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Patrick Carney

ENRAGES Bieber Fans

with Twitter Profile

2/17/2013 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_patrick_carney_justin_beiber_gettyBlack Keys drummer Patrick Carney is on the receiving end of A TON of Twitter hate ... because he raised the stakes in his war of words with Justin Bieber by changing his Twitter profile pic to one of the Biebs.

You'll recall ... Carney ignited the whole thing last week when he said Bieber didn't deserve any nominations, telling a TMZ photog, "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

Bieber fired back on Twitter, saying Carney "should be slapped around haha."

But now Carney has taken it up another level by changing his Twitter profile pic to Bieber, his name to Justin Bieber, and his profile description to "official twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buddy."

0217_patrick_carney_twitterCarney's handiwork has annoyed both his fans and Bieber's, prompting tweets like:

-- "I used to like you, but why are you being such a d**k?"
-- "do you even know how stupid and immature u look doing this. arent u like fifty?"
-- "do you know how f**king dumb your acting and how stupid you look lmao"
-- "Can we please have Patrick back?"

This is the whitest music feud ever.



No Avatar


I thought that Justin Bieber was a jerk but Patrick Carney sounds more immature than the Biebs."

582 days ago


carnies are gross dirty old men **** them!

582 days ago


Before you know it there will be a slap fight in the parking lot..beiber will break a nail and the other dork will bust his glasses...weeping will ensure, one will sue the other and then they'll go out for a fresca. #shutupyoulittledorks.

582 days ago


This is pathetic. Seriously, getting in a feud with this little punk? It's funny because they both wear the same nerdy glasses to try to make themselves both look cool. They both suck.

582 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Just because you make music for children doesn't mean you have talent for an example Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne Drake Justin Bieber there whole fan base consit of children and little girls trying to be cool nothing more i said it many times before why did Big L, 2Pac, Biggie, Big Pun, Left Eye, and Aaliyah have to die those artist didnt have to talk about pu$$y or how much weed they smoked to get fans or flaunt a$$ and t!ts to get a male fan base R.I.P to those artist I named music has changed so much for the worse since y'all passed

582 days ago


Does Carney have his dick up his ass or something

582 days ago

el polacko    

what the heck is this guy's problem ? is he jealous of beiber's success or is it unrequited love ?

582 days ago


Let THem Go Fight it out in the boxing ring 4 three rounds, proceeds to go the charity of their choice!!!!!!

582 days ago


All Carney did was answer some dumb pap's question. Bieber was the one instigating The Attack of the 12 Year Old Girls. If he were older and wiser, he would have just ignored it, and if an irate 12 year old fan brought it up - he could have just laughed and said "Yeah, it's true- I'm already rich enough and can do without a Grammy for now. Maybe in a few years... I've got plenty of time." Instead, he says something that makes all the 12 year olds think their idol approved of them attacking a guy they most likely never heard of before. Carney's response to it all is pretty funny, though.

582 days ago


I'm a fan of neither personally, I don't enjoy either artists music. It's quite childish what Carney is doing though, the man is 32 years old you would think he could handle himself with a bit more class. I will point out that Bieber fans are reacting just as poorly to this (most of them are kids though or just ditzy), they're feeding the troll right now and trolls like nothing better than to be fed.

582 days ago


Um am I the only one that thinks this is weird and ironic? I mean if everybody hates the Beib, why does it seem like they actually are jealous and like the Beib? Hell he has made me dance a plenty of times. I like him.

582 days ago


Not a Bieber fan, and his 'call to arms' of all of his fans was pretty stupid. That said, Patrick Carney comes off as an elitist prick.

Some pretty ****ty musicians have been honored at the Grammy's before. Music is music, whether you like it or not, so Patrick's comments were pretty smug. And seriously folks, rock music isn't all that hard to make.

582 days ago


This guy doesn't have to worry about all those little girls but those +40 year old pedos who are obssessed with biebs. Yikes!

582 days ago

Old geezer    

Who are the Black Keys? At least an old fart like me has heard of Justin Bieber.

582 days ago

lamar morgan    

there are people working at MAC-DONALDS that are more talented than these two and a lot more class

582 days ago
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