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Justin Bieber

Rips Black Keys Drummer --

He Needs to Get SLAPPED

2/12/2013 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber
isn't taking too kindly to being told he doesn't deserve a Grammy -- going after the Black Keys drummer who insulted him ... saying, the drummer "should be slapped around."

Bieber added "haha" at the end of his statement -- which he posted on Twitter -- like he was joking.

TMZ broke the story ... BK drummer Patrick Carney mocked Bieber's Grammy snub after the awards on Sunday -- telling TMZ, "He's rich, right? ... Grammys are for music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money."

Grammy count -- Black Keys 7 ... Bieber 0



No Avatar


..."whopin". those losers you're chilling with are going to leave you high and dry. Wonder if your mommy is regretting exploiting you so young.

615 days ago

Brent Sherwood    

I stopped with the grammys YEARS ago I am a fan of Eurovision. If you do not know of it look it up on you tube. After you get into Eurovison you will be like Grammy What? As for Bieber. TYhe days are passing soon he will be yesterdays cold mashed pototoes. CAN'T wait till that creep is a has been.

615 days ago


Shut up, F A G G O T.

615 days ago


Just because loads of screaming teenyboppers love him so much that they would literally eat his shorts doesn't really mean anything. Why? Uh, because they are a bunch of teenyboppers that would literally eat his shorts, that's why. His days in the limelight are most likely numbered, then he will make a fool out of himself trying to get back up on his crumbling pedestal screaming look at me, look at me, buy my stuff! He will most likely try to change his image to keep up with the next generation of teenyboppers, but they will be eating someone else's shorts by that time. His current teenyboppers will have grown up and probably will be embarrassed when the rest of their family and friends tease them about how much they adored the kid. I mean, really sheesh. By the way, just because a bunch of beibermaniacs give him their allowance every chance they get, making him rich and them broke, doesn't mean anything. Idiots and jerks make lots of money all the time. It doesn't really make them any better than anyone else. It is the "celebrity" that starts believing in their own bull-crap that is deluded into thinking that they are actually something special. His words mean nothing, he has no grand design, he has no real philosophy, he's just an average kid that got extremely lucky with fame and fortune. I know a-lot of broke arsed musicians with no perceptible following that can perform much better than this kid. It's the age of get rich from your corny youtube video. Who's next? Step right up, shove a microphone in your face, and start singing crappy star maker songs that some hit factory who knows what the current generation of bubblegummers want to hear and want to look at.

615 days ago


AHAHAHAHA.......and who's going to do it Justin? I guess THE TRUTH HURTS EH? This kid needs a reality check....he's nothing special and neither is his music. Just another cute face with a dime a dozen singing voice and OK dance moves. I bet he feels like he's Michael Jackson when he on stage......NAH ....just a wannabe TRYING HARD, but not hard enough to be like Mike.>>>>>>>ALSO Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Usher....ALL BETTER THAN JUSTIN BIEBER.

615 days ago


One looks like a lesbian and the other looks like he has someone stuffed in his freezer. Dude is creepy looking. Also why does he always stares weirdly at the singer when they are playing their songs? I do find it funny what he said about the little girl though.

615 days ago


Never heard of them. As Katy Perry said.. grammy winners end up being jack sht in the end

615 days ago


Thrilled to see the VERY talented Black Keys win!! Tired of his poor imitation of Justin Timberlake singing to little screaming girls while grabbing his crotch! He looks ridiculous!! Maybe in another 10 yrs he'll come across as a true Grammy winner.

615 days ago


A dummer of a sorry ass group saying something stupid, enough said!

615 days ago


It's time for TMZ to stop giving Bieber the douchebag dick the attention he DOESN'T deserve.

615 days ago

Sexy Hitler    

It's hilarious that this little kid thinks he deserves a Grammy. The kid makes awful auto-tuned pop music for kids. Music today sucks because of people like him. Hack's don't deserve Grammy's.

615 days ago


He better be careful or he will get his little boy ass kicked lol

615 days ago


That guys is an elitist, bitter snob w not a lot of talent to back it up. He dissed a bunch of people last year too, saying it wasn't about the music, blah, blah...TMZ why do you have to stir **** up, like who cares what this guy thinks of Bieber. That's a joke. And why would this thirsty drummer even smugly answer? Geez. Smh...biebers obv going thru some stuff. This guys irrelevant for the most part and you're just looking for salt to throw in Biebers wounds. He's 18 and he really wanted a Grammy. That's a good thing. All I wanted at 18 was to graduate hs and party w my friends. So, he's obv very disappointed. He has high goals for himself and he's a hard worker. Don't contribute to his burnout like you do all these poor teens. Be fair TMZ. That's all.

615 days ago


Don't care for either of them l. Lets move on and stop having to see or hear everything with just its seriously old

614 days ago

Tim R    

Douchebag on douchebag violence.

614 days ago
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