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Bobbi Kristina


One Year After Whitney's Death

2/8/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0208_bobbi_kristina_smoking_launch_v2Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina and her BF were double-teaming a hand-rolled cigarette in Atlanta yesterday ... almost one year to the day Whitney died from a drug overdose.

It's unclear what's inside the rolling paper -- but c'mon.

It's interesting, considering Whitney's mother Cissy Houston has been vocal about her concerns that Bobbi Kristina could follow Whitney's path into drug abuse unless she drastically changes her life.

Bobbi's been at war with her grandmother for months ... and recently slammed Cissy for writing a tell-all book about Whitney.

Whitney passed away on Feb. 11, 2012 after going on a drug binge that included coke, pills and marijuana.


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I read the book and I would not call it a "Tell-All," because that term encompasses books filled with lots of gossip, innuendo, inaccuracies and lies. Cissy Houston told some cold and hard truths about her daughter's problems. Cissy even accepted some blame herself and was very fair on the subject of Bobby Brown. Bobbi Kristina has some other issues--and she mistakenly believes that she is a grown, mature and intelligent woman. Bobbi Kristina has been making some very poor choices and can not accept criticism and make appropriate changes--that is the problem.

629 days ago


Well, that ugly ass space between her teeth does have a use after all.

629 days ago


For some people smoking pot is ok, but for someone whose parents are both addicts, that is a very bad thing to do. BK should not get high or drink because of her dna. It's highly likely that she will become addicted to something if she doesn't stop asap.

629 days ago

william rauh    


629 days ago


OH NO!!! Huge surprise. She was raised in an environment w/ constant parental drug use. All of her actions since her mother passed have been questionable. And don't say that it's because of grief. She's used her mother's passing to get attention and make money. Tacky, ignorant child.

629 days ago

william rauh    


629 days ago


You bunch of idiots!! It's a ciggarette! Kids smoke blunts now a days. Blunts being weed rolled up on cigar paper. No one is smoking weed with rolling papers anymore you frickin jack asses! People do cuff ciggarettes when they are smoking. Bunch of damn fools!!

629 days ago


IT'S A CIGGARETTE FOOLS!! Youngsters don't smoke week in rolling papers! They roll blunts. Blunts being weed rolled up in cigar paper. They sell the cigar papers. You will not see younsters smoking weed out of white rolling papers. Bunch of idiots including the one who wrote this article slandering the young lady!!

629 days ago

Jackie Butler     

Oh Katie bar the door " it's just weed "! It's weed in the hands of a very rich and unstable young girl who has more money than all of us combined, carries the addictive gene, already eschews authority, has entitlement issues and too many " friends " looking to get a buzz and a friendly loan! She's still spinning from the loss of her Mom, she all but seems to wish she had no Grandma and there never seems to be anyone responsible around her-oh but " it's just weed "! Wake up FOOLS! BK aint some regular broke child puffing on the occasional joint! She's a Hollywood kid! A tempest in a tea cup if you will! All it's gonna take is one smooth talking, street wise punk azz thug to introduce her to " something better " then leave her body shaking and alone in the hallway of a seedy motel while he dips down the alleyway with her cash and he will NOT be calling 911 to find her in time! And when that happens-and it WILL probably happen-I just want all you to go " was JUST weed! " then you can show up and buy the goodbye tee shirts at her wake!

629 days ago


Bobbi is a beautiful young lady ...leave her alone's her life what she smoke's pot ......her biz .

629 days ago


Just thinks she slams her Grandmothers, book saying it was disrespectful, and how Whitney would not like it. However the book is not slamming whitney at all. HOWEVER I BET BOBBI THINKS SHE WOULD BE HAPPY ABOUT HER BEHAVIOR lol

629 days ago


shes hurting still over her beloved mother whitney houston's death.....where is her father???? she is lost and having all that money makes her promblems very easy to continue.

629 days ago


Like mother, like daughter. She must be in a hurry to see her mom again.

629 days ago


That little brat is going to end up being dead too if she goes down the same road as her mother did. What a little moron. No one can seem to talk to her. She needs a kick in the butt.

629 days ago


stop making assuptions & leave that girl alone!!!!!

629 days ago
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