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Chris Brown's Lawyer

Chris Has Been 'Tortured'

By the D.A.

2/6/2013 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Brown's lawyer just went nuclear at the L.A. County D.A. ... claiming, "I have never had a client who has been tortured like Chris Brown has."

Mark Geragos was livid at a news conference at his office after today's court hearing, vowing to seek not only sanctions against prosecutors but also claiming he wants them held in contempt of court  for filing false documents, accusing Chris of phonying his community service hours.

Geragos said of the D.A.'s motivation, "The D.A. is paralyzed with the thought his probation will be terminated.  If that happens they won't be able to jock him around like they've been jocking him around."

Geragos said Rihanna showed up in court to support Chris, and she thinks it's utterly ridiculous what the D.A. is doing.


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Heh. I'm sure Rihanna's opinion will be critical to the

591 days ago


Leave Chris alone already!!! we all make mistakes and we are forgiven for our mistakes, who are we to judge and condemn!!!! let this guy fix his life so he doesnt end up the train wreck lohan has about a little privacy for this man!!! no matter what he does there is always going to be something negative to say about Chris Brown he cant even look at someone sideways with out it becoming an issue!!!! TEAM CHRIS leave him alone already;)

591 days ago

Monica A    

Chris B. is the biggest LOSER ever!! What man beats a woman? A then that TRASH Rhiana goes back to him? Another loser! I made a comment to someone last year that I hated them (COMMENT, mind you) and was arrested for terrorist threats. I had to do my community service and the City Attorney was ALL OF ME! LOSER do your time like everyone else!!!

591 days ago


Oh boo hoo. Cry me a freakin' river. He beat the chit out of a woman. He is lower than a slug.

591 days ago


Mark is going scare now that some of the evidence regarding the phony work hours probation is turning to him that he orchestrated the whole plot of Chris probations?

591 days ago


Oh, bullpoop.

591 days ago


No matter how much Garegos rambles on about his clients "innocence" doesn't persuade me one bit from the fact that Chris Brown is still a dirty rotten punk. Ramble on Garegos !! That's why you make the big bucks. But the rest of us can see right through your BS.

591 days ago


Oh, bullpoop.

591 days ago


Geragos is a jerk. Trying to paint Brown as the victim !!!!

Isn't he the same lawyer who failed to get Wyonna off for stealing and Petterson for murder?
He sucks as a lawyer, he fails more than wins.
Your in more trouble than you know CB

591 days ago


Of course riri says its ridiculous what the DA is doing. They are both entitled, spoiled, petulant little children, who believes they are the center of the universe and are above petty mortal humans. The nerve of mortals harassing the demigods..

591 days ago


Maybe if CB had behaved himself since he beat the living crap out of RiRi, people might believe his version of events. However, CB continues to exhibit anger toward anyone that doesn't go along with him. Change how you are CB, and maybe then things will turn around for you. That's not going to happen on its own.

591 days ago


Well the good thing is that if this pitiful lawyer actually lied to the probation officer claiming the supervision went to the sheriff because of one non-existing court order, he was then the main culprit behind rigging CB probation and he should end fired from the State Bar and hopefully in jail.

591 days ago


Stop whining, Geragos, you and your thug client are busted.
Wish someone would knock out Brown's big scary ugly teeth. :-]]

591 days ago


i do think they are trying to make an example out of chris- also wondering if it's somebody's election year and they want to look 'tough on crime'. i mean, look at the **** people get away with in cali... and suddenly they're breathing down chris' neck b/c they think he didn't do all of his service? the guy pled guilty, had counseling, did service. frankly, i don't give a flying feck if the guy fudged a number here or there- he is trying to make something out of himself and make a living. there are people that deserve to be hawked over, and chris ain't one of them. i would feel differently if he had not pled guilty- but he did. he owned up to his ****. let the kid move on. it's bull****. i'm with his attorney. this was all for the press b/c the da wants to look tough.

591 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I would bet Chris Brown has back zits.

591 days ago
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