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Lindsay Lohan

No Time For Lawsuits

Too Busy Partying

2/8/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan would rather party her face off than sit for a deposition -- so claims the paparazzo who's suing her ... and now, he wants a judge to lay down the law for LiLo.

TMZ broke the story, Grigor Balyan sued Lindsay and her assistant last year, claiming the assistant crashed into him in 2010 outside an L.A. nightclub.   Lindsay was riding shotgun and wasn't hurt, but the photog ended up in the hospital.

Balyan says in new legal docs his attorney has been trying in vain to get Lindsay to sit for a deposition ... but she says she's too busy ... which pisses them off because they've been seeing pics of Lindsay partying up a storm all over the world.

And this is rich ... Balyan also claims Lindsay said she couldn't come to L.A. last week for the deposition, yet she showed up for that OTHER car accident that landed her in criminal court.

Balyan is asking a judge to order Lindsay to sit for a deposition asap. He also wants her to pay $4,842.43 for his lawyer fees.

Shawn should get paid first ... just our opinion.


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@JOJO...I just saw that. Maybe they will short sell to the arabs. The server was there on the day she and Dina had that major fight that she called 911. $40k if true is like $40 bucks with that much owed.

589 days ago


FFS, the sleet is just turning into we GO!!!

589 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

The Lohan family just seems to think that all this legal crap is just going to go away. hahahahahaha

589 days ago


@Vinsetta...I did not know she asked gaga for $500k. No surprise she was told to get lost. She couldn't even thank Charlie Sheen for his $100k for her IRS bill until he had to publically embarrass her in to a token thank you.

589 days ago


Stupid paparazzo should stop getting in front of the vehicles or so close to the side of the vehicles...duh. It is his own fault and there should be a law of how close they can get to the vehicles or the actors. It is just wrong what they do to these people, harassing them the way they do should be illegal!! and they should be made to be responsibile for their own actions in their pursuit of the actors. The rag mags should be made to pay!!

589 days ago


Hey don't forget Lohan speed dials the paps letting them know where shes at. She keep using that BS that they hound and follow her no they don't. She needs the attention they get her and than bitches about it. Z-listers do that.

589 days ago


Morning still raining here at the moment... ugh, she can't ever do the right thing this woman? Its a deposition and at most a flimsy case no? I don't remember the exact details but he was still in one piece whomever her assistant hit with her car?

Is my Cousin Heller representing her in t his too... now that would be an hysterical deposition :p. I see moron Susan is back whats the matter bitch my flagging you last time didn't do the trick? and I guess the asylum let out Rouge did his mother if it wasn't a Jackal ever teach him its not nice to wish people killed themselves?

Your Idol is falling this is now the second tier first being the "friend" of wealthy men from India now its Arab's I hope she is aware she 'forgets" in Dubai to take off some jewelry she "tries" on they TAKE a hand when you are arrested... she will be one-hand Lohan then.

589 days ago


With all of these stories coming out about her financial woes and attending events with rich Arabs you would think it would sink into her thick skull that she is a pathetic desperate has been. At the amfAR event two people paid $ 40,000 each to have lunch with Sara Jessica Parker. I wonder what they would paid to do the Arab sex circuit with Bitcho?

589 days ago


Too busy being a dumbass.

589 days ago


Hey guys, the lawsuite is filed and on record, getting actually paid is a different ballgame. The suite remains on record until setteled, paid, dropped or dismissed. It's still against Lohan. Take a number.

589 days ago


Anyone been over to ROL yet? They've got a story running bout DUIna AND Crackie getting hit by a process server from Chase Bank. FORECLOSURE TIME!!!! It's effin early, but that kinda news makes ME wanna do happy hour NOW!!!!

589 days ago

judy jetson    

Lindsay has hit rock bottom. I don't think she can sink any lower but who knows. I just hope they throw her ass in jail in March its the only thing that might help her.

589 days ago

Ellie G    

Bring back Debtors Prisons and throw her stupid ass in.

589 days ago


She's like Bill Gates, rich in fame, everybody wants it. Gates makes over 10k a second, so she should show up for about 5 seconds. LoL.

589 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Plunge toilets with those lips..........Bwahahahahahahaha

589 days ago
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