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Michael Moore:

Palestinian Oscar Nom


2/20/2013 7:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Director Michael Moore is outraged ... claiming his friend -- a Palestinian director whose film is nominated for an Oscar -- was detained at LAX last night because officials didn't believe the man was REALLY in town for the Academy Awards.

Moore tweeted a play-by-play of the incident ... claiming his friend, Emad Burnat -- whose film "5 Broken Cameras" is nominated for Best Documentary Feature," was held for an hour-and-a-half while officials grilled him about his visit.

Moore tweeted, "Emad, his wife & 8-yr old son were placed in a holding area and told they didn't have the proper invitation on them to attend the Oscars."

He continued, "Although he produced the Oscar invite nominees receive, that wasn't good enough & he was threatened with being sent back to Palestine."

"Apparently the Immigration & Customs officers couldn't understand how a Palestinian could be an Oscar nominee. Emad texted me for help."

"I called Academy officials who called lawyers. I told Emad to give the officers my phone # and to say my name a couple of times."

"After 1.5 hrs, they decided to release him & his family & told him he could stay in L.A. for the week & go to the Oscars. Welcome to America."

"'It's nothing I'm not already used to,' he told me later. 'When u live under occupation, with no rights, this is a daily occurrence.'"

Moore concluded ... "He was certain they were going to deport him. But not if I had anything to do about it."

We've reached out to LAX and immigration officials -- so far, no comment.


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Since when is an Oscar invitation or nomination considered "proper do***entation" to enter this country? Does this guy really think that showing some glitzy invite to a Hollywood party is going to allow him to enter this country? And Mr Moore, you need to quit drinking your own koolaid. Does this guy really believe that the mention of his name is going to change the duties of the TSA?

557 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@GeddyLea: Your post, resounds with honesty.
Hence, I'm comepelled to share:
That, which YOU focus upon, You EMPOWER.
Be blessed.

The House of David 2 Chronicles 13 Victory, is HERE:
Now, The Most Holy Christ King Yeshua reigns!

557 days ago


Exactly Welcome to America!!! The most RACIST country in the world.

557 days ago


Michael Moore, a worthless piece of crap that makes millions of dollars using capitalism to talk about how much he hates capitalism.

557 days ago


MM gets rich off of sensationalism. He takes a subject and molds it to fit his agenda. Zero integrity. No respect from me.

557 days ago


mm what a pile of sh@t

557 days ago


You know America would be 1200 pounds liter if they deport Fat man Moore with him. Drop my name, your a fat nobody.....

557 days ago

BB not bb    

Palestine? Does that mean he lives in the Palestinian occupied territory of Isreal? There is no nation of Palestine. He would be sent back to Isreal.

Considering how the TSA treats even Americans, I don't see how this is some kind of horrendous persecution of the Palestinians. Michael Moore goes over the top with his drama.

Maybe he should do a do***entary on the TSA next and how that is bad for America. I sometimes wonder about his motives. He fought for universalized healthcare, which is about to destroy the economy and persoanl freedom and standard of living for Americans in general.

Maybe he is working for the Marxists and doesn't even know it. He seems nice and like he wants to help, but his views always seem to be on the wrong side.

557 days ago


It's said to say but because Palestinians use their women & children as suicide bombers all precautions now are required due to their terrorist actions. If an Oscar invitation was all that was required to enter into this country we would be in BIG trouble...

557 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Who cares?

Anyone who is friends with Michael Moore is ten times more likely to be a terrorist or A1 Qa3da affiliated.

557 days ago


Great job LAX!!! Keep protecting us!!!! Love it!!!

557 days ago


That is why we have Customs & Border Protection. A passport & visa are merely requirements to knock on the door to ASK permission for entry. Entry is not guaranteed. I think I prefer it this way too, Michael.

557 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@Mel: Truth, can be mostly offensive. Your comment, was precise.
"America", has been blinded and deceived, for far too-long. Be not disturbed: Justice, -DIVINE Justice- shall be swift and SEVERE.

557 days ago


Uhhh, I'm supposed to feel sorry for some arab POS who badmouths America? Sorry they let him into the country to stink it up.

557 days ago


Really???? If you hate this country so much then leave!! We could do with one less *******.

557 days ago
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