Data from 'Star Trek' I Cheated at Traffic School ... Big Deal

2/17/2013 2:25 AM PST

Brent Spiner (aka Data from "Star Trek") is the self-proclaimed Lance Armstrong of traffic school --telling TMZ, he's only ever done the online version ... but he cheated the whole way through.

Spiner was out in Malibu this week when he gave us the full rundown -- and we gotta say, the way he pulled off the job is pretty devious.

For those interested (shame on you) the video includes Spiner's step-by-step traffic school cheating guide.

Our photog called Spiner out for being a dirty con artist -- but the actor played coy, replying, "I didn't know that was cheating. I'm very much like Lance Armstrong in that I have not yet looked up the definition of cheating."

We'll save everyone the time ... it's cheating.