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Chris Brown

N-Bombs & Gang Threats

in Heckler Showdown

2/14/2013 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Chris Brown was the victim, for a change, in an aggressive face-off with a heckler who got dangerously close to Chris' car, then yelled to CB ... "Is that motherfu**er bulletproof?!"

The scary incident went down outside L.A. nightclub "Playhouse" -- Chris was making a quick exit in his Lamborghini when the man ran up to the car and started yelling, "I ain't never seen a ni**er jump in a car that fast, ni**er."

The man -- who's African-American -- continued a non-stop verbal assault on Chris ... saying, "Yo, scary-ass Chris is that motherfu**er bulletproof?" That's when the tension really amps up because Chris appears to yell back at the heckler ... asking if he's bulletproof.

The man replied, "I'm a crip ni**er, hell yeah, I'm bulletproof!"

Before Chris drives away, he rolls down the window of his car ... and you can hear someone (sounds like Chris) warn the heckler, "Don't get f**ked up out here, my n**ga."

Watch the clip ... it's hard to tell if the heckler is really drunk, really angry ... or both.

We gotta give props to Chris -- who's still facing a possible probation violation --  because he drove off without getting into it with the douchey heckler.


No Avatar


Of course the d-bag ran away. He only tries to fight women and gay guys. He's afraid of a manly man.

580 days ago


Now if Chris shoots him he's brainless ..but if the other n!

580 days ago


Is Frank Ocean gay? LOL....seriously, folks I had no udea....I just thought he was the mild-mannered type.

580 days ago


Chris Brown is a disgrace to the African American community and pretty much the entire human race.

580 days ago


There are people in this day and age when the "n"-word is totally appropriate. Chris Brown is one.

580 days ago


I agree with Mike.

580 days ago


Of course Chris ran, it was a man who was opposite him. He is a coward who only picks on women.

580 days ago


All I have to do is look at "Honey Boo Boo" and "Swamp People" to know that the n*!!ers come in every shape, size and color. Saying that blacks are ALL like that is like saying that whites are all racist *******, wait.

580 days ago


Crips are bulletproof? Last I checked, them fools get killed with bullets all the damn time.

580 days ago

South Side     

Breezy would have knock the black off the wanna be crip!

579 days ago


Why are people that don't even know him so angry at him? What did he do to YOU? That's honestly the scariest thing about fame. I can't. There are multiple celebrities I don't particularly like but to approach a person you don't personally know and sling verbal assaults and threaten them? Come on now. Yes, CB probably didn't get out of the car due to fear and due to his probation as well. However, the punk that approached him was hiding behind his gang. I'm sorry but if a gang member approaches me, I'm staying my ass in the car, as would most of you. Not because you're necessarily scared of that one particular person but because that one person has an army of violent thugs behind him who will beat you to a bloody pulp in a moments notice. Nope. No thanks. If staying in the car means I'm scared and a punk then so be it.

579 days ago


Really tough with women and little men. But a serious threat and he tucks his tail and runs. Your just a boy CB.

579 days ago


everybody saying chris a punk cause he crip knows if chris wasnt tied up would F**k that ***** up so dont front he is really making an effort as u see people push his buttons

579 days ago


What a little sissy bitch. Hahahaha

579 days ago


...and this race wonders why we look down on them.

579 days ago
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