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Lindsay Lohan

Not Banging

DJ Julian Cavin

2/20/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fear not men who want to bone Lindsay Lohan ... SHE'S STILL SINGLE ... despite reports that she's secretly dating / banging New York DJ Julian Cavin -- this according to the DJ himself.

The Internet's been abuzz with rumors this week that LiLo found herself a new boyfriend ... after she and the 22-year-old spin master were spotted together in NYC Sunday -- allegedly holding hands and acting very much like a couple.

But DJ Julian says it just ain't true -- claiming they've only known each other for about a month -- and tells TMZ ... "Lindsay and I are just friends. We are not dating."

He explains, "She comes to a bunch of my DJ gigs. Sunday she came and was hanging in the booth."

Of course, Max George also said he and LiLo were just friends ... and we all know what that meant.


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She'll be stalking him soon, after he's tired of her. Probably showing up in his suitcase.

557 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Maybe DJ Fugly sold this story to TMZ cuz he is tired of being associated with her

557 days ago


Are these guys doing this just so they can say they slept with someone famous? Both of them should be able to get much better and more attractive women than Lindsay, and they'd be sane to boot.

557 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

I love the way you all believe you're such perfect individuals. Bad mouthing everyone does wonders for your egos, doesn't it.

557 days ago


I have missed something. Can someone tell me what is going on with Lindsay and Ashton? Or give me a link please.

557 days ago


Thats why all the guys call Lindsay Miss Speed

557 days ago


Lindsay only bangs guys who pay her.

557 days ago


What happened the the last guy? He just paid for her to go to London and then what? She comes back for court and they're done? Wow, she just doing the 1st guy who says hi?

557 days ago


"Wham, bam, here's your $50 not GTFO" She's hilarious. I don't like Red Cloud but I wouldn't even want HIM to put his dick in that.

557 days ago


Lindsay makes people soooo jealous :D

557 days ago


What would be nice for her is if someone could be able to talk some sense into her mind by telling her just a couple of minor things to fix herself. First whatever you are on to make you look thinner does not work for your face and body. It makes you look like a 38 yr old NJ housewife trying to look young. Stop dying your hair blonde, it washes out your face and makes you look sick and pale. You look like your mom. Those words would stop most women in their tracks. Now to fix her. Gain back 25 lbs. Some women look much better curvier with a more full face and Lohan is one of them. Dye your hair back red, the color it used to be, like Emma Stone. Once you have gotten back your curves, face, hair and most impotently those big round plump boobs the roles will come back to you. Then when you do get a role, don't call in sick repeatedly when you are hung over and spotted at the club the night before. Don't trash your trailer. Don't verbally insult your costars. Show up on time. Show up sober. How long is a movie shoot? 4 weeks? Stay sober for a month. Then get plastered the night you wrap. Not rocket science. People forget about Robert Downey Jr caught with crack and hookers dressed like Wonder Woman because he sobered up and cleaned up and now he is making bank. That can happen too for Lindsay and it just takes 1 movie where she looks good and is good on set. Just 1 time and her career will be back on track. Or she can continue acting and looking like just does now and we are going to read a headline Lindsay Lohan found dead of an OD or Lohan found dead in Dubai, suspected of escorting for rich oil barrens.

557 days ago


Lindsay will meet you greet you in the Ladies room

557 days ago


A dj at some local hot spot? She HOOKS for men with $$$$. This dude probably lives paycheck to paycheck, like most do. He's not her 'type'.

557 days ago

Hot Farts    

Please take Dina, Lindsay, Kris K and Kim K and put them in a camp of delution somewhere full of booze, drugs, cash, furs and shoes and we will never have to see them in the real world again

557 days ago


When is Little Man Heller due back in court? Was looking for something else and came across this from a 2010 NYT article profiling the esteemed Attorney Heller:

"Even within the colorful, eccentric, sometimes disreputable and profane galaxy that is the New York City bar, Mr. Heller stands out for the severe thrashings he has endured and his audacious aspirations for high-profile work.

He has been disparaged and roundly dressed down by clients and judges alike, called a “menace to the public,” “shockingly cavalier and abusive” and rife with “puffery” by a disciplinary panel that recommended his five-year suspension in the mid-1990s.

Opposing counsel has been known to quietly suggest that his clients consider finding a new lawyer. Among his most outspoken fans is a serial killer."

557 days ago
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