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NY State Senator

Alec Baldwin Should Be

Blacklisted from Hollywood

2/18/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A New York State Senator is begging Hollywood -- both TV & movie producers -- to SUSPEND Alec Baldwin from all projects ... in the wake of allegations he spewed a racist epithet at a NY photog.

State Senator Malcolm Smith tells TMZ ... he was outraged after hearing reports that the former "30 Rock" star lashed out at a black photographer, calling him a "coon" and a "drug dealer." Smith was also upset at the report Baldwin threatened a female reporter.

"If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help," Smith said.

He continued, "In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race or orgin."

Smith says he's contacting NBC and will ask the network to push Baldwin into anger management courses.

Baldwin signed a 2-year TV deal with Universal (the TV arm of NBC) back in December.

A source close to Baldwin tells TMZ  ... "As someone who's been regularly investigated, [Smith] should be much more careful about jumping to conclusions."

FYI -- the feds investigated Smith regarding his link to a Hurricane Katrina charity accused of exploiting the tragedy's victims ... but he was never charged with a crime.


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Are you kidding me? Yes, Baldwin's a jerk, but black people hurl racial comments at white people all if the time. You can't have it both ways. It's time to recognize that this isn't a one- sided problem.

589 days ago


This is such BULLSH*T...I am so sick of hearing this reverse racism crap. All the blacks crying for "equality" need to open their eyes...the only thing that is keeping this so called "racism" alive are YOU. Shut your big whiny mouths about it already, black people are so quick to call me a "white bitch" but dare I say "black bitch" what does that make me? then they all gotta cry somemore about racism...put on your big kid pants and deal with it. You're just lucky you are living in todays world if you think you deserve any special treatment then you are sadly mistaken. No special treatment for you. you are NOT special. stop acting like you are

589 days ago


Baldwin says and does some really stupid $hit sometimes in anger but I doubt he hates black people or would go out of his way to try and ruin a black persons life. That would be racism. Kind of like going out of your way to ruin Baldwins career for allegedly saying coon. If Danny Glover called some white paparazzi who was constantly harassing him a cracker would white people care? No way! Then would a white senator try to get him fired from every job and blacklisted from ever working again? Nope, but this is what that Senator is proposing. Now that is racism.

589 days ago


A politician slamming someone for questionable behavior? Now THAT'S funny.

589 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Towelie sayz Senator Smith should stick to worrying about his own character flaws. Like cheating on his wife and the mother of his two children with a staffer and siring a child with her. Do you have anything to say about that Senator? You seem awfully quite about that. Shut up and pay your child support Senator.

"Queens Senator Silent After Paternity Report


Almost a week after State Sen. Malcolm Smith first disclosed that a former staffer had served him with a paternity suit, the usually affable and verbose politician has been laying uncharacteristically low.

Through a statement from his lawyer, Stephen Drummond, Smith confirmed this week that the paternity matter is before a court. The suit was first reported last Friday in the Daily News, which said Smith had committed to financially supporting an unidentified child if a test determines he is the father.

“The Senator and his wife look forward to a just and reasonable judgment,” Drummond said Thursday. “Other than that we have no comment.”

Smith had not returned repeated calls for comment over the past week. After numerous inquires, Drummond finally released a statement, which represented a departure from Smith’s usual policy of handling media inquiries promptly and personally.

His office, which typically floods the media with press releases, has been relatively quiet. Even on the March 1 deadline for Katrina refugees to leave the Radisson Hotel, an issue in which Smith has been deeply involved, the fax machine did not spew out any comment or response with his name until after the end of the business day.

It would appear Smith, who has a wife and two children, is trying to keep a potentially embarrassing matter as private as he can.

Fellow politicians seem willing to oblige. Several Queens elected officials contacted for this story either did not return phone calls or refused to comment. Through a spokeswoman, State Sen. Ada Smith (D-Jamaica) wondered why a reporter would even ask her about the subject, considering she was not the one who slept with Smith.

The reaction to the possible affair differs from the frenzy that swept through Albany several years ago when sex scandals involving State Sen. Guy Velella and Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV caused legislators to express their outrage.

Assemblyman David Townsend (R-Rome), an outspoken critic of Albany culture during that time, said most people’s ire was confined to relationships between officials and young interns. But encounters between two consenting, adult staffers – if single –does not strike him as inappropriate.

If one or both are married, though, “Than you might have a problem,” he said. “I can see where that would create some other issues.”

While the Assembly has overhauled its policy regarding interns, restricting their ability to interact socially with their bosses, the Senate has yet to establish such guidelines. The Senate does have a sexual harassment policy, but it does not specifically forbid consensual flings between co-workers. One Albany official described the rules as “haphazardly thrown together.”

Smith had been in the running to take the Minority Leader position since State Sen. David Patterson (D-Manhattan) decided to pursue the Lieutenant Governor post. Albany sources said it was too early to tell how the paternity suit could affect his chances."

589 days ago


Over the past 4 years, racism - on ALL sides - has increased in the USA.

589 days ago


I don't know if Baldwin did this or not . . . but obviously the NYPost has been pushing his buttons (on purpose) for a long time. This Senator seems to forget someone is innocent until proven guilty. THIS Senator of all people should understand this concept due to the allegations against him.

589 days ago


I didnt hear any senators complain when Tracy Morgan drop the f@got bomb

589 days ago


I think this is the first thread I've read that didn't jump to pitch forks and burning sticks because a celebrity (prolly under stress and being hounded by the photogs) made a off color comment to which I'm sure 100% of the world is guilty of black/white/yellow ect.) well done people

589 days ago


LOL!!! " modern day!!!?" I'm sure he said this as a CD was playing in the background , calling women every name in the book, discriminating her gender. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOMEN HAVE TO DEAL WITH , in this " MODERN WORLD?" Get over yourself! Lol!!!

589 days ago


But when Kanye West released an album "*****s in Paris", that was no issue right?

589 days ago

venom truth    

Just what I would want my senator worrying about; hollyweird actors. Hey senator! How about taking care of real issues! What? Oh, yes it does require real work. OK, nevermind! Worthless politicians showing the public how truely worthless they are over & over again.

589 days ago

Allie M.    

Jamie Foxx can joke about "killing all the whites" and that's okay but a yet to be proven racial slur is enough for a white man is worthy of being blacklisted? You know, Alec is a jerk but this double standard is really annyoing. How can there be real healing in race relations when one side keeps playing the race card?

589 days ago


Seriously? This is news? Black people call us names all the time and do we make a big deal about it? NO. Black people are typically the biggest racists and aren't afraid to show it. They can have their own BLACK clubs and exclude us honkies, but if we did that? They would raise holy hell. TIRED of it.

589 days ago


Alec is a Idiot.. hes all about himself..hes mean and rude, thinks he can say and be rude to people.. cant stand his fat ugley crabby face..

589 days ago
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