Lil Za Plays Dumb On Bieber Sizzurp-Gate

2/3/2013 7:20 AM PST

Lil Za Plays Dumb On Justin Bieber Sizzurp-Gate


Let's play a fun game with Lil Za -- a.k.a Justin Bieber's new BFF and Ferrari-sitter -- called DODGE THAT QUESTION BY BEING A SMART ASS!!!!

Za was out in Beverly Hills last night -- still driving the Bieb's infamous white Ferrari just hours after getting pulled over -- when we asked him all about partying it up with JB ... surrounded by Sizzurp (a Codeine blend) and blunts.

It's clear Za has PLENTY to say in the video, but makes sure his answers go nowhere, by playing dumb and feigning the question, "What the f**k is sizzurp?"

Za then jumps in the car ... admits it's Justin's (duh) ... but leaves our photog with one last bombshell about the real "bad influence" in JB's life -- and it's definitely not who you think.