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Christopher Dorner

Gruesome Death Pics for Sale

2/20/2013 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christopher Dorner's badly scorched, partially dismembered body was photographed after his death ... and TMZ has learned the pics are now being shopped to the media. 

TMZ has seen the photos (the sellers showed up to our doorstep) -- and the shots are extremely gruesome.

The top of Dorner's head is gone ... presumably the result of the self-inflicted gunshot wound that ended his life after the gun battle at a remote cabin in Big Bear, CA last week.

The body is missing several limbs ... including an arm and parts of a leg ... and his midsection is charred from the fire that consumed the cabin during the Feb. 12 shoot-out.

Despite the intense blaze, several body parts remained intact  ... including his eyeballs, chest area and penis.

In fact, Dorner's upper teeth were barely damaged ... which helped authorities ID the body.

TMZ did not purchase the photos -- but the sellers are definitely on the hunt for a buyer.


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TMZ, this is beyond tacky and if you buy them I hope his family sues you to stop publishing them. This is not journalism, this is a money hungry move on your part and I personally find is disgusting and immoral. He's dead and can no longer harm anyone, leave it at that.

609 days ago


Still can't believe how many people on here called this man a hero. He shot HIMSELF and took the easy way out. He didn't stand up to the LAPD or fight to clear his name. He went on a vindictive crime spree and killed innocent people. Release the photos so I can piss on them.

609 days ago


It is pretty rare that a body becomes dismembered through burning.

I think these photos would be a good public service to keep everything honest.

Never fully trust the "official" government version of things and keep a healthy dose of suspicion.

609 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

Why would I wanna pay for something like that?. It'll probably wind up all over the internet anyways. I hope Dorner rots in hell for his actions.

609 days ago


we should put the pics of the dead police on the internet for sale then, the police department in the dirtiest gang of thugs in the world.

609 days ago


Harvey Swallows!

609 days ago


Could've left out the part about the penis being intact. Who copy edits this crap?

609 days ago


This is no different than all the other pictures floating around the internet of a dead JFK with his head blown off or dead gangsters, bank robbers, or murderers. Its just because its so fresh that everyone actually has an opinion right now.

609 days ago


If these pictures get out the LAPD will be blamed and they should be unless the photos were taken at the coroner's office but either way the LAPD will be blamed which doesn't help their case with the majority of the public. Dorner put the entire LAPD on blast and everyone knows, if they didn't know already, how corrupt LAPD is. This does not bode well for LAPD.

609 days ago

Jack Steen    

Only the cops or the medical examiner's ghould could have taken the pictures.

Altho Dorner was a dog and deserved to die for the 4 murders he committed, I guess he was right about the FILTH in "law enforcement" in California.

609 days ago


TMZ, if you are moral enough to NOT purchase the pictures, then just tell us they are gruesome... DON'T describe them in detail!!! I mean, really, books can be more descriptive than movies, and you just proved that.

609 days ago


WOW! TMZ finally got some "standards" this is amazing!!! but obviously not fully because someone at TMZ saw the photo's and studied them enough to know every detail.....

609 days ago


so, it comes down to law enforcement, or the fire dept. taking pics, right?, still no mention if this guy had family, if so, i hope they stand up and speak out.

609 days ago


stating the fact that the guys asking others to buy instead of the other way around doing the demand prize rule, those pics are really worth nothing huh?

i'd rather see osama's pic to actually prove something.

609 days ago


Id like to know if hes head is are his eyeballs intact????

609 days ago
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