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Mama June & Honey Boo Boo

You Can't Stop Us from Selling Girl Scout Cookies!!!

2/28/2013 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June
and Honey Boo Boo are going full steam ahead with their Girl Scout cookie campaign ... despite stern warnings from the Girl Scout organization.

As we reported, the Girl Scouts of the USA contacted HBB today to remove a banner she had put on her Facebook, in which she solicited sales for Girl Scout cookies from her 700,000 fans. (FYI -- HBB's not even a Girl Scout. She just agreed to help a Girl Scout friend of hers.)

A rep for the GSUSA told us they had the banner removed because it was unfair to other Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies.

But Mama June tells TMZ, she's going to continue selling Girl Scout cookies any way she can ... even if she's not allowed to post advertisements on HBB's Facebook ... because it's for a family friend.

June tells us, "If I can raise more money for a troop, whoever they are, especially in an area where they don’t get a lot of money, and parents can’t afford to buy a ton of cookies, why wouldn't I help?"

She added, "We're doing nothing wrong."

June says she's already sold 400 boxes and the orders keep pouring in.


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Please, like the Girl Scouts is going to really turn down June and HBB's offer to sell cookies for their biggest fundraiser of the year. I bet the GS leaders are behind closed doors salivating at the number of dollars HBB can actually bring in.

580 days ago

all about the money    

Best advertisement to NOT buy GS cookies...Fat Momma and porky daughter with a stack of GS cookies. Might as well make the tag line: "Eat these cookies and you can end up just like us."

580 days ago


Alana is not a registered Girl Scout and therefore has no business selling cookies, whatever her motivation (and I am sure she wants to help her friend - and if that's the case, join the troop - but for now I think it's more about the publicity) - anyway,just go to the Girl Scout website if you want the facts: "All girl MEMBERS may participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Although parents and Girl Scout adults may assist girls, it is the girl who makes the sale, sets learning and sales goals, and learns the entrepreneurial skills that are part of the program."

580 days ago


Marijuana clinics need to cap on these cookies...

580 days ago


The problem the girlscouts have is she's selling cookies that have already been bitten off of.....

580 days ago

john bruno    

Watch 1/2 of one show. Disgusting, fat pigs, who are the dumbest people I've seen on television.

They don't even have the basic social skills.

Truly uneducated hillbillies.

580 days ago


Non Girl Scouts should NOT be selling Girl Scout cookies!
A good Girl Scout will sell the Girl Scout cookies herself!!
Looks like Mama and her child have been eating those cookies and selling the empty boxes.

580 days ago


It looks to me the the GS would want the help. They keep rasing their price and make the cookies smaller. Besides that it looks like they have eaten a lot of them allready.

580 days ago

Carol S    

The Honey Boo Boo craze is just ridiculous. Everyone needs to get a real life.

580 days ago

Carol S    

The craze over Honey Boo Boo is ridiculous. You all need to get a life.

580 days ago


this is no worse than being acosted when entering the local supermarket by not only the scout but the mom & dad.
Used to be you went door to door, house to house. you could go by yourself in your neighborhood but a parent would accomany you if you left the area.

580 days ago


I signed my daughter up for GS until I realized that the organization isn't at all organized and they don't let you do anything until the troop has SOLD "fund raising" items. Gone are the days when GS used to be about teaching young girls values and life skills. GS wants you to buy books, uniforms, badges and sell for them while you are at it. I was not going to let my child be exploited for labor under the guise of "volunteering" and "fundraising" nor allow my family to be bilked out of hundreds of dollars under the premise of "teaching values." We voluntarily QUIT. I will NEVER support the GS organization again!

580 days ago


This is no worse than being accosted when going grocery shopping by not only the Scout but the Mom & Dad as well. Used to be you had to go door to door and were not allowed to "set up shop" to hawk the cookies. I find the way they are sold now to be rude along with any other group that does the same thing.

580 days ago


Girls Scout cookies have been as much of a personal growth and teaching tool for young girls as it is for raising money for their organization. It is not fair to the other girls that work hard trying to sell them and yes their are usually some type of prizes involved. Typical of today's society, if it help me why shouldn't I not do it, just selfish

580 days ago


If that is what Girl Scouts of America is wanting to do is sue for helping a friend sell thier cookies then they have lost their vision. I use to help my friends sell their Girl Scout cookies. I know alot of parents that post it on their facebook or send out mass emails.

My daughter is a Girl Scout and I have been very saddend with the decision's that the association is making.

Parent's did not buy as many cookies to sell this year because we can't send back the boxes of cookies we don't sell. They wanted us to have a second sell because sells were so low. They would allow us to send cookies back on this sell. I still had cookies from the first sell that my daughter didn't sell.

A few weeks ago I'm reading how their destroying good boxes of cookies instead of them giving them to food pantires.

What has happened to Girl Scout's?

580 days ago
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