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Pistorius' GF

Never Mentioned Domestic

Violence To Friends

2/14/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar Pistorius
-- the Olympian now accused of murdering his model girlfriend -- was never violent toward her in the past -- this according to a source who worked closely with the victim in her modeling career.

The source tells TMZ ... she was with Reeva Steenkamp "a lot" during the months she was dating Pistorius and insists Steenkamp never mentioned or even insinuated there were issues of violence. 

Our source says Steenkamp's family is in "absolute shock" because they never saw anything that would lead to harm.

The source -- who was frequently around Pistorius during the time he was dating Steenkamp -- says, she never saw a dark side -- to the contrary he was a "sweet guy."

The cops say there were previous domestic incidents at Pistorius' home, but they did not say the incidents involved Steenkamp.


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Celeb Gossip Addict    

Why would she? Then they might try to talk her out of dating him. She wanted to bask in his celebrity for while.

617 days ago


Neighbors reported hearing loud arguments prior to the gunshots though. Story developing...

617 days ago


This proves nothing just because someone like a person who helped with modeling career didn't know about the violent past , doesn't mean there was no violence. She could have been embarrassed to share it wih anyone

617 days ago


They said "but they did not say the incidents involved Steenkamp." It doesn't make any difference in terms of telling you who he is. Domestic violence towards one partner pretty much always indicates violence towards other partners. I've read through too many real life murder cases not to know that. One of the signs of the abuser is that they can turn around & be really sweet while trying to convince the other to stay. It's really rare that this changes. The abuser has to own up to the problem(s) & work on them. Otherwise always better for the abused partner to leave. & it really isn't rare that someone outside the home wouldn't know. It's like when someone lives with a drinker or someone who cheats, they don't usually let others know, especially if they think they can "change" the person.

617 days ago

Jericho Morton    

He may not have been violent, but was aggressive. He will be in a steroid taking phase prior to competitions and he just blew her head off because she didn't understand him either. He would have used his twisted and guilt smearing Argumentum Ad Misericordiam fallacy. Him being blocked at every step, just doing his best etc etc etc. A man born legless who wanted to be a runner? "When I wish upon a star..." A preposterous Dorothy who may have been unable to satisfy anyone he encountered as his creamy lie of existence and worth is whipped mechanically into something much bigger than the thimbleful it actually was.

617 days ago

cecil b carter    

Should of been Chris brown and rihanna

617 days ago


Very sad story. Such a beautiful woman and obviously some very serious problems in their strained relationship.

617 days ago

judy jetson    

Most abusers come across as "sweet" and victims rarely admit they're being abused to anyone and people are always shocked. What else is new.

617 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Tragically, the plague of Domestic Violence afflicts
all nations, cultures, and genders.
In recent days, various politicians and "celebrities"
have finally acknowledge this disturbing issue.
Yet, in their -clearly- contrived over-zealousness
they've ignored the most innocent victims of Violence.

For far too-long, Violence against unborn infants
has not only been accepted, is many special-interest serving circles - i.e. U.S. Pharaoh -
it has been sinisterly promoted, and even exported.
In what should be the safest of places for a child, it's mother's womb, defenseless Human-Beings
are routinely attacked and murdered.
Be not further deceived: This horrific and national
Cancer, shall no longer be tolerated.

The House of David 2 Chronicles 13 Victory, is HERE:
NOW, The Most Holy Christ King Yeshua reigns!

617 days ago

Jay W.     

Pistorius thought it was an intruder.
That's his story and he's sticking to it.

617 days ago


I read the South African media said she surprised him, and he might have thought she was a burglar.

617 days ago


The baby was black.....

617 days ago


Why would she tell her friends she was being abused? If that is the case, she wouldn't because of shame and embarassment, and possibly hoping things will get better. If there is or were a study done on women in abusive relationships (i.e. verbal, mental, physical) i'm sure you'd find a high percentage that never told anyone about it. Of course after the fact is another case.

617 days ago


Not saying he's guilty of past DV acts, but in years of representing people on both sides of these cases, violence seems to only occur in the privacy of the home so outsiders wouldn't see it. Many victims are too embarrassed to talk about that side of their relationship and even think its just part of being in a relationship. Many victims blame themselves bc a lot of the violence stems from petty jealousy about something a woman said to a man at a dinner party, the way someone looked at her bc the clothes he wore, etc. DV actors generally learn how and when to commit their acts with the Lear amount of people knowing about it.

617 days ago


I'm kinda sick of reading about murders. It depress me. I guess i will be back when all this South African news is done.

617 days ago
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