time. Go away already..

635 days ago


I don't know why Curry seems so unhappy. If she's making 10 mill & you have your health. Cheer up!! Why would she want Matt Lauer as a co-host anyway. He reminds me of the "Sneevly" (can't recall how it was spelled) cartoon. She's got talent but she needs to figure out what makes her happy.

635 days ago


Zucker is right. Ann is rather flaccid & is not going to fix CNN or any of the other suffering news agencies. Here is what is going to solve all their failing issues. It is kind of new idea & they may not be able to handle it. Here goes.............REPORT ALL THE DAMN NEWS & STOP REPORTING YOUR OPINION OR YOUR POLITICAL SLANTS OR WHAT'S HOT. People are fed up with your spoon fed tactics - Making villains of some & heroes of others.

635 days ago

Spicy mag    

The only anchor worth $10 million is Anderson Cooper! And that hot piece Liz Cho on ABC News in NYC. Everyone else is unwatchable!

635 days ago


Yes she is nice but boring

635 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

Stay at NBC and collect all that money. You are getting old and ugly. Remember that before you leave NBC.

611 days ago

Patty Frey MA    

I love Ann Curry. Her voice and manner is so smooth, almost has a calming effect, and she exudes class. I can't stand Matt Lauer, ... can't even watch him on TV..if it' s time for a change..he's the one that should be going not her. I remember when the network had on "Where in the World is Matt Lauer..." Who cares? He's d be great reporting from a war zone. .... and take Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan with him.They could be the new stooges. Sorry, but I don't even turn any of these shows on when these guys are hosting. Bring Ann back with a real classy guy who looks good and acts as though he treats everyone with class, respect and dignity... then I will turn these programs back on. Lauer is right up there with Martin Bashar as far as "must be on TV due to connections, not love from the public."
Patty Frey

609 days ago
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