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Justin Bieber



2/6/2013 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
insists ... he ain't some out-of-control pot-smoking sizzurp-chugging dumbass -- despite several photos circulating which suggest otherwise -- he's just a "responsible" 18-year-old who's enjoying life.

Bieber appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night, when the late night host joked about police pulling Bieber's white Ferrari over ... a ludicrous number of times.

Bieber responded, "I don't do anything. I promise. It looks bad. You see pictures of me getting pulled over, but really the tints are really dark ... I need dark tints because I don't want to cause accidents because people want to take pictures. I just thought it would be more safe for everyone else if I had dark tints."

He added, "I'm thinking about other people!"

Justin said, "I'm having fun being eighteen and enjoying my life and being responsible."

So we gotta ask ...


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He is a complete joke! Pretending to be a bad
butt kiddy thug.

622 days ago

Lady Luck    

Justin B is a Child Punk, another one not taking RESPONABILITY FOR THERE ACTIONS he hasnt grown up, because grown up dont act like he does...He says he doesnt do anything,,,HE PROMISES.. Look he didnt get a nomanation at the GRAMMY'S so it just goes to show he is on his way out...Little girls dont like him like they use to.. 18 is old to little girls...Just a matter of time. He just a BABY PUNK

622 days ago


Slow down, and keep your personal life personal. Like 90% of teens are smoking weed and doing the same type is things Justin is doing. He's just getting photographed every time. I swear people just don't like him. I couldn't name a single song he's sings but I know teenage boys I'm raising them and I have half a dozen teenaged and early 20s nephews I've helped raise so leave the kid alone.

622 days ago


It's so easy for us older folk to forget what it was like to be 18. I tell you my life at 18 would never had stood up to the intense scrutiny this kid is subjected to. I'm far, far, far from a Bieber fan (never even heard one of his songs all the way through) but gotta tell you he's an angel compared to me at 18, and I've turned out just fine. (university education,house, good job, 30 year marriage,well educated professionally employed kids, etc)
He's no where near the class of Lohan or Brown. I honestly think people are just a little upset that he's as successful as he is at so young an age.

622 days ago


Justin being 18 does not make him an adult. Most things are learned through experience and he is just now at the age where he should be held responsible for his actions. I suggest he get an education as well because he may not be relevant in 5 or 10 years. He has grown accustomed to an expensive lifestyle and it's dependant upon the public. Always have a plan B.

622 days ago


he just hit puverty what make you think hes responsible.yeah right years later he gonna end up like lindsey lohan

622 days ago


Too funny. It's fine to be a young rich 18 year old, but to try and make people believe you are acting responsible is insulting. You drive a silver bullit and expect people not to look, then loan your car out to people who either don't have a license or don't carry one with them and are high. Not very responsible. You are like the king who wears no clothes. We see right through you.

622 days ago


Does he really think anyone is going to buy that crap?

622 days ago


Woow enjoying life???? Mmmmmm dump ass

622 days ago


Lol hes not responsible hes an 18yr old kid! Hes just like any 18yr old KID he just has more $$$

622 days ago


A total putz

622 days ago


Anyone that saw this interview saw a little kid who couldn't be serious and was not funny. It was obvious his handlers had told him to talk about his humble beginnings but he came across as a brat.

622 days ago


C'mon , we all know rich and pot smoking 18 year olds are the most responsible people in the world..

622 days ago


He's gonna die and get turned into a saint.

622 days ago


I've only seen the one posted by TMZ. Where are the ones that are circulating? Still waiting to see.

622 days ago
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