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Lindsay Lohan

Smelled of Booze After Crash

New Plea Deal in Works

2/27/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226-lindsay-lohan-crash-tmzLindsay Lohan may have been drinking just before she crashed her Porsche last June on Pacific Coast Highway ... TMZ has learned. Nevertheless, prosecutors are offering her a brand new plea deal that does NOT involve jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a bottle of alcohol was found next to Lindsay's Porsche, and we're told her breath smelled of alcohol. For some reason, cops did not perform a field sobriety test at the scene of the crash.

Sources tell us ... the Santa Monica City Attorney is prepared to offer Lindsay 60 days in a residential rehab facility in her lying-to-cops case -- where she said she wasn't driving the Porsche. That's 4 months less than the original offer.

In addition, we're told the City Attorney wants Lindsay to attend another set of AA meetings. And he wants her to do community service. We're told the prosecutor will let her do the community service in New York City, but -- unlike Chris Brown -- it must be closely monitored.

The wild card is that the L.A. City Attorney is also involved in the case because they're handling the jewelry heist case where Lindsay is still on probation. Up to now, we're told the L.A. City Attorney wanted jail time for the probation violation, but the prosecutor may back off that position.

The plea bargain meeting between prosecutors and Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller is today ... so stay tuned.



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I had no idea there was rehab for lying.

569 days ago


FRine enableTards she will beat the DUI case that doesnt exist..does that make you feel better??

569 days ago

James B    

So basically, California State Prosecutors are saying (if this story is indeed true) that it's not a crime to be an arsehole in California. You can do what you want, Drink driving will get you 60 days in rehab. Stealing will get you community service.
If you break parole (and so WHAT do you have to do to get imprisoned?) you just get more rehab....... What about murder then? Rehab AND community service? Isn't there some kind of 3 strikes thing? Get sentenced 3 times and you go down for life? Honestly, I don't know.
I think, little cynical old moi, that this story is concocted by those naughty peeps at TMZ to increase site traffic.
I cannot honestly see California agreeing to let Lohan get off - essentially - scott free as she's due to serve some proper jail time. I understand that a residential programme would help Lohan, BUT, it will only help her if she wants to be helped, and she doesn't or she'd have gone somewhere voluntarily. You cannot force people to remain sober if they're addicted to alcohol or drugs. Sooner or later...... But she can be very forcibly SHOWN the error of her ways by being sent to prison (and not special movie star pwizon) but yer actual prison, which is what she deserves. I'd pity her, if I could be that bothered. Mostly because I think she's in a catch 22 situation. Her parents brought her up with no boundaries, and because she was everybody's darling for a while, she didn't need to learn them. But then life changed, only she didn't, and can't because she knows nothing else. Fine, let her skate, hell - why even bother to arrest her next time she does something vile or illegal (or both)? Just throw a gram or 2 of coke at her and send her on her way with a bottle of Vodka in each hand.

569 days ago


Heller just Pleaded the 5th of Vodka..this isnt sounding good for lindsay..

569 days ago


If she smelled like booze according to law enforcement and a booze bottle was laying by the vehicle at fault (lying driver reeking of booze's Porsche) why was a field sobriety test done? Anything from the hospital will be after a period of time and may show less. I'd love to see the dash cam footage! How'd that not happen?!

569 days ago


This is infuriating. How is it that she is getting off - AGAIN?! Any of us "real" people would be sitting in jail. Then again, most of us don't get in trouble repeatedly...........

569 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

By accepting a plea deal with rehab, Lindsay is basically admitting to everything.
She fled the scene of the accident. The police cannot prove that she did not drink the alcohol in the truck on the way to the hospital with her friends. She left her assistant bleeding and in an ambulance while she covered her own ass. Wow.

569 days ago


I for once want to see stinky take the stand..if she is such a good actress why do her lawyers tell her to STFU all the time?? they know she will get caught in about 50 lies in 3 min....but thats nothing New

569 days ago


Don't give her any kind of plea deal, she doesn't deserve or need one. What she needs is some serious jail time, some serious punishment for her actions and what she has done, not more slaps on the wrist that she never takes seriously.

569 days ago


Since she is essentially homeless, rehab might be the best place for her. If she cannot afford to pay it herself, if it is court ordered, the state/city will have to foot the bill. If nothing else, this should infuriate all of us normal citizens.....maybe she can go to Passages in Malibu and get massages (per their commercials)!

569 days ago


If she wanted rehab so bad she should have taken a few more gulps, stayed at the scene of the accident and waited for the breath test..but like DR.Cracker said..she abandoned Gavin and Ran for just throw him under the Bus

569 days ago


Haven't we had more than enough of this celebrity justice? It's way past time to throw this girl in jail and stop giving her free passes. For pity's sake...

569 days ago


You know ol gurl really missed her true calling. She can work the justice system better than anybody! Screw acting, grifting, and hooking, pull a Judge Mathis Lindz!

569 days ago


Just what good will rehab do her at this point and why should she get to do community service in New York? Letting people do this useless waste of time stuff when and where they want is total crap. Smelling of booze at the scene of a car crash and they did nothing to check her out? This is why Lindsay and the Hollywood kiss ass of all celebrities police force has become a laughing stock.

569 days ago


yea the Cops are so mean..if anything they gave her a huge break..there should be more charges..

569 days ago
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