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Justin Bieber



2/6/2013 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
insists ... he ain't some out-of-control pot-smoking sizzurp-chugging dumbass -- despite several photos circulating which suggest otherwise -- he's just a "responsible" 18-year-old who's enjoying life.

Bieber appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night, when the late night host joked about police pulling Bieber's white Ferrari over ... a ludicrous number of times.

Bieber responded, "I don't do anything. I promise. It looks bad. You see pictures of me getting pulled over, but really the tints are really dark ... I need dark tints because I don't want to cause accidents because people want to take pictures. I just thought it would be more safe for everyone else if I had dark tints."

He added, "I'm thinking about other people!"

Justin said, "I'm having fun being eighteen and enjoying my life and being responsible."

So we gotta ask ...


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593 days ago


Of course he's responsible, he works harder than most of his far, more hours, tougher schedules, and unlike his haters he has to do it with millions of people spitting on him insulting him and trying to drag him down.
Can you imagine how a whiny little baby Justin-hater would handle it if they went to work and all of their co-workers spit on them and called them names and tried to sabotage them all day?
Yep you guessed it....they'd tuck their tails between their legs and run away crying like the little babies they are ;D

593 days ago


Harvey Levin is a racist

593 days ago


"I tint my car windows because I don't want to cause an accident. I'm thinking of other people!" Okay...Well I lock the door to my apartment because I don't want people to get jealous of all my awesome stuff. I'm thinking of other people. That's not asinine at all.

593 days ago


Hey lil $hit...dark tints are against the law. By getting them anyway, you are saying...I do what I want. That's being a trouble making lil $hit! Grow up! Protecting when you took off down that street like a bat outta hell. Anyone crossing at that moment would have been dead. Think about that!

593 days ago


He has his windows tinted dark so no one can see him smoking blunts in his car while he is driving.

593 days ago


I think he's probably responsible for an 18 year old, but he's still 18 and there's an inherent lack of responsibility and maturity in that. There's also the potential for these little things to snowball into real problems, the power and money don't help that, and that has to be acknowledged.

593 days ago


STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't want attention don't drive a super expensive fancy car......get a Honda with super tinted windows..NOBODY will notice you or think you're "Justin Bieber"....he wouldn't have to drive it all the time.....just on those pesky drug runs and booty He's just another child star with mediocre talent who got LUCKY...and now acts as if the sun shines out of his own ass and gets upset when he acts like an idiot and people call him out for being an idiot..LOL....Hey Justin.....go have a coffee with David Cassidy and take a good look at your future self.

593 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Poor innocent sweet little homothug.

593 days ago


So you are thinking about the Public Safety when you drive around in a Full Chrome Plated Car?

593 days ago


Look, the guy is 18 years old. What were you hypocrites doing at 18 years old... Hmm let me guess, some of you were drinking like sailors, smoking weed, popping your mothers prescription pills, doing cocaine, driving dumb with your friends ass hanging out the window, etc etc etc. the only difference between y'all is that you never had millions of haters and paparazzi clinging on to your every move and you were given the freedom to f$

593 days ago


What would be responsible is for TMZ to call off the Bieber attack dogs and leave the kid alone.

Don't expect any TMZ responsibility any time soon.

593 days ago


Smoking pot doesn't really make you in responsible

593 days ago


Well let's see. He is financial set for life, he is working in the career he always dreamed of, he is successful in multiple arenas. And he's 18. Let's compare him to every other 18 year old today, who is probably a freshman in college, pursuing a degree that 10 million people already have, doing the same things we grill Bieber Bieber is already set. The typical 18 year old is going into debt to work a job that pays average to below average. Oh, but those kids are responsible and the successful rich kid is such a disgrace.

593 days ago


In 15 years he's going to look back on this point in his life and think "I was such a dick". And there is a lot of media to prove it. We all were probably *****, but we didn't have the money to push the limits nor the media to remind us later.

Beebs is a real dbag. At least for now. I hope he grows up wisely, but I'm not optimistic. His music sucks so i don't see much of future. Hope he's saving money.

593 days ago
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