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Chris Brown

N-Bombs & Gang Threats

in Heckler Showdown

2/14/2013 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Chris Brown was the victim, for a change, in an aggressive face-off with a heckler who got dangerously close to Chris' car, then yelled to CB ... "Is that motherfu**er bulletproof?!"

The scary incident went down outside L.A. nightclub "Playhouse" -- Chris was making a quick exit in his Lamborghini when the man ran up to the car and started yelling, "I ain't never seen a ni**er jump in a car that fast, ni**er."

The man -- who's African-American -- continued a non-stop verbal assault on Chris ... saying, "Yo, scary-ass Chris is that motherfu**er bulletproof?" That's when the tension really amps up because Chris appears to yell back at the heckler ... asking if he's bulletproof.

The man replied, "I'm a crip ni**er, hell yeah, I'm bulletproof!"

Before Chris drives away, he rolls down the window of his car ... and you can hear someone (sounds like Chris) warn the heckler, "Don't get f**ked up out here, my n**ga."

Watch the clip ... it's hard to tell if the heckler is really drunk, really angry ... or both.

We gotta give props to Chris -- who's still facing a possible probation violation --  because he drove off without getting into it with the douchey heckler.


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I wonder why black people like that word so much. No one is allowed to say it but them. Why?

581 days ago


Well, while all the hate for Chris has come at a cost what about Pistol Pistorious over there and has gunned down his girl on Valentine's Day...what a gift! Let' s thank God we are here and love everyone!

581 days ago


That cameraman is the biggest drunk ever also a rat! He is the ONLY one from There Crew that gets wasted no One else but him.

581 days ago


funny seeing that little turd squirm like that. now, what he really needs is a good ol' fashioned beat-down that makes him wear dentures the rest of his life.

581 days ago


I hate that word. Black people need to wake up, get educated, and lose the oppressed mentality!

581 days ago


I see that anger management training really kicked in. Or not.

581 days ago


You give props to chris brown, what a joke. The only reason he did nothing is because he only attacks gays and young ladies.

581 days ago

My 2 Cents    

He probably held back because the heckler wasn't a woman or a guy that happens to be gay.

Just My 2 Cents...

581 days ago


That is a thest and against the law no matter how much someone may diskike someone it doesn't give anyone the right to threaten anither.l person. So stupid crip foo your idiotic face was allllll over the paps photos and to hreaten a celebrity is seriious. So. Enjoy your 15 mins of fleeting fame cuz your idiotic time is up and if I were being approched by some freak yelling at me id get in my car quickly too!!!

581 days ago


This guy is his own worst enemy. Stop comparing yourself to Jesus. Stop asking why everyone picks on you. Stop acting like a fool almost everywhere you go and grow up. Then people will like you because everyone in America likes a comeback.

581 days ago


Its OK everyone, The heckler was African-American and thats how they communicate in that culture. Nothing to see here, move on........

581 days ago


Everyone is just JEALOUS of Chris Brown...dont hate him cuz you ain't him!!! Rich, young and famous. HATERS!

581 days ago


so if i shoot the heckler he wont die because apparently wearing blue and getting beat up by a group of people who then call you a brother makes you bullet just let them both shoot each other.i see no problem with that

581 days ago


He should have dodged down an alley! Heehee

581 days ago


Without his posse this child is just a pu$$y.

581 days ago
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