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Jesse Jackson Jr.

The Michael Jackson Interrogation

2/21/2013 6:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It might be the most brilliant line of questioning of 2013 ... a TMZ photog went face-to-face with Jesse Jackson Jr. and demanded to know why he blew his stolen campaign money on a Michael Jackson fedora ... AND NOT A MICHAEL JACKSON GLOVE???

And then the follow up ... DID YOU AT LEAST GET TO WEAR THE FEDORA?

Of course, JJJ just plead guilty to fraud ... after stealing $750,000 from his campaign to support a lavish, over-the-top lifestyle. Jesse admitted he spent the cash on things like fur capes, a mounted elk head, and a fedora once owned by Michael Jackson.

Jesse was out in D.C. yesterday, so we figured it was finally time to get some answers to the important questions. You gotta see this ...


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paul a.    

Nice hack job TMZ. You neglect to mention, as the whole MSM does, that he is a DEMOCRAT from ILLINOIS just like You-Know-Who. Had he been a GOP, Im sure it would be mentioned everywhere.

555 days ago


If JJJr.'s wife pleaded guilty to tax fraud, assuming they filed joint returns, wouldn't he also be guilty of tax fraud?

He's getting away with a slap on the wrist. He is guilty of failing to report income, fraud, felony theft/stealing, and he should have to do time and pay restitution. I'm betting he gets probation and a fine and will get to keep his substantial Congressional pension and benefits. Just by staying in the race, winning it despite being under investigation, then immediately resigning, he scored another two years of pension.

He's a consummate crook, just like his dad.

555 days ago


If they can send Blagojevich up the river for trying to sell a Senate seat, they better send this guy to Chicago's finest penitentiary as well.

555 days ago


What's the difference between Jr and Sr? Junior got caught.

555 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

At least he admits he's a crook unlike his father...

555 days ago


Strange how I didn't hear about this on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times...

555 days ago

Throwback kid    

Remember when Bill Clinton cheated on his wife with Lewinsky? Jesse Jackson said he would be Clinton's spiritual advisor. Well Jesse had a baby with another woman and has no moral compass himself, and he was going to help Clinton? The son seems to be the same sociopath, people put their trust in him and he pays them back by stealing their money and buying ridiculous stuff that would make even Nicolas Cage scratch his head. Let him and his low life wife rot in prison!

555 days ago


For Gosh Sakes TMZ... Stop buggin' this guy !

555 days ago


Lying piece of ghetto trash. He has done nothing for us honest Americans except steal and cheat every minute of his useless life. Just like his mumbling father. You can take that to the bank!!!!!!!!1

555 days ago


Hey Harvey ... Just saw you on Fox Chicago. I agree that what JJJr did is totally s***my and other descriptive words. Don't worry about offending some Chicagoans or Chicago area folks with your comments. He and his wife's antics have forced a special election thus costing Illinois taxpayers more and more $$

555 days ago

Duke Steele    

He should have taken a page out of his old mans playbook. You don't STEAL money. You EXTORT it. What a maroon.

554 days ago


Just like his ex con daddy who has privately held "shake down" meetings with companies for YEARS threatening to protest and yell "racism' unless they donate or whatever to his Coalition. BTW, just WHERE does Jesse Jackson have a church since he is a "reverend?\" They must pay well for him to own his $800 suits.

554 days ago


FUR CAPES?????.....LMFAO!!!....what a loser

554 days ago


Photographer asking the questions should have finished it up by doing a dance spin and asking him..."Who's bad?!"

554 days ago


Chicago has a history of crooked politicians and practically all have been democrats not to say republicans are much better. But they will keep electing the same *******s over and over.

554 days ago
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