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Kim Kardashian

Shows Off Baby Bump

All THREE of Them!

1/31/2013 7:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0131_kim_kardashian_akmgsiKim Kardashian's unborn kid is proving to be a big star ... as the growing fetus made a splash by bulging out of her belly on Wednesday.

With her lovely girls also on display and busting through her sheer tank, Kim and her baby bump went for a late prenatal workout in L.A. last night.

Kim's making sure she is fit to be a mom.


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A few more months till Kim's old news. Like Bey! Cant wait!

630 days ago


Sin is sin- the sad part is,that the K.'s seem to have no perception of right and wrong. This is the fault of the derelict parents. The father was also too busy partying & doing drugs with O.J Simpson,while his children went awry. As was the mother.This is the result.

630 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

She starting to look like those fat ladies you see walking around Glendale near the local butchers market. Nasty tub of lard with notes of fresh Kanye urine. Gross

630 days ago


Khloe is the one who is" fame hungry, delusional and gross." (as she describes KRIS HUIMPHRIES.)The K.s are so blind to themselves! Ugh, can't stand snotty, rude Khloe.

629 days ago


Clearly this terrorist w h o r e is trying to one up Jessica Simpson in the baby weight dept

629 days ago


one word HATERS so What Shes pregnant and married by someone else whom she IS GETTIN A DIVORCE BYYY !! y judge her if shes happy leave her alonee ! everyvone made mistakes and they grow and learn from it . SO WHY HATE AT THE END OF THE DAY SHE STILL FILTHY RICH YAA STILL MIDDLE CLASS MOST POOR SO IN MY OPINION YALL SAYING NONSENSE IS IT YA COOKIE RAY J RAN UP ON IS IT YA DICK SHE ****ED ..NOO ? DIDNT THINK SOO .. IM GLAD KANYE IS WITH HER CAUSE HE THE TOP OF ***** TO JUST NOT GIVE A **** .OH ANY BODY GOT PROBLEM WITH WHAT I JUST WROTE .. EAD ( EAT A DICK

629 days ago


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627 days ago


Actually, she is about 18 weeks for all of you losers who like saying negative things about people that you don't even know.

626 days ago


Kim you look Amazing already, you will be a GR8 Mom to be.

625 days ago


oh no I really hope her baby doesn't die

625 days ago


Bull $

625 days ago


well it looks like more publicity... she goes to the gym working out.. flying here and there...constantly on her feet (not to mention on her back) and now going to blame her not quite X if something goes wrong with the baby.... she might want to slow down as old as she is and first pregnancy we know of she just might have problems (in my day it was said it usually is nature/or God's way of correcting a mistake)... she needs to take total responsibility the baby is in her, it is up to her to take care of. Definitely get tired of the "poor Kim syndrome".... grow up !

624 days ago

Annie Banks    

Check out the picture again folks! Notice the line in her supposed baby bump in her abdomen? Looks like we got another Beyonce baby faker!

620 days ago


That is FAT not baby.

613 days ago


This story has to be a fake, planted by her publicist who want us to believe she actually works out. No way does anyone get that fat by month 4 and lead a healthy life. No way. Can almost guarantee that she is indulging every craving and any "workouts" she does are in the bedroom with Kanye. Which, with the way she is looking now, I can't imagine he wants to touch her. Unless he's one those black men who like their women fat.

608 days ago
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