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'Sippin' on Syrup' Rapper

Bieber's Gotta Learn ...


2/9/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three 6 Mafia rapper DJ Paul -- famous for his song "Sippin' on Some Syrup" -- has some words of advice for Justin Bieber ... stay away from sizzurp, or you could die.

Paul was out in Vegas this week when we asked him about the photos circulating of Justin Bieber -- showing the singer surrounded by double cups and codeine -- and the rapper tells us, Bieber's playing with fire.

Paul says, "I can't say don't do [sizzurp] because I did my rounds with it. But I stay away from it these days because I had a lot of friends that passed away from it. It's dangerous if you do too much of it."

He added, "But everything's dangerous if you do too much of it. Sex. Water." A less convincing point.

As for concerns Bieber's new friends Lil Za and Lil Twist are bad influences -- Paul said, "Nah, friends are friends ... It's just a phase they're going through."

A dangerous, stupid phase.


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the usual negative report based on unseen photos[by the public] and unknown sources which may or not may not be truthful. Then those predisposed to believe anything negative about this kid jump on the bandwagon to express their hatred. Ever wonder why Justin Bieber hates the paps?

599 days ago


Justin beiber is the face of hip hop now don't ahte

599 days ago


the history of pop and rock shows plenty of artists that did much worse such as The Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Handrix, The lead singer of Queen who was gay. Yet these are praised but Bieber who merely smokes pot and drinks occasionally like most youth today[there is no solid proof for anything else] is condemned, Is that fair?

599 days ago


This kid is talented but will be a punch line of a joke soon.

599 days ago


Junkie-world problems.

599 days ago


I think Paul is awesome. I saw him on “Famous Food” in 2011, which he won, along with Danielle Staub. He’s incredibly smart, and what he said is true … "But everything's dangerous if you do too much of it.” He could have used better examples, though (lol).

I’m glad Paul mentioned some of his friends have died from the sizzurp. However, TMZ should stop talking about Justin doing the sizzurp unless they are willing to back it up with the pics.

598 days ago


I love Three 6 Mafia, DJ Paul is an absolute legend. I'm glad TMZ interviewed someone with experience and I'm very glad DJ Paul didn't hype the drug up. If Bieber wants to **** his life up, I say let him. There are many other kids his age that don't have a quarter of what he has but yet they are making sound and intelligent life decisions. Where's his Mom btw?! Oh yeah, getting her share by promoting her book smh.

598 days ago


That kid is going to end up being a walking nightmare. He is being given way too much too soon. God help him when all that ends.

598 days ago


If Bieber were to OD and died or something I am sure his fanatic fan base will follow him. It is now looking more like a cult than ever.

598 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Pimp C found that out the hard way let Justin do as well ain't trying to sound like a d!cl Pimp C was nice UGK for life but he found out the hard way quit telling him he should stop let justin find out the hard way as well

598 days ago

cartel de sinaloa    

R.I.P. dj screw, pimp c, big moe!! All passed on frm ****n with that lean!! SCREWD UP CLICK!! Forever!!

598 days ago

cartel de sinaloa    

We been sippn drank where I'm frm noting new!!! This stupid ass kidd is a ****n idoit!! He needa stop this ****

598 days ago


Has Anyone seen these ' pictures' ?!

598 days ago

You guys suck    

This site and the people who comment on it are so pathetica. Oh no this kid is smoking weed. What's terrible road he's going down. AND he's doing sizzurp. Won't somebody think of the children! **sarcasm**

A. I know probably hundreds of kids from college who tried syrup once or twice. Young kids experiment. 99 out of 100 get passed it. And as for weed, SHAME on tmz for projecting it like he's going down a bad path. Cannabis is a MUCH safer alternative to alcohol and no one should be lambasting him for using something that is relatively harmless. Although I must say, smoking a blunt is about as unhealthy as it can be. Stick to joints or vaporize!

By all means continue to post your ignorant soccer mom responses.

598 days ago


Bad influences???? When I was a teen and even now I've had friends on cocaine and even heroine . I have never touched anything because I always knew I was self controlled. And I'm not sure who is influencing who. Not sure why they are blaming the rappers and not Justin for influencing. Maybe they all decided to do it. I think it's time for Justin's parents and maybe usher to step in and tell him to slow his roll. Plus the biggest mistake is him thinking he can find someone better than that hottie Selena. Good luck on that buddy

598 days ago
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