'The Next Generation' Star 'Star Trek' INVENTED The iPad

10/4/2012 11:00 AM PDT

'The Next Generation' Star -- 'Star Trek' INVENTED the iPad


"Star Trek: The Next Generation" star Brent Spiner (who played android Lieutenant Commander Data) says Steve Jobs was a DIRTY COPYCAT ... who stole the idea for the iPad from "Star Trek" producers ... 23 years AFTER they invented it.

Spiner was leaving a supermarket in L.A. when we asked about the influence of "Star Trek" on modern technology -- and he replied, "We invented everything!"

Spiner pointed out Captain Picard's iPad-like device called the "PADD," but says the intellectual thievery didn't stop there -- claiming "Star Trek" creators also masterminded the flip phone, blue tooth, and TELEPORTATION.

Of course, Apple hasn't perfected teleportation ... yet.