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Honey Boo Boo

Girl Scouts SHUT DOWN

Online Cookie Campaign

2/28/2013 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Honey Boo Boo
 hawking Girl Scout cookies to her hundreds of thousands of fans online is UNFAIR ... so says a rep for the Girl Scouts of the USA, so the organization shut down her campaign.

HBB posted the ad on her Facebook page -- which has 701,000 likes.  She also got in the girl scouts' faces by posting pictures of stacks of boxes that she sold.  FYI ... she's not selling the cookies for herself ... she's doing it for a friend.

It didn't go down well with the organization.  A rep for GSUSA in Georgia tells TMZ ... they contacted her site's administrator and explained online selling is off-limits, because it defeats the whole purpose of selling the cookies -- to teach girls all sorts of things, including goal setting, people skills, etc.

So HBB's people took down the ads, but get this ... the sales she's already made will be counted.

If HBB wants to help her friend, she's gotta stand outside a whole bunch of Piggly Wigglys.


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I think the girl scouts are really petty over this. the whole purpose of selling the cookies is to raise money. If it were about people skills and goal setting, then have them do like the boy scouts. walk an elderly person across the street or carry their groceries for people skills. as for goals have them camp in the woods and build a fire with 2 sticks. every girl scout i have known has their parents sell the cookies at work and to friends for them.Im not a booboo fan but I really think honey booboo had a great idea and some big shots kid got mad that they werent going to be sales leader. Let her sell the cookies online, it only makes more money for the GS troops which is what this cookie drive is all about. I think I will send this to the GS website and so should others.

513 days ago

BB not bb    

Honey Boo Boo can maybe act as an assistant, but the girl scout has to sell the cookies herself. This looks like some kid's parents just took Honey Boo Boo's picture and made the website and is running the mail order business. How is this teaching the girl independence?

I think independence is something that they are trying to shield children from any more. Children have a herd mentality which is not really natural for kids. They are supposed to be wild and free.

What is cuter than little kids coming to your door trying to act like professional adults. You just don't get that any more. Maybe in Tijuana you can find some beggar kdis playing flutes on the sidewalk.

513 days ago

hank the tank    

Sayin HBB would be standing outside of a piggly wiggly is just so racist... ROFL

513 days ago


Oh no, the Kardashian trash will be hawking them next all in the name of what good role models they are to young girls.

513 days ago


so it is not okay to use the internet to sell cookies but its perfectly okay for girls to be lazy leeches and have the their parents sell them at work.

513 days ago


Keep uncle poodle away from those thin mints...

513 days ago


Dumb move by the girl would think they could do good things with the extra money they would surely make...

513 days ago


google girl scout cookies and the first thing you see is people selling them on ebay, guess as long as your not famous, its ok to sell them online. they are even selling preorders. hahahaha

513 days ago

Desaree Avritt    

Wait how come hers are 3.50 a box they are 4.00 here in Minnesota do you know how hard it is to get people to pay 4.00 a box for cookies???? They want to but they want 2+ boxes but don't feel like dropping 15+ on cookies to get more then a box. BTW anyone looking for girl scout cookies my daughter is selling them 4.00 a box hit me up on fb and we will get them too you asap!!! Forget Honey Boo Boo I just need the TMZ fans right?????

513 days ago


I call BS on this story and girl scouts selling cookies any way they can is the object...what about all the mothers that take orders at work?...again bull---t

513 days ago

BB not bb    

The whole premise of the Girl Scout cookie drive is being destroyed by parents running the business. The girls are supposed to figure out how to get people to buy their cookies. Using parents is an elitist system.

Some kids parents aren't about to harrass their coworkers into buying cookies. Yes the cookies are expensive but they are kind of a specialty item. They aren't the wafers from the dollar store.

Another thing one troop did was sell things at the flea market. Then they just dumped the leftovers at the shed for the church rummage sale. So they did charity and raised money for themselves.

I think that is the idea of GS, to have fun trying to raise money. It is not about who can get the most sales by using their parents. I think they did bake sales also, but the girls were at the table, not the parents.

It is a shame when it ends up being all about money instead of letting the kids learn about life.

513 days ago


She's not a Scout herself? Oh, there's badges to be earned.

513 days ago


Cookie sales are done with this season. I do think it is unfair for her to do that since cookies are $4 a box and there are girls put there who actually sit at booths ask people to buy them for hours at a time. And honey boo boo, my baby looks like she sold A LOT more cookies than you.

513 days ago


Girl Scouts should be happy!! At $4 a box!! In this economy!

513 days ago


Hey, it IS fair! They say they are trying to teach the girls things like goal-setting, etc. well this girl and the friend she helping are already WAY more successful in life, why should they be penalized? It's not their fault they have access to more people...that's life!

513 days ago
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