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Journey's Neal Schon

Judge Tells Ex-Wife ...

Get a Job

2/26/2013 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0225-neal-amber-schon-article-getty-2Neal Schon just scored a big victory over his ex-wife -- a judge not only shut down her attempt to milk an extra $2,758/month out of the Journey guitarist, but also suggested she get a degree and support herself ... TMZ has learned.

According to court documents, Amber Schon wanted Neal to up his $3,000/month in child support to $5,758.90/month. Amber and Neal have 2 minor children ... Aja and Sophia.

But a family court judge in Minnesota -- where they were divorced in 2007 -- recently ruled against Amber, saying the requested increase was "intended primarily to upgrade her own standard of living."

And what a standard ... according to the documents, Amber's annual expenses include $7,200 for clothing, $5,760 for a storage locker, and $9,600 for birthday parties.

But the most shocking expense -- $2,400 on postage! Apparently, someone hasn't heard of email.

In the docs, the judge says Amber could be earning up to $36,000/year on her own ... if she'd just complete her teaching degree -- and added it's not Neal's fault she failed to "obtain any kind of employment."

Neal tells TMZ, "My concern is with my children and I'm infuriated they are being exploited and used to extort money from me."

It might be time to stop believin' ... for Amber, anyway.


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I wish my ex gave me $3,000 a month in child support! Hell, I'd be happy with 1,000

569 days ago


What a cheapass

569 days ago


I know his ex wife personally. While Neal is busy selling this story, she is at work... RIGHT NOW. TMZ... there is a little thing called fact checking- TRY IT!

569 days ago


Wait till michaele gets done with him. He already knows her reputation

568 days ago



568 days ago


Mayby Neal should take his kids half the time, and that would cut his child support in half. But, that would mean raising your own children, and clearly, you don't have time for that.

568 days ago


It appears that Amber has her children 100% of the time, and takes on 100% of the responsibility. She just finished a BA, and is on track to get her teaching license. Additionally, she has a job, FYI. Didn't TMZ check this out? While Neal is running around the world, regaling his law-breaking finance with $1,000,000 rings, it appears that Amber is just trying to keep her head above water as a single mom! Everyone who has made derogatory comments about her needs to put down their donuts and get a life.

568 days ago


She has a job? Well then she doesn't need an increase then it's simple stop spending what she can't afford from her OWN do***ents states she spends 7 THOUSAND a month on clothes 5 THOUSAND a month on storage and almost 10 THOUSAND on parties? Sounds like she needs to get a job that pays to afford those luxuries instead of trying to get her ex to pay for that. Yes daddy has money but the marriage is over don't use the kids to keep living a lifestyle she got used to and keep saying "he's all over the world" um that is his JOB musicians get paid to go to their fans all over and it's not fair to say he's not there all the time NO ONE knows how much he sees them or doesn't see them so until then stop bashing

568 days ago


Why can't comments be kept to the matter at hand? Making snide, cruel remarks about Amber or her appearance only show how classless you are.

Amber is from the same town I live in and she went to high school with one of my children. Her parents still live here. And while I agree, she can work to help support her children, she is a single parent trying to make it on her own. I have been told Neal has next to nothing to do with his children. It takes much more than paying child support to be a father.

Amber was a very young 20-something establishing her modeling career when Neal swept her off of her feet, promising her parents that he loved her and would take care of her forever. There was no pre-nup and she could have gone after millions when it was obvious he was living the "sex, drugs, rock and roll, wine, women and song" lifestyle, instead of that of a married man with a wife and children.

Neal can spend $10,000 on lingerie for Salahi, buy her a Bentley for over $250,000 and propose to her with a 11+ carat diamond worth over $1,000,000. I hardly think the raise in child support would have made a dent in his monthly bank statement.

There is so much more to this story and this relationship. It's very easy for the ignorant to cast judgements when in reality you know nothing about it.

568 days ago


People should know this entire court mess was not really about child support. In truth, it was about Neal failing to keep his word..... lying again. He not only doesn't give his MN kids the time of day,
he doesn't pay the same support for them as he has for his CA kids. And he doesn't care that his lying has caused an enormous, impossible situation, that now has very negatively affected the kids that he claims to love.
The entire truth of what he's done, will come out. All this BS that he and his people have put out will be shown for what it is. BS.

568 days ago


Women who marry men for money only have children to get more money. This bitch only wants more money so she can continue spending more on herself. No she is not living a luxurious life style, but for someone who is not working, she sure loves to spend. Just because she opened her legs shouldn't be a ticket to money from a man she no longer loves. Unfortunately Neal is still getting screwed by her and getting nothing in return. And by someone who has horse teeth. Luckily she didn't chomp down while having sex.

568 days ago


If you would read, it says he is required to pay $3000 a month. However court records show he's been paying $5000 a month and the judge verified that. He also pays all of the kids' medical expenses, etc. He also bought her a $500,000 house so his kids would be assured a roof over their head. And now she wants more? He also paid for her to go to school, which she dropped out of. I would say he has taken care of and continues to take care of his children AND goes above and beyond supporting her when she could be doing something for herself and showing her children some responsibility.

568 days ago


Having met both Michaele & Neal in person recently one immediately gets the sense that the love, loyalty, sincerity and support of all the important people in their lives always comes first and foremost.
Good thing they both got away from their ex's and their greed and destructive ways. Sorry Neal you had to deal with it but look how happy you are now.
Bitter , angry ,jealous woman this ex is.
All the best to you and Michaele happy you are free from your ex"s. Robert

568 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Time to start dropping panties for money, skeezer.

567 days ago


TMZ why don't you fact check before publicly blasting a mother....she has a job. Neal is a loser. FACT.

567 days ago
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